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Technical Help: Problems BEFORE entering the game / Unreal Engine
« Last post by Haviland on February 13, 2023, 03:28:40 am »
A new thread for unreal engine related problems
PlaneShift News and Rules / Dev Q&A February 12th 2023
« Last post by Uadjet on February 12, 2023, 05:52:20 pm »
Aachey:  Hello and welcome to the first Dev Q&A held in Unreal!
Zarre:  Hi and thanks
Aachey:  I'll be running the meeting as Aachey today, as Uadjet the character cannot be loaded.
Aachey:  I'm assuming it has something to do with being a Derghir.
Thosor:  Interesting, haven't seen one here yet.
Aachey:  Obviously the big news for this meeting is the official switch from the Legacy version of the game to the Unreal version.
Aachey:  Okay, is it just me or is the stage both higher and smaller?
Zarre:  Agree with both higher and smaller
Thosor:  anysu's table is still here.
Aachey:  So we held another event yesterday, and overall things went fairly well. There are still some GM commands that aren't working quite right, but those shouldn't be too hard to fix.
Thosor:  could almost lose a Dwarf under the tables
Aachey:  I'm still getting used to the different commands, so if I randomly crouch or attack Gonger, please assume that it wasn't intentional.
Gonger:  Good to know, Aachey.
Talad:  First dev meeting in PSUnreal , wooooo !
Talad:  we can sit now
Talad:  :)
Talad:  Gonger you can sit
Aachey:  Well, that worked pretty well!
Talad:  ok, I see the need of a gossip channel
Aachey:  I'm assuming /shout is no longer universal?
Talad:  I think it's 50 meters
Aachey:  And inside a guildhouse map it'll only be heard by those already inside. Gotcha.
Thosor:  i can not "examine" Zarre from here, but it was like that here in the courthouse in legacy, too.
Aachey:  So, does anyone have any questions?
Talad:  you can sit on the benches if you want
Talad:  look at the bench standing in front of it, and press z once
Thosor:  I was standing to hear better.
Talad:  in unreal you can sit like in a chair
Talad:  stand like this
Talad:  look at me
Talad:  the flat area should be in front of you
Talad:  you we 90 degrees rotated
Talad:  in front of your legs
Talad:  your character rotates 180 degrees to sit
Talad:  parallel to the chair
Talad:  dont hold z, just tap z
Aachey:  If you stand where I am and face the bench, it should work.
Talad:  there is zarre there
Talad:  she blocks the sit
Talad:  also dont hold z, just press z once
Talad:  a bit lcoser
Talad:  yes
Talad:  but you were rotated
Talad:  stay thre and look at me
Talad:  I mean your char should look at me
Talad:  its not where you camera looks , its what your char faces
>Talad waves.
Talad:  face me
Talad:  rotate 90 degrees to your right
Talad:  exactly
Aachey:  Oh, still mantling onto other players.
Thosor:  I don't want to crowd Zarre
Thosor:  But I did not mantle her.
Talad:  I should remove the idle when sitting
Aachey:  No, I was climbing onto Gonger. You're entirely innocent in the matter. :)
Thosor:  I only get 5fps anyway
Aachey:  I'm hovering around 50 in here.
Thosor:  where's Gova, Damola? they were in legacy
Thosor:  on the chart, damola announced to be here in gossip.
Aachey:  They were both on in Legacy earlier today, yeah. And they both can play the Unreal version, as I've seen them both online.
Aachey:  Night falls in the guildhouse....
Talad:  there is a strange bug that exactly at midnight the light goes up, then down again
Talad:  it's 0:04 now
Aachey:  How delightfully bizarre.
Thosor:  I never had any light control in legacy in this room, or the tavern, some of BD
Talad:  how does PSUnreal looks to you? did you play it a bit?
Talad:  any comments?
Thosor:  There is no light control by KB here, such as F12?
Talad:  you mean gamma correction... no there is not
Gonger:  Still struggling with sitting.
Gonger:  After yesterday's event I am very optimistic.
Gonger:  About PSU
Talad:  to sit just face the chair
Talad:  or any flat low surface
Talad:  be parallel to it if you can
Talad:  and close to the border
Talad:  then press z once
Gonger:  Gotcha!
Thosor:  Even after a lot of practice, I don't like the moving and camera views, etc.
Talad:  exacltly
Aachey:  The Stonehammer robe looks very warm.
Talad:  did you press C while moving Thosor?
Gonger:  Movement is still... awkward.
Talad:  I suggest pressing C, then R for autorun
Gonger:  It's not the speed.
Talad:  then just move with your mouse
Thosor:  I use M
Talad:  M wrong game version :)
Talad:  but yes if you remapped it
Thosor:  ?
Thosor:  I did not remap anything
Talad:  there is no M in Unreal
Talad:  you can press C
Talad:  then R for autorun
Talad:  then just move your mouse
Talad:  you can control the sensitivity of the mouse under controls
Thosor:  c doesn't do anything
Talad:  when you press C your mouse cursor should disappear
Talad:  and your char should move in the direction your mouse is giving
Talad:  let me fix your chair aachey
Thosor:  m is listed for mouse move here, but I don't remember setting it.
Thosor:  I am on Linux, but will try on windows later.
Talad:  its the same
Talad:  I mean windows or linux is the same
Thosor:  Too bad we are losing yet more people on Macs.
Talad:  what you mean we are losing Mac people?
Talad:  Mac is working in Unreal
Gonger:  I wanted to open a forum thread to help people, but I  got a database error.
Thosor:  lsost several friends when apple dropped 32bit or whatever.
Gonger:  Some Mac people need to upgrade.
Talad:  it's like hardware of 12+ years ago
Thosor:  Aljuvialle for one.
Talad:  a computer cannot last that much
Talad:  he/she will buy a new PC I guess?
Thosor:  yeah, but $2,000 or more for a quickly disposable laptop....
Talad:  I bought the MacMini for 900$ and it's more than what is needed
Talad:  a used one will be less than that
Talad:  games are usually targeting hardware of 1-2 years in the future.
Talad:  we cant target hardware 12 years in the past :)
Talad:  10 minutes left for me
Talad:  if you have any questions please do
Thosor:  I am on Framework 1.5 yrs old
Thosor:  well, It can only get better here.
Thosor:  I was going to build a new PC but due to supply shortages, a pretty stale chouice of motherboards, etc.
Talad:  what is a meetingore ? ahah
Thosor:  meetingore?
Talad:  he picked up one
Aachey:  That's the traditional teleport target placed in the courthouse for GM's to teleport players to.
Thosor:  ah
Thosor:  how do you get objects to name when hovering with curser?
Thosor:  I have to examine, for instance, Anysu's table. or other objects.
Aachey:  If you click on them with the mouse, the name should appear.
Gonger:  Talad, what is it with the forums? Database error?
Talad:  yes its only by click at the moment
Thosor:  But in legacy it would just show up, less clicking, or moving by mistake.
Talad:  not aware of that Gonger, when it happens?
Aachey:  I was having trouble with the forums weeks ago, trying to paste in Q&A logs.
Thosor:  OK, did'nt know if it was a setting
Talad:  at the moment its now, but can be added back
Talad:  *its not
Thosor:  Also, long chats don't scroll, have to move it up manually, already noted, I believe.
Gonger:  I was trying to open a new topic, but could not.
Gonger:  I will try again...
Talad:  long chat was not scrolling before
Talad:  should be fixed now
Talad:  does still happen for you?
Talad:  try , example /who
Thosor:  yes,here, now, too.
Talad:  will be interesting to know if it's a Linux only issue
Thosor:  who works ok
Thosor:  but if typed more than a line, it does not scroll.
Gonger:  Nope, not possible to open a new topic
Talad:  let me try to type more than a line, more than a line, more than a line, more and more.
Talad:  I see both lines ok here
Thosor:  do it again, was looking t forum, sorry.
Talad:  let me try to type more than a line, more than a line, more than a line, more and more.
Thosor:  I only get first line.
Thosor:  then have to scroll
Talad:  anyone else getting the same problem?
Thosor:  slash who is OK
Aachey:  I met a traveller from an antique land,Who said??Two vast and trunkless legs of stoneStand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,Tell that its sculptor well those passions readWhich yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;And on the pedestal, these words appear:My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!Nothing beside remains. Round the decayOf that colossal Wreck, boundless and bareThe lone and level sands stretch far away.?
Talad:  I see it all
Aachey:  That should be more than a line for everyone. It scrolled properly for me.
Talad:  without need of scrolling
Thosor:  One who builds airplane in own garage, does not get to pilot much :)
Aachey:  On Windows.
Thosor:  I'll try on W10 later
Talad:  I have to go
Talad:  good to see you
Talad:  have fun
>Talad waves.
Zarre:  bye
>Thosor bows to Talad.
Talad Dev has quit
Aachey:  Any last thoughts or questions?
Thosor:  No further questions, your Honor.
Zarre:  I'll 2nd that statement
Aachey:  Okay, then I think we can bring the meeting to a close. Thank you for coming, and we'll see you at the next meeting in two weeks!
Aachey:  Have fun!
Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (How Do I Run Game?)
« Last post by AMCK2023 on February 11, 2023, 10:46:26 pm »
SOLUTION IN COMMAND LINE TO MAKE IT RUN:  ./  (Right Click ) (Run As Program)

(Problem Resolved)
Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (How Do I Run Game?)
« Last post by AMCK2023 on February 11, 2023, 09:30:46 pm »
Everything worked (loaded) BUT the line:

~/PS/psunreal/    will not run.
Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (How Do I Run Game?)
« Last post by Haviland on February 11, 2023, 05:25:25 am »
There is no need to install the game. Just download it from the webpage ( and save the file to a directory in your home directory. I put it in ~/PS
Create a subfolder for the current version (I put it in ~/PS/psunreal):

[fire up a terminal]
# mkdir -p PS/psunreal
# cd PS
# wget
# cd psunreal
# tar -xjvf ../PSUnreal-Linux-0.7.30.tar.bz2

Now you can start the game from the commandline:

# ~/PS/psunreal/

Hope this helps,
Linux Specific Issues / Re: Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (How Do I Run Game?)
« Last post by CannonFather on February 11, 2023, 02:24:35 am »
High there, I was able to make a launcher icon for it by doing the following.

Using Menulibre (, but I got it from the store)

I went to the games category, click on the "+" in the top left. Choose "Add Launcher"

Starting from the top.
  • Replace New Launcher title with Icon name, replace gear icon pic with what you want.
    In command find where the is (Browse for it with the folder icon) and add "sh " to the front of the command.
    I left the working dir blank
    Click on the play button at top left to test generate an Icon file.
    Click on save Launcher (Arrow pointing down) at top left.

That should do it. You should see an icon in your app launcher, move it to where you want it. 

Hope that helps.
Linux Specific Issues / Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (How Do I Run Game?)
« Last post by AMCK2023 on February 09, 2023, 09:21:03 pm »
Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS

How do I run this game on this version of Ubuntu?  What are the terminal commands to get the game to install and run on my computer?  Is there a AUTO launch file that will install commands and launch the game?
PlaneShift News and Rules / PlaneShift Unreal The Switch
« Last post by Talad on February 09, 2023, 04:16:06 pm »

Hello PlaneShifters, it happened!! It really happened! After four years, the switch from Legacy to Unreal is here!

This is very historical moment for everyone who worked on this project. PSLegacy is now fully replaced by PSUnreal in it's new 0.7.30 version. This means your character has been ported to the new release and you can continue his progression from there. PSLegacy will still be up for some time (weeks, not months) to be used as a comparison in case we need it. This release cannot be updated from previous releases, please download it again from our Download page.

Check our main web site for more info and screenshots!
Unreal Engine / Re: Some thoughts on the Dryken Plane - please discuss
« Last post by Volki on January 30, 2023, 08:19:11 pm »
So, the visuals are not as bad as Migg said. It looks cool.

But I don't see how it relates to the rest of the game or what you're meant to be learning in that maze. It's mostly running without visual suggestions to show you what you can do, like crossing to another path. For some reason you're not falling to your death when it appears you should be? It looks more like something you'd find near the end of a questline in the Death Realm.

If I were a new player thinking this was an actual roleplaying game, I'd uninstall. People don't enjoy challenges without progressive rewards, either. My assumption would be that this is an example of what to expect, and I would lose all interest in playing.

In terms of roleplay, it's only confusing and immersion-breaking. There's already written history for Yliakum. Every character I have interacted with grew up in Yliakum, and I'm sure they don't want to change their backstory this drastically. It would be quite a big deal if new characters were suddenly, randomly spawning in the plaza and going on about how they just arrived from some otherworldly plane of existence.

I'm not understanding how this is a tutorial. Every gamer already knows WASD and mouse movements, how to jump to reach targets, and how to go through doors/portals. I predict this filtering out players with vision issues, which would suck because PS has been fairly accessible.
Guilds Forum / Re: [Guild] The Way Of The Hammer
« Last post by Eriz on January 30, 2023, 04:51:19 pm »
This is actually a transcript of an RP in the Hydlaa tavern held after an GM event on a Saturday night.
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