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PlaneShift News and Rules / Dev Q&A July 23, 2023
« Last post by Uadjet on July 27, 2023, 11:29:58 am »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Aachey:  Well, hello and welcome to the Developer's Q&A!
Aachey:  No new faces, so I'll skip explaining what the meeting is about.
Karzela:  Hi there
Aachey:  If you have any questions, please step up to the lecterns at the front of the stage.
Aachey:  You don't really need to, but it's a handy indicator that somebody wants to say or ask something.
Gonger:  Silence...
Karzela:  Too many damaged musical scores in my bag. Think Talad will create something ingame to handle this?
Aachey:  If there are no questions, we can give a quick summary of what's been goign on in the last few weeks.
Aachey:  Ah, yes. I saw that chat in Discord.
Aachey:  I'm not sure, yet, what the problem is. I know midi playback isn't perfect yet, but it is still a work in progress.
Talad:  Hello
Gonger:  Zakena was testing a few things... and the results were not promising. She was quite down...
Karzela:  Hello Talad
Aachey:  As for porting the old music, I think that needs to be converted with an offline tool.
Aachey:  Hi Talad!
>Gonger greets Talad.
Talad:  some parts of this room didnt synch for me
Talad:  I cant see the stands
Talad:  weird
Gonger:  Aachey, why are you turning your back to the others?
Talad:  teleporting into this room has strange effects
Talad:  but walking in worked fine
Aachey:  Yeah, I had to reload, as teleporting here showed a loading screen for a split second, and then showed me where I was before the teleport. Reloading put me in here.
Gonger:  I also had to leave the room, and to enter it again.
Aachey:  And it seemed to me that I was facing the lecterns. I did move to make space for Talad, though.
Talad:  I read the comments on the music scores
Talad:  it's the first implementation and not many people tested it
Talad:  test it more, and report the bugs, so we can improve it
Talad:  any questions or discussions?
Aachey:  I know that I had to use a PS-specific converter tool to convert mxml(?) to the xml files Legacy used, so maybe that difference is causing the problems now.
Talad:  MuseScore should be able to load XML files
Talad:  am I missing messages or none is speaking?
Karzela:  Silence here
Talad:  ok, if you dont have any questions or comments I will go
Gonger:  I am only half here. Some problems at work...
Karzela:  Years ago Eriden helped me with music files, but he's been gone for many years too.
Aachey:  I think it'll take experimentation to check the music here.
Aachey:  We can test newly unloaded files, of course. I'll download some midi files and see how well they do.
Gonger:  We should try to contact ancient players, maybe some would come back. I shared some ideas with Talad and Uadjet.
Aachey:  It's the old files from Legacy that will be tricky.
Talad:  I did a test some time ago to import a PSLegacy music file and there were many changes needed
Talad:  because some tags were PS only
Talad:  but the base was similar to MuseScore XML
Talad:  so it's possible to convert, but will take some manual manipulation
Talad:  best will be to recreate from scratch
Karzela:  Many music scrolls were bought from other players.
Karzela:  Many from player: Grindulf
Talad:  the data is still in the music scores
Talad:  as it has not been deleted, unless you imported on top of it
Talad:  I may add a button to save to file or to view the data
Talad:  but it's a text file at the end
Talad:  you can save from musescore some notes
Talad:  then save to XML format
Talad:  then compare with the PSLegacy one, and see what you need to change
Talad:  with some trial and error it's possible to sort it out
Aachey:  That certainly sounds doable.
Karzela:  May be a good idea to post a step by step solution at the PSU wiki when it is found. Not all of us are tec gifted. ^ ^
Talad:  I assume it can be also automated
Talad:  but will require some work. please search someone within the players that wants to do that
Talad:  should not require much tech knowledge
Talad:  ask to other people, rally them towards a goal, etc...
Talad:  any other topics?
Aachey:  I normally recap what you've been up to in the vids. Seems odd, with you here...
Talad:  I can do it myself
Karzela:  Is anyone working on fixing quest problems permanently, that are posted in the bug tracker?
Talad:  lately I've been fixing various bugs, and adding Xiosia stone table to the new stone labyrinths area
Talad:  also I've been working on the observatorium so one day can replace the  summy one we have in game now
Talad:  *dummy
Karzela:  I've been out there. The building already is impressive.
Talad:  Also there have been new sketches made and new models in work for the factions/organizations
Talad:  progress there is going well
Talad:  I hope will be able to show something after august holidays
Talad:  about quests I've seen some bugs posted, I didn't yet work on those
Talad:  but seems split three main categories:
Aachey:  I've got some thoughts on NPCs and quests for the observatory too, though I'll need to check the lore first.
Talad:  1) the menita puzzle, this is currently impossible in unreal , we need to rework it as Unreal doesnt have the portals capabilities we had before.
Talad:  2) the quests which requre a proxity trigger (so you go in a place and it triggers something) this should be possible, just a matter of working on it
Talad:  3) Other minor problems like reloading of dialogues and such, or typos. These ones are something that will be nice if it gets first confirmed by multiple people before I dedicate time to it
Karzela:  So, shall I assume Venalan no longer is helping with quests and lore?
Talad:  In general going through the list of bugs and confirming those or adding detail is always helpful
Talad:  It's only me working on stuff at the moment.
Karzela:  ok
Talad:  Uadjet is the only other active person in the team
Talad:  rest is not gone forever, but they are inactive at the moment, I would say since at least 1 year or more
Talad:  we need new people
Talad:  anyway commissions help, as some has been done through that.
Talad:  relying on old devs or old players is not a good idea in my opinion
Talad:  we need new devs and new players
Talad:  people change hobbies during their life and it's unlikely they will return
Karzela:  Yes, very true.
Talad:  there are exceptions, but with 7 billions people in the world should be possible to find new people
Talad:  the game got more stable in the last 2 releases
Talad:  server is rarely crashing now, which is good
Karzela:  Such great progress
Talad:  the new player flow is also getting more solid
Talad:  new tutorial area is explaining and guiding players much more than before
Talad:  we need to connect that to the factions/organizations to provide more guidance after arriving in hydlaa
Talad:  so to have a continuation of the progression
Talad:  I have many ideas, but time is limited
Talad:  we need more people
Aachey:  Yeah. Get a natural flow to pull players along.
Talad:  ok, I have to go. have fun
Aachey:  Thanks for coming!
Karzela:  Nice to see you here o/
>Karzela cheers happily at Talad!
>Talad waves.
Aachey:  I'll just throw in that I've started mapping out some possible quest lines, for the new factions Talad has got set up.
>Karzela waves at Talad
Aachey:  I don't think they show on the factions page unless you've done something for (or against) the faction.
Aachey:  The new factions should have rankings, based on your factions from Legacy. Or more from your completed quests, really.
Aachey:  There are the religious factions, professional factions, the six Ways, Societal factions (government and criminals), and finally what started off as combat style factions.
Aachey:  That last group has been assigned roles as well, 
Aachey:  For example, the Indomitables were initially just a group dedicated to fighting with axes, but now they're also dedicated to defending teh Bronze Doors
Karzela:  Plenty of things for players to work on if they choose to do so.
Aachey:  The Rangers (archers) now take that name to mean more like what it does in other places, with expertise in fauna and motivated to take care of the natural world.
Aachey:  That kind of thing.
Aachey:  Some factions have tons of quests. Octarchy and Eternal Forge have 42 quests assigned to them, for example.
Aachey:  Essential Trail (gatherers of resources, like farmers and miners) have 5.
Aachey:  So I'm trying to plan out some quest lines there.
Aachey:  And currently learning about farming so that I can do that. :)
Aachey:  But we're past the hour, now. Please have fun playing, and check out the new additions to the game, like the new tutorial area, the NPCs in Delver, and the music system! The more testing we have, the easier it is to improve things.
PlaneShift News and Rules / Dev Q&A July 9, 2023
« Last post by Uadjet on July 09, 2023, 04:41:43 pm »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Gonger:  Aachey is doing teleports. Mayhap he should teleport himself over here.
Migg: well, cold someone also teleport some furniture in here? I see an empty room
Aachey: An empty room? Hang on.
Migg: and a levitating Gongr :)
Gonger:  I had the same,  Migg. Go out, come back in, that worked for me.
Koraza: o.0
Gonger:  And an invisible Aachey...
Migg: nope, still empty
Migg: I ee the people
Migg: and my keyboard skips chars...
Aachey: You don't see the furniture? That's odd.
Aachey: I had a fix for that in Legacy, but it likely won't work here.
Migg: I see it now, after I went out and back in
Gonger:  Reload of the map often helps.
Gonger:  ?
Aachey: Okay. Wonder if it was an instance issue, or a item loading issue.
Migg: Gonger said he had the same
Gonger:  Anybody else with trouble seeing furniture?
Gonger:  Aye.
Aachey: And both were people I teleported in. And teleported to meetingore.
Aachey: Let me try something.
Koraza: Hmm.... interesting
Thosor: see ok
Aachey: Still see me?
Migg: yep
Koraza: yes
Aachey: Huh.
Migg: I could see the others
Thosor: [on work windows, so just spectating]
Migg: but Damola and gonger were walking on air
Migg: also Thosor, waiting in line?
Aachey: Well, welcome to the Developer's Q&A!
Koraza: thank you!
>Migg cheers happily at Aachey!
Aachey: Once we complete our traditional "Well That's Odd..." section of the meeting, I'll give you a quick up date on what's been going on behind the scenes.
Thosor: [sitting]
Aachey: Migg?
Migg: just another issue?
Migg: idk
Migg: theachievemagic icon in the action bar
Thosor: Need to be close enough to hear everyone.
Migg: it is nowithin a circular icon like the rest
Migg: kind of strikes me as odd
Aachey: It is out of place.
Migg: does not fit with the rest of the UI
Aachey: And I'd change 'character' to 'inventory', to make things more clear.
Migg: that's all, never managed to create an account on Flyspray, that mail never arrives
Migg: trouble itting...
Aachey: I think the icon just needs the standard background added to the others. not sure why it doesn't have it already.
Migg: sitting
Aachey: Okay, I'll give everyone a little update on what Talad's been doing.
Aachey: Talad is using.. I think ChatGPT, to help write up some of the lore for the game.
>Damola listens intently.
Damola  does not like that AI stuff.
Aachey: Those vids are titled "assisted lore".
Aachey: He's doing it mainly, I think, to clean up some of the text. There's the occasional bit that comes across as clunky, so the AI can fix it up fairly quickly.
Aachey: I don't think he's generating completely new stuff with it, though.
Damola: Ok.
Gonger:  AI as a tool. That makes sense.
Aachey: So that's there to help  anyone who wants to contribute to the lore, but doubts their writing skills.
Aachey: I've started using a standard grammer checker with what I do, though it's rather unforgiving with the 'accents' I do on occasion.
Aachey: Anah, for example.l
Aachey: He's also done a ton of fixes for the latest release. I probably should have mentioned the new release first, but if you managed to log on then you already know about it.
Aachey: There's a changelog available if you want to read it, at Top of the page.
Aachey: I'm sure you'v enoticed the changes to the chat UI. The Help channel is working, and we can now add some of those channels to the main tab. Hopefully I'll miss fewer messages now. :)
Aachey: Now for the fun stuff...
Gonger:  I think the Help channel is especially important.
Aachey: Talad put in a few streams worth of work into the Observatory.
Aachey: Oh, it's critical.
Aachey: It still requires a lot of work to go 'live', but the end is in sight. Soon enough we'll have an observatory we can enter and explore.
Aachey: We'll need a few NPCs for it, and maybe Talad could use some help decorating it.
Gonger:  Speaking of streams, reaching the milestone of 1000 is amazing.
Aachey: That's true. "Unreal Engine MMO #1000 - UI Fixes and sounds"
Damola: What an amount of dedication!
Aachey: Also, Delver now has NPCs in it.
Aachey: Or it did last night. Not sure if it does now.
(Aachey: I've already got some quests written for these NPCs, though I have to get approval from Talad. One quest interacts with the creature knowledge part of the compendium, which may not be fully working yet.
Gonger:  Great!
Damola: Nice!
Aachey: Right now I'm slowly adding NPCs to other locations, by writing quests that include them. Ideally that won't end up with any useless NPCs.
Aachey: Not the ideal way to add merchants, though.
Aachey: And finally, Talad has added a new map section, with two parts!
Aachey: When you exit the Dryken Plane now, instead of going to Hydlaa you'll end up in a portion of the Stone Labyrinth.
Aachey: RIght now it's just a small maze you need to get through, before you reach the next section: The Outpost.
Damola: Yeah, I created a new char just to look at this area. Got the char out of Dryken already, so I am ready to explore it.
Damola: Ah? maze?
Damola: ?yeah it had something of a labyrinth.
Aachey: It's a small fortification, which acts as the new tutorial area. Same NPCs as the old tutorial area, with similar quests.
Migg: somewhat worried that it now takes some skill t reach the tutorial. Should create a new char and see it though
Gonger:  Can existing characters get there?
Migg: Uadjet can teleport you I guess
Gonger:  Yeah, but I was thinking of a regular way.
Aachey: Not currently, though I'm going to ask Talad about that. Characters with enough renown at the Eagle should have access to it. Perhaps the same requirements as unlocking the ptero there?
Aachey: Oh, and just today Talad was working on Factions. They've been overhauled for PSU, though existing faction ratings do carry over. Or perhaps they're recalculated, based on quests completed.
Aachey: And I think that's all. Any questions?
Damola: No Q from my side.
Thosor: No questions, your Honor.
Migg: Thank you for the updates!
Koraza: None from me either. Thanks
Aachey: Then I think we can call it a day! Thank you all for coming, and I'll see you again at the next meeting in two weeks. Until then, have fun playing and maybe try an event or two.
This has been fixed in 0.7.36, thanks for reporting it!
PlaneShift News and Rules / PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.36
« Last post by Talad on July 07, 2023, 11:59:57 am »

This release cannot be updated through the PSLauncher, so please downloaded it from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.36:

Added new area just after character creation. When you exit from the Dryken plane you are teleported to an area in the StoneLabyrinths, where you will have to find your way to an outpost.
Added new outpost area, with tutorial quests explaining the basics of the game. The are is anyway "In Character".
Added new feature to allow Interactable objects which are rotating, example to have a drawbridge go up or down
Fixed "Play" button, so it cannot be pressed twice as it was leaving the loading screen up
You cannot drop quest items to the ground anymore, is to prevent new players to lose quest items
Disallow sending quest items by mail
Fixed Nefas Dur dungeon entrance
Fixed crash in loot generation when in a group
Fixed a crash in NPC navigation
Fixed crash while using mind paralysation and diamond skin spells
Changed the way we display messages in the NPC speak window
Added history box to the NPC speak window
Enabled "Help" tab in chat window, it is now a global channel
Changed the way pets request food
Fixed pet energy, now summoning your pet costs energy
Added rank up animation and message!
New voiceovers for char creation describing the races.
Updated the homeworld history text for all races (still needs voiceovers)
Some improvements to the illustrations of ylian and klyros homeworld screens
Added backpack item (needs texture)
Added 3 types of cages, used in new outpost area
Added broken barrel with proper texture, used in StoneLabyrinths area
Added stonehammer latern used in the new outpost
Various fixes to bronzedoors buildings
Increased texture quality for some bronzedoors rocks
Added self-glowing mushroom textures for first dungeon
Added different crystal color variations to new crystal 3d model
Fixed akkaio stove UV Mapping
Fixed teleport command in quests
Fix to allow NPC to receive a number of items (example 2 rat hides) even if you have 3 or more in your inventory. But doesn't combine multiple stacks by itself
Added an explicit message in case there is no loot found
Reduced spam on GM command logs
Fixed rat model to avoid it getting stuck
Added loading screen on teleport
Added item sounds for equip/deequip
Added UI sounds to most windows
Added Broadcast of combat attack sounds and combat result sounds, using new rule to determine sounds
Added configuration in Settings panel for UI sounds with 2 presets
New sounds for open crate and open pouch
Added more sounds to UI in lifechoice spheres during char creation
Updated combobox with new graphics
Fixed speechbubble for NPCs
Fixed name check in character creation to avoid invalid names
Fixed crashes in NPC perceptions
Terraformed some outdoor areas
Added warp loading screen after dryken plane
Added ability to redirect certain chat tabs to main channel. It's in the settings panel
Allow /info on pets and mounts
Removed additional descriptions from char detail window for NPCs
Changed layout of item detail window, description on top

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
If you want to support us, become a Patreon. Find other players in our Discord to get access.

After finishing the process of creating my character after the opening cutscene I was prompted that my name was illegal and to reach out here for assistance, even though during the naming process towards the beginning I received similar errors until I found one I liked that seemed to apply to the rules, or I assumed so since it let me continue character creation.

PlaneShift News and Rules / Dev Q&A Jun 25, 2023
« Last post by Uadjet on June 26, 2023, 07:43:55 pm »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Uadjet: Hello, and welcome to the Developer's Q&A!
Karzela  waves back at Damola
>Damola waves at Gova
Damola:  Hello.
Damola:  Kga, Gova!
Uadjet: You've all been here before, so I think I'll break from tradition and NOT explain how these meetings work. Let's see if my slight OCD tendencies will let me get away with that.
Gova:  Kga!
Karzela:  Go for it!
Karzela:  Hi Gova
Damola  tilts her head "Oh, dear mighty Uadjet, what was this meeting about?"
Uadjet's  eye starts to twitch.
Damola  giggles slightly
Uadjet: First off, are there any new bugs I should know about?
Uadjet: They tend to appear during events, but I can be a tad busy at the time, and might not recall them later.
Damola:  Not exactly a bug I'd say, but I found climbing ladders to be rather hard in PSUnreal. It was not perfect in Crystalspace based PS, but better.
Uadjet: Ah, that's true. I tend to /slide, so I don't really encounter that.
Gonger says: True, that.
Damola:  Even more so with those special collision enabled bamboo shelves, Damola collected during some special events.
Gova:  I was able to jump up a ladder, but I fell back down quite a few times in the process.
Damola:  These can not be climbed at all anymore.
Damola:  Yes, Gova. Sometimes Damola went up a bit also by walking, but then she stopped.
Uadjet: Honestly I'm not sure why they were climbable in Legacy. I think they'd have to be at a slight angle to work in PSU.
Uadjet: But ladders do need work.
Damola:  Thing is: PSUnreal can detect places where Damola needs to climb, and I would love that PSU would detect ladders and collision enabled bamboo shelves as climbable.
Damola:  Well a ladder can be "climbed" in RL as well? one can discuss about the bamboo shelves :)
Uadjet: I know Talad talked about an actual climbing ability, but I think ladders would need to be different. DIfferent animation (if it has one), and it would ideally be attachable to droppable items and not just sections of the map.
Damola:  That.
Damola:  The animation for a ladder I bet would be somewhat different but not too unsimilar.
Uadjet: I think a ladder climbing animation would likely be very complex, if there's any attempt to get the animation to match the ladder. Maybe that can be left for later.
Uadjet: There are ladder climbing animations on Mixamo, though, so they don't need to be created from scratch.
Damola:  Any other "bugs"?
Uadjet: I've found a ladder tutorial on Youtube. Less gthan 8 minutes, so it isn't too hard. ALS does change a lot of things in Unreal, so I'm not sure it's compatible.
Damola:  Great.
Damola:  By the way, Uadjet, about the server crashes in recent events, luckily not the one of yesterday, do you have an idea what caused them?
Uadjet: You just run up the ladder, but that was what we had in Legacy so it'll do. I have no idea how to align a animation with the actual ladder mesh, though.
Uadjet: Oh, Talad did figure it out.
Uadjet: It was my long impersonations.
Damola:  Ah okay, did you file a bug about it?
Damola:  Or did Talad already fix it?
Uadjet: The text the NPC says is part of the /impersonate command, and it was exceeding the allowed length of commands. Talad did have a fix for it, though.
Uadjet: I think it's already fixed, actually.
Damola:  Wonderful!
Uadjet: I don't recall my longest /impersonate yesterday, but I can be somewhat long-winded, so if I didn't trigger the bug it's probably fixed.
Uadjet: Ah, the next tutorial from the same person adds a climbing animation. Nice!
Damola:  What about news? Aachey, did you watch (parts of) some of the streams from Talad?
Uadjet: I haven't been able to watch many lately, but I've kept track of what he's working on.
Damola:  I heard he did a lot of bug fixing?
Damola:  Hope he releases a new version soon!
Igesalo:  all right
Uadjet: He has. We're getting very close to another release, so he's been doing a lot of fixes. I didn't watch the spell crash streams, but he spent two streams on it and finally fixed it off-stream.
Gonger says: Igesalo, if you have any questions, line up in front of the bookstands.
Igesalo:  hello
Uadjet: Let's see...
Uadjet: It's taking me longer to type than normal, as I'm still getting used to a new keyboard.
Uadjet: On my own to-do list, I've got some effects related to weather that might work. There's accumulating snow on the ground, which we had in Legacy at least for GM-cause snow.
Uadjet: I'm not sure if it'll accumulate on PCs and NPCs, but it would be fun if it did!
Uadjet: I've got a few different tutorials I'm going to try, and if they produce decent results I'll submit them to Talad and see what he thinks.
Uadjet: I'm also going to try to get working an effect that'll make the ground appear wet when it rains. Ideally puddles and spases from raindrops, but I don't know if I can get that to work.
Gonger says: Sounds neat.
Uadjet: I also trimmed down my Amdeneir NPC list quite a bit. Well, I'm sorting them into "Should Add", "Maybe a Good Idea", "Not Until Something Else Is Added", and "Probably Not.""
Uadjet: Sadly that means my favorite potential NPC is in the last list.
Gonger says: Why is this NPC a "Probably Not" case?
Uadjet: I looked up a list of medieval professions when first making the list, and... one profession stood out.
Uadjet: It's a pseudo-medical profession, that claimed to be able to divine health issues by - and I'm trying to be delicate here - tasting a particular body fluid.
Uadjet: Not blood.
Uadjet: It's the name that caught my eye.
Gonger says: Wait, TASTING that body fluid? That's just gross...
Uadjet: But at least colloquially, they were called piss-prophets.
Gonger says: I mean, the colour can tell a lot, but to taste it...
Uadjet: Now, I never thought that NPC would get approved, but I wanted to see how far along the process it would get before being rejected.
Gonger says: That gives a new meaning to PP in PlaneShift!
Uadjet: Sadly, I've had to reject them myself, and Talad does not want to sift through a list of 100+ NPCs. I assume. I wouldn't.
Gonger says: The technical term is Uromancy...
Gonger says: Sounds to much like Necromancy for me to like it.
Uadjet: I suspect that's a type of magic that doesn't exist in PS. ;)
Gonger says: It was done in Babylon already, 4000 BC
Uadjet: So, any questions?
Gonger says: A few words from the PR team...
Gonger says: In RL we have a system migration coming up next weekend, so my workload there will get worse before it gets better.
Gonger says: Also I find it difficult to advertise right now PS as a true RPG when there is nobody around for newbies to RP with.
Gonger says: For these two reasons, not much news from my side for the moment.
Gonger says: Mayhap the time has come to try and make Ancient Players return...
Damola:  Would be nice to meet some players again who did not play for a long time
Gonger says: But first I need to survive the next two weeks IRL.
Gonger says: Aye, Damola.
Karzela:  The best of luck with your real life adventure, Gonger.
Gonger says: The Ancient Ones Who Return (do I sound like Lovecraft?) would also be aware of the fact that PS is Work In Progress.
Gonger says: So they would not be chased away by things not yet implemented.
Damola:  Best of luck, Gonger! And always remember not to overestimate the importance of work.
Gonger says: Certainly not! I am too old a bastard for that!
Uadjet: May the system migration be as quick and easy as that of the North American Blue Grouse, which migrates about 300 meters.
Karzela:  Age doesn't always equal wisdom, short one. ;-)
Gonger says: What about I make you shorter, like by one head?
Karzela  grins
Karzela:  I'd be unique then.
Gonger says: Oh, it will be a major pain-in-the-you-know-where, with all the "but" and "if" floating around...
Gonger  chuckles softly. "Indeed, Karzela, indeed."
Uadjet: Well, I think we've covered everything, so we can bring the meeting to a close. Thank you all for coming, and I'll see yhou at the next meeting in two weeks. Until then, have fun playing and maybe try an event or two!
Gonger says: And do not quit in this room...
Uadjet: Not if you're a Stonehammer, at least.
Gonger says: If I logoff here, after the next logon I will just keep faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaling...
Uadjet: You'll log back in to find yourself permanently falling.
Guilds Forum / Re: [GUILD] Iron claw
« Last post by mohonin on June 25, 2023, 06:54:43 am »
Again Some Strategies from Experience of Iron Claw to take on bosses and nauts

1- Black Root
This is easy if you are a mage/warlock. You have to use just two spells, One is the 'Tire' spell, use it repeatedly, don't give it a rest. And the next is any attack spell like 'Blades of chaos' or 'Energy Arrow'. And third, not mentioned above, you may use 'Relaxing Sleep' or Mana Potion to continiously replenish your mana.
I know ICly some people hate dark way, but 'Tire' spell is the only way.
In legacy I used to take it down with direct fight with sword and shield with damage about 1000 or more with lots of magic buffs as protection. Now these buffs are not required and also can't do so much damage with sword. All the best!!

2- Zlatac
first thing with this is settle down on the pond floor to be able to walk cuz while swimming it hard to focus the crosshair and face the target to attack him, if you use direct fight with weapons. Then Activate HoT by food (for more info on this contact Captain Mohonin in Iron Claw in Yliakum or ask here), and keep a regular eye on your health, use health potion regularly. Now most important, Zlatac is most effected by red way, so use Red Way Spells to attack him. last but not the least, looting him is quite annoying, see if you can manage it. All the best!!

3- One-claw and Nauts
They are easy with weapon and shield, mind you the shield, just 1 weapons 1 in each hand is dangerous. Hampers your defence. One-claw takes a bit of time but can be taken. Again use HoT by food and health potion is required. Last but not the least they are evry mych effected by Brown Way, you may use it from a safe distance and take them down. All the Best!!

Note :- At the moment in PSU, devs have not implemented much AI into the creatures, they are normally not much aggressive and attack you, So should be easy to take them down.
Oh!! and you may also have other strategies, the above are experience of Iron claw, Please feel free to share your strategy in this forum topic.

Thank you, and All the best for the fight, may you all Win!!
PlaneShift News and Rules / Dev Q&A June 11, 2023
« Last post by Uadjet on June 12, 2023, 07:50:25 pm »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Aachey:  Sorry for the delay, but welcome tot he Developer's Q&A! Here you can hear about the development of the game and ask any questions you might have.
Damola:  Now that is crazy.
Aachey:  If you do have a question, please step up to the lectern in front of the stage.
Damola:  Damola is moving her arms and legs as if in thin air. I see the roof of the doom and a large blue area.
Damola:  Damola appears to be in the court room according to the chat here, but I have no?
Aachey:  How about now?
Damola:  now?
Thosor:  fell into the underfloor void?
Damola:  Now is good :)
>Thosor greets Damola.
Damola:  Thanks Uadjet.
>Damola greets Thosor.
Gonger:  Ah, yes, I should remember not to quit while in this room...
>Damola waves at Gova
>Damola greets Aachey.
Thosor:  she is taller than a warf, did she fall through?
>Damola waves at Gonger
Aachey:  That was after a teleport to me, oddly enough.
Thosor:  *dwarf
Aachey:  Yeah, I used "/teleport damola me"
Damola:  Hmm, strange.
Aachey:  Not a  lot of room for error in that command.
Damola:  I was talking with Ptero NPC in Gugrontid, maybe that is somehow related.
Damola:  I had a somewhat bugged TP yesterday as well, I was talking with Ptero NPC as well
Aachey:  Well, other than the "/teleprot" thing I do way too often, but that just results in nothing happening.
Damola:  Maybe TP while talking with NPC gives crazy result?
Damola:  As long as you do not write "/teleprompt"
Damola:  :)
Aachey:  Players are put into a forced perspective while talking to NPCs. Maybe that could be involved? I thought that was just the camera being moved, though. Or at least I assumed that.
Thosor:  Field distortion.
Damola:  I bet it is some kind of quantum anomaly.
Damola  grins
Gonger:  Wild Magic.
Thosor:  Anomaly is parked outside.
Aachey:  Do you have a question, Thosor?
Damola:  Yeah, "Wild Magic" may be the best description that fits into lore. :)
Thosor:  Of which I keep falling out of the saddle...
Aachey:  When you right-click?
Thosor:  Yes, how does one get a bug report confirmed?
Gova:  Oh, I get that a lot when moving the camera while riding.
Thosor:  Seems when turning, maybe camera, and also right click.
Gova:  If you let go of the mouse button while it's on you, your mount, or the rather large hit box you occupy, you get kicked off your mount.
Thosor:  Ah, like the too big a box in combat, I always get in the way.
Aachey:  There's teh bug tracker. I'm not sure if that's been reported yet.
>Gonger greets Ronasi.
>Thosor greets Ronasi.
Gonger:  Hello Ronasi! Line up behind Thosor if you have any questions.
Thosor:  Is she in limbo land?
>Aachey greets Ronasi.
>Gova greets Ronasi.
>Ronasi greets everyone.
Gova:  I wasn't even sure if getting dismounted on right-click or... what is it called? De-clicking? Releaseing the mouse button while the pointer is on your character. I thought it might be intentional, but on thinking about it that doesn't make sense.
Aachey:  Yeah, that's a bug.
Aachey:  I think bug #7854 might be the same bug. Ah. Opened by Thosor.
Aachey:  I suggest commenting on it, if you've experienced it, to add your own observations.
Aachey:  The more info Talad has, the easier the bugs are to fix.
Thosor:  I guess if I posted it i must have experienced it.
Thosor:  Not sure if click or cam, seems when i m sprinting, I fall off spontaneously.
Aachey:  So, how about some more updates?
Thosor:  Also think when turning, I slip off.
Aachey:  Talad is getting ready for another release, so he's going through and doing a lot of bug fixes right now.
Thosor:  Hello, Gova, do you hear me from here?
Aachey:  Before that, he  was finishing up (mostly) the new Labyrinth area. This is where new players go once they leave the Dryken Plane.
Aachey:  And it's more than just tunnels.
Aachey:  You've love it when you see it, I'm sure.
Gonger:  So they will be far from civilisation?
Aachey:  Relatively so. Once they complete the tutorial, they'll get teleported out. Either to the far side of the bronze doors with a free ticket to Hydlaa, or directly to Hydlaa. I think the latter, for now.
Gonger:  Ok
Gonger:  We should not be too hard on newbies.
Gonger:  Are there any statistics about downloads or creation of new characters?
Aachey:  He did mention leaving the tutorial as being one-way, but perhaps we can give readmission privileges to some people, like those who racked up lots of advisor points in Legacy. Or do a combination of hours played and comments in the help secion in PSU, as experienced players are more likely to be answering questions there than asking them.
Gonger:  Advisor points?
Gonger:  I was not even aware that these exist.
Aachey:  Ah, you got those in Legacy when you helped out as an advisor.
Aachey:  You have 417, Gonger. I think you'd qualify. :)
Thosor:  And I left the game for many years fter never getting a help reply when stuck. At the same time, I switched computers or something and never got around to building from source again.
Gonger:  The Help channel will be working in the next update, Talad said.
Gonger:  417... is that good or bad?
Gonger  ponders.
Aachey:  It's the highest I've seen.
Thosor:  When the binary came about, I reloaded linux version, was still stuck, and someone then got me free.
Thosor:  The years had flown by...
Gonger:  Gonger for teh win!
Aachey  grins.
Aachey:  Yeah, getting stuck is rough, as unless a GM is on right then the only way out is /die. Most people won't even think about that, though.
Thosor:  Wow, I just turned cam and got chat bubble whisper to Gova, I guess is AFK.
Aachey:  Regardless, having a tutorial area is one more place I can take playersto for events.
Thosor:  I spoke whisper about ten mins ago.
Gonger:  I get that also. I see texts in the chat window, but if I turn around sometimes minutes later, I see the bubbles.
Thosor:  I saw that during an event.'
Gova:  We can't put /tells into main, can we? I keep missing them.
Thosor:  Hello Gova, do you hear me?
Aachey:  Chat bubbles only show when you're facing the right direction, so there are a lot of lagged bubbles floating around out there, just waiting for someone to turn the right direction.
Thosor:  I think I am out of range of Gova he doesn't hear me.
Thosor:  yes I am out of range, he doesn't hear me
Thosor:  Do you hear me now, Gova?
Gonger  nods at Aachey.
Aachey:  At the very least I'll take people there for one event. Maybe let established players do the tutorial quests that Talad wrote.
Aachey:  Oh.
Aachey:  Right.
Aachey:  New tutorial quests.
Aachey:  That's on my list too.
Aachey:  Talad did some adaptation to existing tutorial quests, and a lot of rewriting.
Gova:  I did just hear that, Thosor.
Gova:  Just before Gonger nodded to Aachey.
Thosor:  ah, ok
Aachey:  let's see...
Aachey:  New loot!
Aachey:  I know players love that.
Aachey:  Talad's been working on new ways for players to find treasures, both great and small.
Gonger:  We do!
Thosor:  So how to describe a very short range for /say mode,.
Aachey:  It actually ties in well with my plans for lockpicking repeatable quests.
Gonger:  Ronasi, methinks you are here for the first time. Welcome, again. If you have any questions, just ask.
Thosor:  I am Thosor, usually dozing around, just send a groffel (whisper)
Gova:  I'm Gova. I do the weekly Sunday markets and I do predatory bird impressions during Q&A sessions.
Thosor:  eek!
Aachey:  I think that's all I have to announce. Any final questions or bugs to mention?
Thosor:  No further questions, Your Honor.
Gonger:  You all try to get some friends to play PlaneShift.
Ronasi:  Thanks Gonger. Actually I've been here several times before.
Aachey:  Then I think we can bring the meeting to a close! Thank you all for coming, and I'll see you at the next meeting in two weeks! Until then, have fun playing and maybe join a Saturday event or two!
Gonger:  Still welcome, Ronasi. :)
>Ronasi thanks Aachey!
Thosor:  Welcome back, that is :)
>Ronasi bows to Gonger.
Gonger:  Good night, getting late for me, and the next weeks at work will be demanding...
Gonger  shivers visibly.
Gonger:  System migrations are so much fun.
Thosor:  Take that fur suit off
Gonger:  Not.
Aachey:  Take care, everyone!
In-Game Roleplay Events / Re: Event Starting Times, take 2
« Last post by Damola on June 10, 2023, 06:16:30 am »
Thanks for the vote.

I understand "The time events traditionally started" as 19:00 UTC - or for example 21:00 CEST, Central European Summer Time - which would also be the time the last event started and the event today starts. I vote for keeping this time and thus voted for this option.

I'd prefer exact times as options except of names that need to be interpreted even with time zones being difficult.  :)
In-Game Roleplay Events / Re: Event Starting Times, take 2
« Last post by Migg on June 08, 2023, 03:20:08 pm »
I think this is not visible until you vote, so posting it here for reference, hoping I don't get the time conversion wrong:

Voting closes: June 11 2023, 20:45:51 UTC
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