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Wish list / Override folder
« on: December 23, 2006, 03:45:53 pm »
This has been smoldering for a while, and the revival of the Custom soundtracks thread prompted me to actually post this.

What I have in mind is a folder (called "override", in the main PS folder) which contains the complete PS folder structure (except override itself, of course), but empty. The VFS system would check for any file that is needed in this override folder's substructure before looking at the built-in files in the standard location. This is like an advanced version of the override folder used in for example NWN (where it was mostly used for updates, which is bad).

With the override folder / substructure, you would put the modified version of a file in the same place as the original, just in the override substructure, and leave it there. In case of zip files, you would create a zip file containing only the file(s) you changed, nothing else, and put that in the appropriate place, naming it like the original zip file.

original location of archive:

modified files from archive:

appropriate override .zip file:


The reason is two-fold.
First, it eases modding. Right now you need to change the contents of the zip files, and possibly keep a backup of the original contents elsewhere.

Second, it removes the need to write-protect things for the updater to not override them, with the additional benefit that one always gets a fully updated client while retaining the modded parts, without the need of file-shuffling. Also, currently one has to reassemble any modified zip files each time there is an update to that file.

This isn't an important thing, not even necessary, but something to maybe look at in the future when things are more mature and stable.

General Discussion / The DR (for RPers only)
« on: June 04, 2006, 03:33:40 pm »
First off, I am aware that there already is a thread about the DR in this very forum (it's even on the first page). However, it deals with OOC only. Also, there are several threads on the DR in the wishlist, but this isn't exactly a wishlist wish, either.

Instead, this is intended for RPers only.

The issue is that it has become increasingly common to see people RP death and the DR in a way that it was never meant to be. While the more or less general conclusion on the board is that the DR is tremendously hard to get out, more and more RP seems to view the DR exactly as it is implementation-wise, i.e., a very minor inconvenience that mostly deserves no mention and surely no concern.

The issue is that this really is OOC, and thus dragging OOC into IC, which shallows the entire RP. Not only for the person doing it, but also for others. With the recent developments (the large number of players "RP"ing the DR this way) it is near impossible to realistically RP not wanting to die, even less never having died. I've seen this particular quote in one RP thread from the Ingame RP Events board!

The only damage done besides the double murder were some stained and torn carpets.

Thromdir and his wife have managed to return to us from the Death Realm in the meanwhile so they are back at work in the Vaalnor Supply Shop.

This is even more surprising as Zan isn't a new member, nor are things surrounding Vaalnor generally low quality RP, and, as I said, things like this are getting increasingly common in RP. That's why I think it's necessary to make sure RP doesn't lose track of the settings.
This quote is quite correct in implicitely putting theft several notions higher than murder (like some RL countries' judical systems do, too :\), since stolen things are much harder to get back (if at all) than it is to come back from death!

It therefore is my request to all RPers to find ways to deal with OOC-deficiency-induced death in ways that do not violate the setting. Most of the time it is a lot more appropriate to simply ignore, from an IC perspective, the char's death and just walk back and continue, or RP the char has been knocked out, but please don't devaluate death!

I think it's clearly not desirable to see scenes like these, which follow from devaluated death:

Char 1: My entire family was killed in a raid when I was 6.
Char 2: Did you enjoy the time noone told you what to do? Or were they back too quickly?


Char 1: My husband is missing for three days already! I wish he'd get killed, he knows the way back from the DR better than the way around Hydlaa!


Char 1: I really wish those assassins would just find something else to do. I've been killed no less than 12 times this week, it's really getting hard to not miss meetings that way.


Char 1: (fights a rogue and is about to die)
Char 2: Can you please bring butter on your way back from the dead?


Char 1: There! Just came back from death!
Char 2: Oh, alright, but be faster next time, the soup is cold by now.
Char 1: Yeah, sorry, met someone on the way back... oh, my... please hand me the knife, I think I forgot my hat in the DR! Be back in a minute, I promise! *kills self*

The Hydlaa Plaza / Please vote against software patents
« on: October 21, 2005, 05:58:37 am »
As you hopefully know, the software patents issue in the EU is not over yet. Currently, they are trying to get them in through the back door via the \"Community Patent\".
Their current trick is to have the proposal say \"the case law of the EPO\". And this case law is granting software patents without legal basis. The EPO has continued to do so even though the original software patents directive has been rejected. By ratifying the proposal the currently illegal practices of the EPO would also become ratified and therefore law. And this law would bring Software Patents.,39020645,39226963,00.htm

So it remains very necessary to continue supporting the anti Software Patent campaigns and campaigners, and here is an important opportunity to do so which doesn\'t take much time.

Go to this site:
and read the recommendations. Note: you must vote in each category, otherwise your vote will not be counted! That\'s why the voting recommendations have listed someone for all categories.
Then follow the link and vote. Please be sure to follow the voting rules of the vote site which are here:
Edit: don\'t forget to activate your vote via the link in the confirmation mail once it has been cast! /edit

The efforts of and information from Florian M?llers campaign website have reportedly had a significant impact among polish politicians, who used it to inform other politicians about the issue.

There is a realistic chance that, by voting for him on the Internet, he can become the new \"European of the Year\", which would demonstrate to politicians, the press and the public that software patents are highly unpopular.  Hence, every vote for Florian is a strong vote for freedom from software patents.

P.S.  Everyone can participate in this Internet poll, including non-Europeans.  On the site, texts (and banners) are available in more than a dozen languages.  You can also send emails to make friends aware of this Internet referendum.

Five celebrities from the world of free and open-source software (Richard Stallman, Tim O\'Reilly, Alan Cox, Rasmus Lerdorf and Monty Widenius) also called on their supporters to vote for Florian:

Edit: [color=ff0000]This is no longer necessary since version 0.3.012, the new build of PS, supports the editor natively again! Also, this files no longer work and cause an error when entering the game (Error: some widgets failed to load)! So don\'t use this anymore![/color] If you have this installed, remove the readonly attribute of the files and let the updater replace them.

To whom it may concern,

after looking for it I found out that the char description can still be edited, but it is missing all image resources, and therefore the buttons and background won\'t show up.

I edited the appropriate xml files so that it now is easily usable. The icon will be the eye and the background is a bit weird, but the transparency works and you won\'t need to guess the positions of the save and cancel buttons anymore. :)

My modified files are here (don\'t use anymore, see above!).
You simply unzip this into the folder \"/data/gui/\". That will replace your versions with the modified ones. You should then write-protect them so that the updater won\'t overwrite them.

Happy editing!

Edit: found a better background for the window and thus updated the zip

Collaborative Stories / Announcing candidate for Octarch!
« on: May 21, 2005, 07:11:49 pm »
Name: Netrhys Tanhren
Race, gender: Klyros, female
Age: her actual age is 16, but she doesn\'t know exactly and pretends to be 20
Following: none
Ways: azure and blue

ingame char description found here.

*Once again climbs the fountain in the plaza, looking around her, at the yliaki going about their daily business.*
{Now I\'m here... again. I should at least do it right this time...} *sighs* {I\'ll never get used to that...}
*Trying to ignore her nervousness, she takes a deep breath before speaking*

Erm... *takes another deep breath* You... probably know that there will be an election... the new octarch will be chosen.
The council has chosen Nilaya and me to be the two candidates, so...
This is what I think the octarch should do:

Everyone needs some basic education, including basic fighting skills and even some basic knowledge of magic. Nobody would be completely defenseless, but the guards will still be able to handle troublemakers.
The main trade routes and other cities should be protected just as well as Hydlaa is.
The normal guards will need some magical experience, and just as good fighters and archers, there should be mages within the guard. All of these will be used only to deal with tough situations, not normal guard duty.

*pauses to gather her thoughts*

In every city or area, regular meetings should be held, to know what the most pressing problems are. The results will be sent to... *was about to say \"the octarch\"* me.
Also, all laws should be checked if they actually help, and if not, be removed.
And the Octarch must be impartial, because dependence is a weakness.
*looks around, dedication in her eyes*
Most importantly, my goal is to remove slavery. Any sort of slavery. Even with payment one can be a slave, prostitution is the most common example of this.

*looks at the crowd*

So, if you have questions...?

Wish list / Away indication
« on: April 20, 2005, 05:52:25 pm »
While there is an /away command, and the auto-reply indicates this status in it\'s reply, there currently is no way of telling whether a player is /away except by sending a /tell.

This isn\'t very convenient, because in most cases sending a /tell isn\'t appropriate or wanted.

Therefore, I propose to include

1) a different color (yellow) for entries on the buddy list while the player is /away. It may or may not warrant a system message like when a player joins or quits, but this might be personal taste and thus configurable.

2) a visual indication of the model ingame. This is especially important for random encounters which you wish to talk to in normal chat, which sould be the prefered way anyway.
This couls be done by simply having the player go translucent like the inactive windows, but should in the end be designated by the player model doing something special, like sitting down with eyes closed or something like this.

This has been somewhat discussed on a thread asking for AFK shops, but IMO there should be such an indication without setting up a shop, and the two should be different so that shops, should they ever be implemented, don\'t visually conflict with general AFK-ness.

Edit: I know that such an indication might be seen as an invitation to indirect PK, i.e., if you see an AFK player, you can try to get a nonster close to them and hope it will turn on them, but OTOH, this can be prevented by the engine (i.e., a player who is AFK and doesn\'t perform any actions (to prevent abuse of AFK) won\'t be attacked by new monsters (attacks that have been going on before would continue just normally, also to prevent AFK abuse)), and abusive players are able to find out anyway.

Wish list / Emergency sprint
« on: March 26, 2005, 06:21:26 pm »
I\'d like to see something that lets you sprint \"full tilt\", because \"run\" feels more like jogging.

Furthermore, this should also be available if your stamina is zero, so that you can get away from immediate danger. After all, you wouldn\'t, even if exhausted, just stand there watch the Grendol come to slay you, would you?

Make it drain stamina quickly, and if stamina gets zero, have it drain HP at a moderate rate. That way, it won\'t be prone to abuse while OTOH not forcing you to die because you saw the grendol too late and / or just didn\'t monitor the stamina all the time.

Fan Art / Preserving custom art (and other) files when updating
« on: January 26, 2005, 02:56:17 pm »
Everyone who has made custom models, skins, screens or whatever, might be interested in the new feature of the updater: ignore readonly files.
Before that, it was necessary to copy the custom files to their folders after each update. Now it is possible to have the updater simply ignore (thus not update) them by setting the \"read-obnly\" attribute on these files.

This is done, for example, by richt-clicking on the file in the Explorer, selecting \"Properties\", then checking the \"readonly\" box and then hitting \"OK\" or \"Apply\". You can undo this anytime the exact same way, but simply un-check the box.


The Hydlaa Plaza / Windows sounds
« on: January 19, 2005, 08:18:10 pm »
Obviously, windows has a use after all. ;)

Since there seems to be some confusion about the migration, it seems to be appropriate to post a guide for the second step of the migration that I can point to.

You have to create an account even if you migrated. It needs to use the exact same email address that you used in the migration, which will become your login name. Afterwards, the char you create needs to be named exactly like the migrated char, with the exception of the last name that can be made up freely and is separated from the firstname by a whitespace ( ), i.e. \"firsname lastname\".

Please do a search for \"inappropriate names\" in case you\'re unsure if your name is good RP style. In case of migrating chars with non-RP names, ask a GM to change the name once you have created the migrated char.

The link to the account creation site is in the news on the main website.

Wish list / Inheritance system / last will and char / account deletion
« on: November 25, 2004, 05:03:38 pm »

This has spawned from a thread in GD:

In essence, there should be a system that lets any char designate a heir (or several heirs), who will receive part or all of the chars possessions (and debts) once this char is deleted (except if it gets deleted due to cheating, in which case the possessions must be regarded as cheated and thus need to be erased). There also should be a default heir who receives it if there is no last will (that would be children or the person the char married). If no default heir can be found, the property would go to the government (i.e., simply vanish). The default heir would also get anything that is left when the last will has been dealt with. There should also be the option to not accept the heritage, i.e., if you\'d get more debts than possessions or whatever. You can, however, only decline everything or nothing.

This will be important if a char that has been played for some time gets deleted due to the player not having interest in them anymore.

Also, the proposal has been made to create a \"missing\" designation that would automatically delete a character after it has\'t been played for a certain time (not to be confused with \"not logging in\", as there can be several chars in one accunt in CB!). This period should be about six to twelve months to allow for players to decide wether they really don\'t wish to play that char anymore. Once this period expires, the char would be deleted by the system.

There should also be a holiday option. This \"absence period\" should also be limited, maybe also to 6 months or even a year, so that orphan accounts don\'t clutter up the server as they do in MB. Everything that goes beyond this (already very generous) absence period would need to be requested of a GM in advance, who would then be able to set an even longer timeout. Needless to say, the account would be frozen until the player indicates that they are back, at which point any GM-extension of the absence period would be cleared and the \"missing\" timer resumes operation.
This way it would be possible to keep your account and chars by simply logging on twice a year, each time re-setting the absence period, but if you lose interest, the system would remove your account eventually.
You\'d, however, have to do something to keep it in existance (and therefore you need to decide whether you still have interest), but you will not have to do so much that it becomes impossible for you. If a player only logs on twice a year despite having plenty of opportunity, they\'ll most likely drop it after two years anyway so it\'d be fine.

General Discussion / Kran reproduction
« on: November 24, 2004, 04:41:50 pm »
Hi everyone!

I have thought about Kran reproduction, as I don\'t know of any official or inofficial \"theories of operation\" on this subject.

Here\'s my idea:

Kran don\'t have sexes, but they do have variety. Therefore, they can\'t be utilising some sort of macro-mitosis (like some forms of worms and jellyfish perform AFAIK), at least not solely. However, I wish to add a great deal of novelty to it, therefore any conventional form of reproduction is out, including the merging of bodies in combination with mitosis, as can be found in one-cell beings.

However, the fact that they are stone-based gave me an idea. If we look at any stone, we can clearly see that every sample of it is different. Therefore, I propose that the Kran actually grow from stones.
A Kran \"seed\" is placed onto a stone, into which it then will bury itself by a combination of acids and bases that dissolve the rock but also recreate it after moving inwards, effectively protecting the growing hatchling.
Once inside, the seed starts to dissolve the stone from inside (morally acceptable since rock doesn\'t have feelings) and incorporates it into itself. When they reach full size, they break or dissolve the remaining rock to do their first shaky steps on the ground.
this means that Kran are \"born\" fully grown. The entire process would take long time, like 5 to 10 years, depending on the hardness of the rock, which however might determine the young Krans physical attributes, at least initially (i.e., hard rock (like granite) will yield more endurance but less dexterity than limestone).

The Kran body would produce those seeds in a shielded location, probably in the chest, from which they grow, shielded by a somewhat flexible fold (which is too thin to be seen unless closely examined. This growing will take about 7 months, but only happen once every 20 years. The seed can, however, just remain there, it doesn\'t have to be deployed at all if the Kran doesn\'t wish to do so.
The pleasure of reproduction would be more like planting a tree for a passionate gardener, though, but this very conscious decision will make the Kran care very well for their children (i.e., viciously guard the rock).
Kran can sense a rock that contains a deployed seed, so that they can avoid eating / destroying it by accident.
Therefore, Kran will have less frequent reproduction but their reproduction will be successful almost 100% of the time.

This was originally posted by me on this thread:
(maybe a mod can move the relevant posts from there to this thread, given the other posters are OK with that?)

The discussion on that thread yielded the addition that silicon is one of the building blocks of any rock, thus a Kran could indeed grow from a rock.

Wish list / Base the rules on fuzzy logic?
« on: July 12, 2004, 10:21:22 am »
Hi all!

It might be a good idea to fiddle with the rules while it\'s still pre-alpha. A decent amount of work based on the rules will probably have been done already, but not as much as in an alpha or even beta.

While posting in another thread it just occured to me that the problem that seems to bo most troublesome, at least for magic, is the failure/success relation. It must be predictable and also unpredictable at the same time. It must also be different for each individual, but not too different so it\'s still fair.

Therefore, it _might_ be useful to consider the use of fuzzy logic for this kind of rules. This most likely hasn\'t been thought of because fuzzy logic isn\'t feasible in traditional RPGs, from which MMORPGs originate, and also because it\'s a rather new field. Still, it has already proven it\'s value in industrial applications so it might be a solution for the gaming world as well. Maybe it has been used in AI engines already, and in this way might help the NPCs, but it could maybe also be used in the rules themselves. Of course, there first would need to be someone who actually knows how to implement that stuff.

I\'m saying \"might\", because I\'m nowhere near to being an expert on fuzzy logic so I can\'t really assess it\'s potential here, but only can talk from what I\'ve seen it do.

Just an idea.

Wish list / Creative magic
« on: June 20, 2004, 07:47:36 pm »
I\'d like to be able to create new spells, maybe even on the fly. Spell modding / combining could be used for this so the spells can\'t become too powerful. Like have a _huge_ list of elements / options / effects that can be chosen from for the new spell. Mana cost and spell complexity will be calculated from this.

Also, I\'d like to see all spells (and skills) work on everything. I hate mugs or trees that are totally immune to acid or fire spells or something. I\'d like to be able to drill holes into walls / mugs / whatever at random places. Or freeze the torch on said wall with an \"ice\" spell. Things like this. Use the \"push\" spell to break the bar that supports the roof of the building, making it at least unstable. Or use a \"float\" spell on one or more plank(s) to get accross a canyon.

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