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Dev Q&A December 11th 2022
« on: December 11, 2022, 06:35:13 pm »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Laremon looks at Thosor and whispers "What is it with that oven? Is it cursed?
Damola admits "I have many trash too. Only seven slots in main inventory free and about 17 containers in there might tell a story"
Damola says: Not cursed I think
Damola however still casts a series of cleaning spells onto the oven
Uadjet says: Hello and welcome to the Developer's Q&A! This is an out-of-character meeting where you can hear about the development of the game and ask the Dev and GM teams any questions you might have. If you do have any questions, please line up at the lecterns in front of the stage.
Damola continues to prepare her meal.
Uadjet says: Yes, it's my portable waste disposal device.
>Laremon Tillipaff bows to Uadjet.
>Damola Etedi picked up a Toasted Barley and Mushrooms
>Damola Etedi dropped a Toasted Barley and Mushrooms.
Damola says: Oh, Uadjet, do not mind me, just quickly preparing a meal.
>Damola Etedi picked up a Wild Rice
Damola says: Nice trash oven you have here. Can cook real meals though
Damola finished heating up her meals and leaves the stage.
>Damola Etedi picked up a Toasted Barley and Mushrooms
Uadjet facepalms.
>Uadjet picked up an Uadjet's Trash-Be-Gone
Damola starts to munch on toasted barley and mushrooms
Damola says: Well not only usable to dispose waste. Also good ffor heating some food.
Uadjet says: Well, it's a renamed Forge so you might want to be careful how long you put food in there...
Damola protests "I am not putting food inside, but on top of it."
Uadjet says: Laremon?
Damola looks to Laremon "Someone with a Q it seems."
Uadjet says: I hope you cleaned it first.
Damola says: I put a series of cleaning spells on it, just in case.
Damola says: You never know with stuff from Uadjet.
Laremon says: Noble Derghir. I have a question, please. Let me think how to phrarse it
Damola smirkts towards Uadjet
>Damola Etedi listens intently to Laremon Tillipaff.
Laremon ponders
Laremon says: I was trying to visit the new world, but was alaways rejected , when I tried to move. [Slackware Linux, client crash]
Damola says: What do you mean by new world?
Gonger says: This meeting is OOC, no need for brackets.
Gonger says: PSU, methinks.
>Laremon Tillipaff nods at Damola Etedi.
Damola says: or switch towards different area in legacy PS?
Uadjet says: Yes, there's no need to be in-character in these meetings. They'd be impossible to run that way.
Laremon says: The character always spawns at the plaza/. I can hear sound. As soon as I turn to Harnquist the client crashes.
Uadjet says: What if you turn the other way? Still crashes?
Laremon says: I can try now.
Uadjet says: There is that Hydlaa crash bug, that's been around forever. There a patch Talad has that might help fix it. It's a Linux-only issue.
Thosor says: i'm in there now, on linux, ran from plaza to harnquist'
>Laremon Tillipaff nods at Uadjet.
Laremon says: Everything is slow motion
Thosor says: poof, he's gone
Laremon says: System is i5, 16 GB, nvidia gpu, ssd hard drive. If you need more information I can supply it
Gonger says: Put those infos on the forum.
Laremon says: Ok. Thanks
>Laremon Tillipaff bows to Uadjet.
Laremon says: Thanks.
Thosor says: I'm running around the fountain area
Thosor says: no problems yet
Koraza says: Thanks Gonger
Uadjet says: Congratulations!
>Gova Liernan cheers happily at Gonger Xaraha!
Gonger says: So I will be doing more or less what I am doing now - welcoming newbies, promoting PS on websites, etc
>Thosor Riereri claps.
Gonger says: But with some official touch, which may make it easier to propose to websites with a 10 year old review to make a new review, for example.
Gonger says: So if any of you have ideas about promoting PS, but not time, let me know. In-game, on discord, mail through the forums, whatever.
Gonger says: For example, I have a pretty good view of websites with reviews on PS. That's easy to google.
Gonger says: But less easy is to find websites where PS SHOULD be mentioned, but is not.
Gonger says: So whenever you come across such a website, drop me the link, and I will see what I can do.
Gonger says: Uadjet, should I be up there now as well?
Gonger says: But nevermind, I am the same Gonger guy, and since what I will be doing is mostly OOC stuff, I will be playing as before.
Uadjet says: Yeah, step up!
Uadjet says: It's mostly OOC, but a good bit of it is in game.
Gonger says: So strange to be up here after all those years.
Gonger says: Well, the newbie welcoming is In-game, of course. But I try to keep this IC as much as possible.
Uadjet says: I'm torn between: "It's nice to have someone else up here" and "Wow, I'm short!"
Gonger says: Real greatness does not depend on physical size.
>Koraza Annx claps for Gonger Xaraha.
Uadjet says: Also, size is alterable.
Koraza says: haha
Damola makes "Whoa!"
Damola says: The Giant Uadjet!
Gonger says: Any questions or propositions for the PR team?
Koraza says: The magnificent Uadjet never-the-less
Uadjet continues on in a cartoonishly high-pitched voice.
Damola drops some cookies in front of Little Uadjet
Damola ponders "Well but Uadjet is still Uadjet and not a Yulbar, but might like it anyway"
Uadjet says: So the main announcement to make this week is that the Unreal version of the game is now available to everyone!
Damola says: Yeah!
Uadjet says: It's posted on the main page, and we're already seeing a good uptick in player numbers.
Damola says: And it is awesomely awesome as well!
Damola says: It has gone a long way since the first versions I tested!
Uadjet says: I will, of course, be spending increased time in PSU, to make sure none of them leave behind genitalia art. I'm sure that'll be rare, though, as the new players I've seen seem genuinely interesting in playing and/or contributing to the game.
Uadjet says: Events will continue on in this version of the game, as the Unreal version still copies over the CS player database.
Damola says: Yeah.
Uadjet says: For now, only character progress in Legacy will stick around.
Damola says: But that gives interesting opportunities in PSUnreal. For now you can just spend millions of trias for something… and it does not have any long term consequences.
Damola ponders "But what actually to spend them on?"
Thosor says: how do you make the art?
Uadjet says: But whatever you spent the tria on will be gone in the next update, and the tria returned.
Damola nods "Exactly that."
Thosor says: just kidding.
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Re: Dev Q&A December 11th 2022
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2022, 10:41:27 am »
I keep getting error messages when I try to post more. I have no idea why, but I'll keep trying.


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Re: Dev Q&A December 11th 2022
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2022, 11:51:19 am »
And somehow you lost the line with my announcement, so nobody who was not there knows why you are giving me Congratulations...


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Re: Dev Q&A December 11th 2022
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2022, 05:21:20 pm »
I'll try again to post the log.

Uadjet says: That wasn't meant to give you ideas, Thosor!
Thosor says: heehee

Even pasting one line at a time is getting rejected, now.
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Re: Dev Q&A December 11th 2022
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Gonger says: Greetings! I do not have a question, but an announcement: The semi-official-one-dwarf-PR-team today became the official-one-dwarf-PR-team.

There we go. Not sure how that line got deleted. I typically filter out the "greets" lines, but not Greetings. Odd.