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Dev Q&A June 11, 2023
« on: June 12, 2023, 07:50:25 pm »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Aachey:  Sorry for the delay, but welcome tot he Developer's Q&A! Here you can hear about the development of the game and ask any questions you might have.
Damola:  Now that is crazy.
Aachey:  If you do have a question, please step up to the lectern in front of the stage.
Damola:  Damola is moving her arms and legs as if in thin air. I see the roof of the doom and a large blue area.
Damola:  Damola appears to be in the court room according to the chat here, but I have no?
Aachey:  How about now?
Damola:  now?
Thosor:  fell into the underfloor void?
Damola:  Now is good :)
>Thosor greets Damola.
Damola:  Thanks Uadjet.
>Damola greets Thosor.
Gonger:  Ah, yes, I should remember not to quit while in this room...
>Damola waves at Gova
>Damola greets Aachey.
Thosor:  she is taller than a warf, did she fall through?
>Damola waves at Gonger
Aachey:  That was after a teleport to me, oddly enough.
Thosor:  *dwarf
Aachey:  Yeah, I used "/teleport damola me"
Damola:  Hmm, strange.
Aachey:  Not a  lot of room for error in that command.
Damola:  I was talking with Ptero NPC in Gugrontid, maybe that is somehow related.
Damola:  I had a somewhat bugged TP yesterday as well, I was talking with Ptero NPC as well
Aachey:  Well, other than the "/teleprot" thing I do way too often, but that just results in nothing happening.
Damola:  Maybe TP while talking with NPC gives crazy result?
Damola:  As long as you do not write "/teleprompt"
Damola:  :)
Aachey:  Players are put into a forced perspective while talking to NPCs. Maybe that could be involved? I thought that was just the camera being moved, though. Or at least I assumed that.
Thosor:  Field distortion.
Damola:  I bet it is some kind of quantum anomaly.
Damola  grins
Gonger:  Wild Magic.
Thosor:  Anomaly is parked outside.
Aachey:  Do you have a question, Thosor?
Damola:  Yeah, "Wild Magic" may be the best description that fits into lore. :)
Thosor:  Of which I keep falling out of the saddle...
Aachey:  When you right-click?
Thosor:  Yes, how does one get a bug report confirmed?
Gova:  Oh, I get that a lot when moving the camera while riding.
Thosor:  Seems when turning, maybe camera, and also right click.
Gova:  If you let go of the mouse button while it's on you, your mount, or the rather large hit box you occupy, you get kicked off your mount.
Thosor:  Ah, like the too big a box in combat, I always get in the way.
Aachey:  There's teh bug tracker. I'm not sure if that's been reported yet.
>Gonger greets Ronasi.
>Thosor greets Ronasi.
Gonger:  Hello Ronasi! Line up behind Thosor if you have any questions.
Thosor:  Is she in limbo land?
>Aachey greets Ronasi.
>Gova greets Ronasi.
>Ronasi greets everyone.
Gova:  I wasn't even sure if getting dismounted on right-click or... what is it called? De-clicking? Releaseing the mouse button while the pointer is on your character. I thought it might be intentional, but on thinking about it that doesn't make sense.
Aachey:  Yeah, that's a bug.
Aachey:  I think bug #7854 might be the same bug. Ah. Opened by Thosor.
Aachey:  I suggest commenting on it, if you've experienced it, to add your own observations.
Aachey:  The more info Talad has, the easier the bugs are to fix.
Thosor:  I guess if I posted it i must have experienced it.
Thosor:  Not sure if click or cam, seems when i m sprinting, I fall off spontaneously.
Aachey:  So, how about some more updates?
Thosor:  Also think when turning, I slip off.
Aachey:  Talad is getting ready for another release, so he's going through and doing a lot of bug fixes right now.
Thosor:  Hello, Gova, do you hear me from here?
Aachey:  Before that, he  was finishing up (mostly) the new Labyrinth area. This is where new players go once they leave the Dryken Plane.
Aachey:  And it's more than just tunnels.
Aachey:  You've love it when you see it, I'm sure.
Gonger:  So they will be far from civilisation?
Aachey:  Relatively so. Once they complete the tutorial, they'll get teleported out. Either to the far side of the bronze doors with a free ticket to Hydlaa, or directly to Hydlaa. I think the latter, for now.
Gonger:  Ok
Gonger:  We should not be too hard on newbies.
Gonger:  Are there any statistics about downloads or creation of new characters?
Aachey:  He did mention leaving the tutorial as being one-way, but perhaps we can give readmission privileges to some people, like those who racked up lots of advisor points in Legacy. Or do a combination of hours played and comments in the help secion in PSU, as experienced players are more likely to be answering questions there than asking them.
Gonger:  Advisor points?
Gonger:  I was not even aware that these exist.
Aachey:  Ah, you got those in Legacy when you helped out as an advisor.
Aachey:  You have 417, Gonger. I think you'd qualify. :)
Thosor:  And I left the game for many years fter never getting a help reply when stuck. At the same time, I switched computers or something and never got around to building from source again.
Gonger:  The Help channel will be working in the next update, Talad said.
Gonger:  417... is that good or bad?
Gonger  ponders.
Aachey:  It's the highest I've seen.
Thosor:  When the binary came about, I reloaded linux version, was still stuck, and someone then got me free.
Thosor:  The years had flown by...
Gonger:  Gonger for teh win!
Aachey  grins.
Aachey:  Yeah, getting stuck is rough, as unless a GM is on right then the only way out is /die. Most people won't even think about that, though.
Thosor:  Wow, I just turned cam and got chat bubble whisper to Gova, I guess is AFK.
Aachey:  Regardless, having a tutorial area is one more place I can take playersto for events.
Thosor:  I spoke whisper about ten mins ago.
Gonger:  I get that also. I see texts in the chat window, but if I turn around sometimes minutes later, I see the bubbles.
Thosor:  I saw that during an event.'
Gova:  We can't put /tells into main, can we? I keep missing them.
Thosor:  Hello Gova, do you hear me?
Aachey:  Chat bubbles only show when you're facing the right direction, so there are a lot of lagged bubbles floating around out there, just waiting for someone to turn the right direction.
Thosor:  I think I am out of range of Gova he doesn't hear me.
Thosor:  yes I am out of range, he doesn't hear me
Thosor:  Do you hear me now, Gova?
Gonger  nods at Aachey.
Aachey:  At the very least I'll take people there for one event. Maybe let established players do the tutorial quests that Talad wrote.
Aachey:  Oh.
Aachey:  Right.
Aachey:  New tutorial quests.
Aachey:  That's on my list too.
Aachey:  Talad did some adaptation to existing tutorial quests, and a lot of rewriting.
Gova:  I did just hear that, Thosor.
Gova:  Just before Gonger nodded to Aachey.
Thosor:  ah, ok
Aachey:  let's see...
Aachey:  New loot!
Aachey:  I know players love that.
Aachey:  Talad's been working on new ways for players to find treasures, both great and small.
Gonger:  We do!
Thosor:  So how to describe a very short range for /say mode,.
Aachey:  It actually ties in well with my plans for lockpicking repeatable quests.
Gonger:  Ronasi, methinks you are here for the first time. Welcome, again. If you have any questions, just ask.
Thosor:  I am Thosor, usually dozing around, just send a groffel (whisper)
Gova:  I'm Gova. I do the weekly Sunday markets and I do predatory bird impressions during Q&A sessions.
Thosor:  eek!
Aachey:  I think that's all I have to announce. Any final questions or bugs to mention?
Thosor:  No further questions, Your Honor.
Gonger:  You all try to get some friends to play PlaneShift.
Ronasi:  Thanks Gonger. Actually I've been here several times before.
Aachey:  Then I think we can bring the meeting to a close! Thank you all for coming, and I'll see you at the next meeting in two weeks! Until then, have fun playing and maybe join a Saturday event or two!
Gonger:  Still welcome, Ronasi. :)
>Ronasi thanks Aachey!
Thosor:  Welcome back, that is :)
>Ronasi bows to Gonger.
Gonger:  Good night, getting late for me, and the next weeks at work will be demanding...
Gonger  shivers visibly.
Gonger:  System migrations are so much fun.
Thosor:  Take that fur suit off
Gonger:  Not.
Aachey:  Take care, everyone!