Author Topic: PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.36  (Read 7645 times)


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PlaneShift Unreal Release 0.7.36
« on: July 07, 2023, 11:59:57 am »

This release cannot be updated through the PSLauncher, so please downloaded it from our Download page.

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.36:

Added new area just after character creation. When you exit from the Dryken plane you are teleported to an area in the StoneLabyrinths, where you will have to find your way to an outpost.
Added new outpost area, with tutorial quests explaining the basics of the game. The are is anyway "In Character".
Added new feature to allow Interactable objects which are rotating, example to have a drawbridge go up or down
Fixed "Play" button, so it cannot be pressed twice as it was leaving the loading screen up
You cannot drop quest items to the ground anymore, is to prevent new players to lose quest items
Disallow sending quest items by mail
Fixed Nefas Dur dungeon entrance
Fixed crash in loot generation when in a group
Fixed a crash in NPC navigation
Fixed crash while using mind paralysation and diamond skin spells
Changed the way we display messages in the NPC speak window
Added history box to the NPC speak window
Enabled "Help" tab in chat window, it is now a global channel
Changed the way pets request food
Fixed pet energy, now summoning your pet costs energy
Added rank up animation and message!
New voiceovers for char creation describing the races.
Updated the homeworld history text for all races (still needs voiceovers)
Some improvements to the illustrations of ylian and klyros homeworld screens
Added backpack item (needs texture)
Added 3 types of cages, used in new outpost area
Added broken barrel with proper texture, used in StoneLabyrinths area
Added stonehammer latern used in the new outpost
Various fixes to bronzedoors buildings
Increased texture quality for some bronzedoors rocks
Added self-glowing mushroom textures for first dungeon
Added different crystal color variations to new crystal 3d model
Fixed akkaio stove UV Mapping
Fixed teleport command in quests
Fix to allow NPC to receive a number of items (example 2 rat hides) even if you have 3 or more in your inventory. But doesn't combine multiple stacks by itself
Added an explicit message in case there is no loot found
Reduced spam on GM command logs
Fixed rat model to avoid it getting stuck
Added loading screen on teleport
Added item sounds for equip/deequip
Added UI sounds to most windows
Added Broadcast of combat attack sounds and combat result sounds, using new rule to determine sounds
Added configuration in Settings panel for UI sounds with 2 presets
New sounds for open crate and open pouch
Added more sounds to UI in lifechoice spheres during char creation
Updated combobox with new graphics
Fixed speechbubble for NPCs
Fixed name check in character creation to avoid invalid names
Fixed crashes in NPC perceptions
Terraformed some outdoor areas
Added warp loading screen after dryken plane
Added ability to redirect certain chat tabs to main channel. It's in the settings panel
Allow /info on pets and mounts
Removed additional descriptions from char detail window for NPCs
Changed layout of item detail window, description on top

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
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