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Linux Specific Issues / Problems building PS client on PCLinuxOS PCLOS.
« on: January 21, 2009, 05:41:48 pm »
I am building from source a Linux Planeshift instance.
I am using PCLinoxOS, or PCLOS for short.
I am having troubles and asking for help.
Long ago I discovered Planeshift in the games repository of my Linux distribution, PCLOS.
     My distribution is rather unique in the Linux world:
1. Does not have periodic upgrade releases: Our latest LiveCD to install what I am building on is called PCLOS2007.
Through rolling upgrades using synaptic, I have an install that is equipped with all the latest kernal choices, tools, applications etc., as if it were released today. This includes all upgrades to installed applications like GIMP, OpenOffice suite, svn tools,java, mysql, development packages and the like.
2. Only packages that have been thoroughly tested and banged on for a long period are released to our Synaptic repositories. There is an optional testing repo available for those willing to risk their system.
(Support in the forums and IRC chat is limited only to those who have not tainted their system by compiling or installing binaries outside of the tested repository).
3. Long ago it was based on Mandriva, but to this day many still think it is Mandriva based and try to suggest solutions based on that distro. It has evolved to be a unique distribution, so Mandriva help is moot..
4. After suggesting in our package request that the latest 4.0x be tested and available in our repository, it was, and worked perfectly. Except for the download time, just a half dozen mouseclicks would d/l and install a perfect PS from the repository.
Then came a 4.0x update.
This broke PS in that I have since then been mostly unable to play the game.
This is due to a Leaf! error bug. See the bug tracker for details.
Many in IRC chat when I mention I could not play the game, said building from source would fix that. I had built 3.0x from souce to help with nvidia fx-5200 card to help others, and had few problems building it, and used it till the 4.0x update.
So I ask for help now in building this.
In the last two weeks in #planeshift and #planeshift-build been told "yes it is fixed, build it from svn" and recently "why are you building planeshift? Oh? building won't fix it."
Then, I have been told to use another distro or buy a MAC. Start your own thread if you suggest that way to fix it. I do know it works very well on a Vista SP1 laptop, with a couple minor graphics hitches. Again start your own thread.
This thread is to help me get the build presently in the topic on IRC chat #planeshift-build running on PCLOS.
Thanks in advance.
I follow to the letter the Guide using the generic Liux, GCC, User, Normal tabs.
See below any notes. (1), (2), (3), to get to this point.
1-21-09 Now finally my first question for today: I have no warnings or errors and things go smoothly to this point:
I enter the line under  Crystal Space (CS) heading, my page 10:
Line entered: ./configure --without-java --without-perl --without-python --without-lib3ds --with-cal3d=/home/mythtv/development/cal3d. (my user name is mythtv on this home theater box).
The error at the end, with a few lines above:checking if assembly-coded csQsqrt() compiles... yes

checking whether to use leak guard... no
checking whether to build shared libraries... yes
checking whether to emulate makefiles... yes
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating Jamfile
config.status: executing include/csconfig.h commands
config.status: include/csconfig.h is unchanged
config.status: executing Jamconfig commands
config.status: Jamconfig is unchanged
config.status: executing Makefile commands
config.status: WARNING: failed to create makefile emulation layer
If anyone need the whole ball of wax, I'll PASTEBIN it.

What is this warning? and I've googled till the Trepors came home.
Someone in IRC admonished me for "still using MAKE".
Well then why is it spelled out as a step in the Guide?
* nerdful1 now posts this, and waits patiently.
Thanks in advance.

1. I had to add to my installed tools and libraries: autoconf, automake, and libtools from my 'legal' sysnaptics repository. Reason is I could not find autoreconf command in my system. It lives in the autoconf package.
2. I had to run su and do the following line to make sure all folders inside, and including the developement folder were owned by my user: chown -R mythtv:mythtv /home/mythtv/development/
3. I don't use sudu, my distro works with su as follows: In synaptic it comes up with a dialog box for the root password before d/l and install any packages.
In a Konsole, Xterm, terminal, cli or (my favorite Yaquake) window,  I type su for substitute user, give root password, and perform needed 'as root' duties as #  then 'exit' to $ prompt.
< /notes>

Update:********Was looking under wrong user. Vista assigned 2 users with the same name, one an alias to the root/admin. my fault. Moderator remove this post, I can't seem to find out how.**********

I have been playing PS on Vista for awhile, and my characters used to have a chat log.
I just tried the new ezpcusa server, and started the quest for mining 5 tins. I forgot where I left off last night, and looked for the log.
It shows my char from the old server, but is a short chat log from last July only, probably when I first installed and tried it. I usually play on PCLinuxOS boxes.
it is supposed to be in user/appdata/roaming/planeshift/log.
I thought it was due to the new server, but now I notice it does not make logs for either my old chars on the old server, or my new char on the ezpcusa server.
Oh, the logs are created ok on my PCLinuxOS systems.
in Linux I can see game action and errors going on in a term window.
Where in Vista do I find error logs. I'd like to know if it is trying to crate a chat log, but can't due to permissions or something.

Hello I have tried some time searching and googling, but I cant get the game running.
In a terminal window, I type planeshift-setup and setup appears ok. made different changes, resolution etc, and set back to the defaults after unable to launch from setup window. Same if I try to launch from the terminal.
ERROR: in the terminal window I get this when trying to launch:
 Could not find file: /paws/temp_skin/skin.xml
/usr/games//planeshift-setup: Line 14: 3791 segmentation fault  ./pssetup

1. I completely removed and reinstalled via synaptic.
2. I did not do updates after re-installing as I read not to use the updater for now.
3. My 3d graphics with my Beryl 3D desktop works fine.
4 I shut off Beryl with no help.
5. I have 64M DDR on card, and card has up to 256M with system memory.
6. Runnung PCLinuxOS TR3 with everthing up to date.
7. Looks like synaptic loaded all the required crystal dependancies etc.
 CASE: Silverstone LC-10 HTPC case
    * PSU: 16dB(A) Nexus NX-4090 400W PSU
    * MOTHERBOARD: MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum
    * CPU: 90nm AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (socket 939)
    * RAM: VS1GBKIT400: Corsair Value Select 1GB PC3200 400MHz DDR DIMM kit (2x512MB)
    * CPU HEATSINK: Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu
    * DVD-RW: multi-format, super-quiet Plextor PX-716A
    * HDD: WD2500SB (Western Digital Caviar RE enterprise-class quiet 250GB HDD (prototype Dragons used the WD2500BB)
    * GRAPHICS CARD: ASUS Extreme N6200TC256/TD
    * SOUNDCARD: Chaintech AV-710 with optical S/PDIF Onboard sound disabled.
    * TUNER CARD: pcHDTV HD-3000
    * REMOTE CONTROL: ATI Remote Wonder RF remote control
    * 2x 80w ATA133 IDE cables
   Display Gateway VX1120 20" VGA

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