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PlaneShift News and Rules / Re: Who cannot play PSUnreal?
« on: March 11, 2023, 11:03:54 am »
Not older hardware.1 1/2 year old I7 intel.
Worked ok on 7.30, won't even show a sign of starting, but log happens.
Currently testing with Manjaro/Arch linux, ubuntu mate.
7.31 in W10 on same hardware works fine.

     This is a really immersive layout. I am waiting for the Linux version to be worked out.
     It is difficult to dedicate my machine to windows for long, due to the daily tasks of my Linux build.
     What is really impressive is watching the live streams. Unreal!

PlaneShift Mods / Re: Classic PS Skin: "Default" V2
« on: January 14, 2010, 09:18:27 pm »
Is there a way to get the menu buttons along the top of the communications box?
Maybe its my system. I went back and tried the boniskin, which had horizontal menu buttons (main, npc, auction, etc.) but are now vertical like the elves gui.
I removed the program from this w7 box, using add/remove including the planeshift folder and possibly an app data folder, not sure there.
Also the transparacy adjust does not work on this skin.
If this is not the case for others, how do I get rid of any PS artifacts in the system like the registry, etc, so as to start clean?
And thanks for the work in trying to get back the original look and feel.

I will report that I just tried the oja road, and it is smooth. I don't know if it is related, but i re configured ps folder and cs folder with the --enable-debug argument. On the existing install, not starting over. I never saw anything reported as debug, just ran the game. Maybe a placebo effect :) will report back after finally enjoying the game after weeks.
Also finally running on PCLinuxOS2009.1

I followed the guide at the tiny url in the irc topic. I used the generic Linux guide, but also installed the files and  libraries equivalent to the apt-get batch shown for the Ubuntu build. I then installed the art from the latest windows binary d/l, plus the launcher art you mentioned. Until I tried the Oja road, everything looked great with no crashes. I do notice a lot of "could not load, no submesh, moving to temporary sector  stuff in the term as I'm walking.
So where in the build process should I add the debug argument?
Thanks, Caarie.

I just built with 32140, and the road to Oja is very bad.
Built using the generic Linux build, Nvidia geforce 6200. When run on Wine long ago using Windows binary d/l everything was smooth.

Just last night, I appreciated that I could run without turning and jumping every few feet, and could put my mouse down and pick up my glass of icewater, or at least shift positions in my chair. Helps on the RPI prevention.
I run both Linux and MS based PS. Both have problems of their own, but running a windows PS under Linux using WINE makes for a smooth reliable game. I'd still rather play under a native Linux install of course, but the game is unplayable otherwise. In Windows Vista, I jumped some hoops and fixed a few things, but still some problems with graphics.
I just am saying this is solution that works for me, and until someone mentions it, I forgot the annoying sticking on paths. The crashing sort of took more of my attention.  See my post under Linux specific issues forum. Here is where Linux is an indirect cure to a windows app. Most likely I just lucked out with my hardware.
Don't forget to keep those claws clipped, especially in the tall grass entering the library district :)

Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu install
« on: January 23, 2009, 12:55:22 am »
I'm willing to try this windows in wine for PS effort  on an ati box, if it will save someone years of effort.
Laptop people are stuck with their stapled on card.
Give me details of your system, especially a laptop.  And, if you are running a box, remember it is easier to toss the lousy card and buy a new old one from ebay or craig's list, or recently godaddy. think of all the 400.00 cards in discarded boxes.
I am really anxious to see if PS on Winows in Wine will work on my old laptop. stay tuned.
Now next project: getting PS to work on a netbook.

Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu install
« on: January 22, 2009, 11:00:27 am »
You might want to try under WINE. Read the post I just put up it will be at the bottom since I just left there.. All is well for me now.

First, thanks to the thread creator/s to allow me to finally play PS on my  good Linux systems. NOTE 5.

Here is my realtime breadcrumb trail for PCLOS2007 in an AMD 3.2G athlon64 box and Nvidia video 1G memory. NOTE 4
Installed WINE using synaptic, my package manager. Less than 30 seconds. NOTE 7
Open Yakuake terminal window, getting $ user prompt.
1-21-09 8:33 Navigate to my PS folder where psclient, etc are resident. In my case /opt/PlaneShift.
paste in the script: ($prompt)
8:36 run the script: ($ prompt)
sh ./
8:39 (my delay, coffee) selected xp in the popup window.
8:41 accept VCRedist visual c++, openAL. Note 6.

8:43 says completed.
I take a break to type,
Errors in term, etc. see NOTE 1.

Next: Here is where I run into my problem. Not sure if it's the hierarchy of my PCLOS distro, or is common to all Linux.

[After the script is finished running, go to ~/.wine/drive_c/Games/PlaneShift and run the command
wine ./psclient.exe]

I cannot go to ~/.wine/drive_c/Games/PlaneShift. Why? .wine is a HIDDEN folder. As a normal user at a $ prompt, I cannot list, get to, or find the .wine folder. So using what I learned recently in attempting to build PS, and that is changing the ownership of files and folders so a mortal user can get at them. In this case:
continue at 9:10AM.
at the $ prompt: su ENTER, enter my root password
at the # prompt: running as substitute user with root privileges:

chown -R mythtv:mythtv /home/mythtv/.wine

change mythtv to your user name and box name to fit your purpose, or just in some way change your ownership of the .wine folder from owned by root to owned by your user. NOTE 2.
type 'exit' to get back to $ user prompt.
Navigate to  ~/.wine/drive_c/Games/PlaneShift and ENJOY! NOTE 3.
end at 9:11AM.

These errors showed up in my terminal window while the script was running the sound is ok and I don't know what the Mozilla error is, but the game runs ok:

 ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory
Could not load Mozilla. HTML rendering will be disabled.
wine: '/home/mythtv/.wine' created successfully.
ALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory

Note 2: I don't know if this compromises security, this box is inside  a local protected network, or if changing ownership of the .wine folder will affect other wine applications.

Note 3. My first step in the wine folder was not to run the game, but right away did: wine ./psupdater.exe
 It then updated itself.

Note 4: Exact box is a virgin Mythic Dragon HTPC V1.0. Innards listed at StormLogic site.

Note 5: Literally years were spent to get my distro to update the repository to 4.0x version, to have it broken almost right away by the CS leaf bug, suffering under Vista just to play, raising fur in IRC chat etc.
     In a matter of minutes, one can have PS running under WINE on their Linux box.
It runs perfectly! Fast and snappy, no transparent window problems etc.
And all graphics look perfect. No white squares, invisible items like I got in Vista.
I tried running into walls, hanging around crowds, it is perfect, and now it seems I can automatically jump over tables and chairs, where I never could before, and no sticking on road to BD or Oja!.
You might even try installing PCLOS if your linux distro does not go as smoothly as mine did for this PS workaround.
I might now try to make a LiveCD of this. Stay tuned.

Note 6. Now, I own many legal windows OS's. I wonder what the minimum legal is. Just own a copy, does it have to be in same box? If so I could install one of my old say W98 pre sp1 licenses, and be perfectly legal.
Ah for the olden days of the Fair Use Act and Home Recording Act. Maybe our new leadership will listen to constituents and won't be run by media tycoons and repeal the DMCA.

Note 7. Don't quite get why the renaming. Is moot in my case I installed fresh WINE.

Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu install
« on: January 22, 2009, 12:55:53 am »
You need to download and install packages for your video card. You then have to enable or whatever your card to use the opengl.
In my case, I just searched my synaptics package manager and saw many opengl things I have installed. Some are libraries, some are card drivers. Search the ubuntu forums for "install opengl on ATI, nvidia, or Intel video card" or the like. Or ask on your live chat.
I use PCLinuxOS, so it is different.
I am as I type, awaiting a clacker to respawn, just discovered  running Windows PS under WINE perfectly with no crashing.

I didn't name names. Did I say it was you that said to get a mac or another distro? I can check, but will not be constructive, I'm asking for help.
So what is the next step?
I am building it for the fun of it, and to learn what I have forgotten. I used MAKE long ago when starting out on a HTPC effort. At my age things fade if not used. I just want to build the game for now, I'll learn to MAKE and JAM after.
 I built 3.0 something ok, and have no notes, because it went smoothly enough. I only remember I had to install a bunch of -devel packages, which I have tried here, but maybe missed something.
I am not asking in this post how to fix the bug, that is history of how I got here.
I am asking to help in this build. So far all I want is help with the warning above. seems MAKE related, and is printed as one of the steps in the Guide.
Thanks in advance.

Linux Specific Issues / Problems building PS client on PCLinuxOS PCLOS.
« on: January 21, 2009, 05:41:48 pm »
I am building from source a Linux Planeshift instance.
I am using PCLinoxOS, or PCLOS for short.
I am having troubles and asking for help.
Long ago I discovered Planeshift in the games repository of my Linux distribution, PCLOS.
     My distribution is rather unique in the Linux world:
1. Does not have periodic upgrade releases: Our latest LiveCD to install what I am building on is called PCLOS2007.
Through rolling upgrades using synaptic, I have an install that is equipped with all the latest kernal choices, tools, applications etc., as if it were released today. This includes all upgrades to installed applications like GIMP, OpenOffice suite, svn tools,java, mysql, development packages and the like.
2. Only packages that have been thoroughly tested and banged on for a long period are released to our Synaptic repositories. There is an optional testing repo available for those willing to risk their system.
(Support in the forums and IRC chat is limited only to those who have not tainted their system by compiling or installing binaries outside of the tested repository).
3. Long ago it was based on Mandriva, but to this day many still think it is Mandriva based and try to suggest solutions based on that distro. It has evolved to be a unique distribution, so Mandriva help is moot..
4. After suggesting in our package request that the latest 4.0x be tested and available in our repository, it was, and worked perfectly. Except for the download time, just a half dozen mouseclicks would d/l and install a perfect PS from the repository.
Then came a 4.0x update.
This broke PS in that I have since then been mostly unable to play the game.
This is due to a Leaf! error bug. See the bug tracker for details.
Many in IRC chat when I mention I could not play the game, said building from source would fix that. I had built 3.0x from souce to help with nvidia fx-5200 card to help others, and had few problems building it, and used it till the 4.0x update.
So I ask for help now in building this.
In the last two weeks in #planeshift and #planeshift-build been told "yes it is fixed, build it from svn" and recently "why are you building planeshift? Oh? building won't fix it."
Then, I have been told to use another distro or buy a MAC. Start your own thread if you suggest that way to fix it. I do know it works very well on a Vista SP1 laptop, with a couple minor graphics hitches. Again start your own thread.
This thread is to help me get the build presently in the topic on IRC chat #planeshift-build running on PCLOS.
Thanks in advance.
I follow to the letter the Guide using the generic Liux, GCC, User, Normal tabs.
See below any notes. (1), (2), (3), to get to this point.
1-21-09 Now finally my first question for today: I have no warnings or errors and things go smoothly to this point:
I enter the line under  Crystal Space (CS) heading, my page 10:
Line entered: ./configure --without-java --without-perl --without-python --without-lib3ds --with-cal3d=/home/mythtv/development/cal3d. (my user name is mythtv on this home theater box).
The error at the end, with a few lines above:checking if assembly-coded csQsqrt() compiles... yes

checking whether to use leak guard... no
checking whether to build shared libraries... yes
checking whether to emulate makefiles... yes
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Jamfile
config.status: executing include/csconfig.h commands
config.status: include/csconfig.h is unchanged
config.status: executing Jamconfig commands
config.status: Jamconfig is unchanged
config.status: executing Makefile commands
config.status: WARNING: failed to create makefile emulation layer
If anyone need the whole ball of wax, I'll PASTEBIN it.

What is this warning? and I've googled till the Trepors came home.
Someone in IRC admonished me for "still using MAKE".
Well then why is it spelled out as a step in the Guide?
* nerdful1 now posts this, and waits patiently.
Thanks in advance.

1. I had to add to my installed tools and libraries: autoconf, automake, and libtools from my 'legal' sysnaptics repository. Reason is I could not find autoreconf command in my system. It lives in the autoconf package.
2. I had to run su and do the following line to make sure all folders inside, and including the developement folder were owned by my user: chown -R mythtv:mythtv /home/mythtv/development/
3. I don't use sudu, my distro works with su as follows: In synaptic it comes up with a dialog box for the root password before d/l and install any packages.
In a Konsole, Xterm, terminal, cli or (my favorite Yaquake) window,  I type su for substitute user, give root password, and perform needed 'as root' duties as #  then 'exit' to $ prompt.
< /notes>

Update:********Was looking under wrong user. Vista assigned 2 users with the same name, one an alias to the root/admin. my fault. Moderator remove this post, I can't seem to find out how.**********

I have been playing PS on Vista for awhile, and my characters used to have a chat log.
I just tried the new ezpcusa server, and started the quest for mining 5 tins. I forgot where I left off last night, and looked for the log.
It shows my char from the old server, but is a short chat log from last July only, probably when I first installed and tried it. I usually play on PCLinuxOS boxes.
it is supposed to be in user/appdata/roaming/planeshift/log.
I thought it was due to the new server, but now I notice it does not make logs for either my old chars on the old server, or my new char on the ezpcusa server.
Oh, the logs are created ok on my PCLinuxOS systems.
in Linux I can see game action and errors going on in a term window.
Where in Vista do I find error logs. I'd like to know if it is trying to crate a chat log, but can't due to permissions or something.

I have the white square problem. My object icons such as inventory items or other items are a blank square. In my case they are tan.
The label of the object is ok when moused over. You can right click and see the items properties. You can also drag the squares around. Only the icon is missing.
 I tried the 'delete the ; in front of Video.OpenGL.UseExtension.GL_ARB_texture_compression  = false' fix, but no help. From Caarrie's referral above.
Also, I have no sound, and I cannot put check marks in the sound or other config boxes, don't know if related.
Vista Home Premium 32 on a 64 bit laptop.
Intel Mobil 965 express video.
2ghz intel duo cpu dual core.
4G memory
Sigma tel audio
I had to jump through copy, rename, permission hoops. I was using notepad, tried wordpad and editing on the desktop, copying to folder, renaming old one etc. etc.
The fix above works, (for the icons,  I still have no sound, and I cannot check items in the options box), just have to be sure it "takes". Windows is so painful to come back to. Long live Linux (PCLinuxOS).

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