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Advertising of PSU
« on: April 01, 2023, 06:09:06 am »
A good day to you all.
Now that PSU is open to all we should think more about advertising again. There are still some issues to be resolved (like traps, looting, light), but as soon as the Dev team has sorted them out, we should spread the word.
That's where the PR team comes in - meaning me, right now.
So here is an overview about plans and ideas.
  • I think I have a pretty good view on mentions of PlaneShift, because that is done with some simple googling. On many websites I left small reviews, or corrected misgivings there.
  • It is much more difficult to find websites where PS is not mentioned at all. So we have to find them and put a small review there, or make them mention PS in some other way.
    And this is where you come in: If you know any website about MMORPGs that does not mention PS, drop me a line, and I will try my best to change this.
    (I write that "I will try my best" because past experience shows that not all websites are interested in mentioning an independent game without budget...)
  • Since I am trilingual, I would like to do more on German and French websites.
  • The wikipedia articles (at least) in English, German, French need rewriting. I did minor corrections already and will open a separate thread about this because this is a major project.
  • We need to improve our ranking in google searches. For example, a  google search for free mmorpg gives six pages of results, but PS does not show!
  • The website could be better in certain parts, but this should also be discussed separately.
  • Some people have been making PS video tutorials, I hope there will be more of these. Maybe those who are interested in doing video tutorials can get in touch with me so we can coordinate this a bit? It would not make much sense to have several tutorials covering one subject, and none for other subjects.
This is quite a lot already, but I am sure some of you can add some valid points to that list. I am open to all ideas, and of course accept help. The PR team is hiring!

And everybody can help. Point me to websites where PS is not mentioned, or mentioned wrongly.
Spread the news among your friends.
Join the PR team!

Most important: Have fun with PSU.

Travel safely,



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Re: Advertising of PSU
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2023, 04:47:12 am »
I have been already Advertising PS. I made some 10,000 leaflets/Flyers and shown it to Talad and under his guidance modified it to his directions. I have been regularly going out distributing these leaflets/Flyers. Each day i go, about 100-200 are distributed, haven't counted it exactly. But even Now, i have huge bunch of it under my bed.
By the way Talad Sir, told me to distribute it in colleges, especially IT colleges and institutions. But theres hardly any colleges near my place. Anyway, i'm tryng my best.
Thank you, and Good Luck to those who are trying to advertise.