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PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.35
« on: May 07, 2023, 10:57:38 am »

This release cannot be updated through the PSLauncher, so please downloaded it from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.35:

Fixed practice in crafting, which was not giving any points.
Added Global chat tab. This allows you to chat with anyone at any range. Considering this is Out Of Character, please use it sparingly.
Reorganized Chat tabs in this sequence: Main, Global, Whisper, NPC, Group, Guild, Alliance, Help
Fixes to harvestable plants, better distribution of plants locations in the maps considering quest requirements.
Rename of plants to better match name and graphics. Item names, all official books, all player books, all crafting books, all quests involving such items, and all NPC answers have been updated to match the rename.

Snowbud -> Snowlily
Lavender -> Glaboria
Dandelion -> Firelantern
Blackbush -> Purple Orchid
Wyn Reed -> Blue Orchid
Blue Cohosh Root -> Dreamclaw
Butcher's Broom Root -> Spinedew
Golden Ivy Leaf -> Rubyvein leaf
Kingsfoil -> Octarchfoil
Devils claw -> Nicinela
Yarrow -> Lunabrosia
Barberry -> Sapphire Orilliphia

Added two missing wandering NPC selling the main map pieces.
Fixed skill window, now it shows the progress of training a stat or practicing a skill just below the skill name. You can see how much you accomplished, and how much you miss.
Fixed chat enter key to focus/unfocus chat, should work much better now
Fix to all windows to avoid keyboard focus, which was causing some incosistencies in moving your character vs using the UI.
Fixed combat mode, you cannot select yourself anymore
Terraforming of the area to the north east of hydlaa, breaking the original boundaries imposed by the old game map.
Fixes to dryken plane, simplified jump on first shard, changed the downward lift of the second shard making the puzzle smoother.
Split of Hydlaa levels in two, above ground and below ground. Hopefully this will improve performances.
Fixed pressure pad so it cannot be triggered by right-click and then "use".
Switched icon for "use" on container window
Loot window now closes when there are no items left
Fixed "rename" button so it shows only on renamable containers.
Improved admin tools to better layout NPC paths and resources

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
If you want to support us, become a Patreon. Find other players in our Discord to get access.
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