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Dev Q&A September 24th 2023
« on: September 24, 2023, 08:24:25 pm »
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet(GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Aachey:So... Welcome to the Developer's Q&A!
Ronasi:  You are very wise. ^ ^
Talad:  the release was not the best time for this meeting, I understand people still downloading
Aachey:This is an OOC meeting where you can find out what the Dev team is doing behind the scenes, and ask any questions you might have.
Aachey:If you have any questions, please step up to the lecterns in front of the stage. If not, I'll give a quick rundown on what's been happening.
Ronasi:  Hi there. Will it be possible for each alt to have personal shortcuts in the near future?
Talad:  definitely possible
Ronasi:  I think I had at least a few hundred per alt before.
Talad:  you can still swap them manually if you want
Ronasi:  That is great news.
Talad:  its one file, you can rename and restart the game, but an automatic way will be better
Ronasi:  Just for the magic spells alone that would take quite a while. :-) They there are skill short cuts... armor changes. etc.
Talad:  Im thinking what is the best setup
Ronasi:  *There are...Used to have different languages for greeting all the races too.\
Talad:  like in some cases you want to share the same shortcuts between some characters
Aachey:I know some players have three digits. I had quite a few myself. Sharing a shortcut list also means I can't put anything on there that might give away my identity if accidentally triggered if I log on as a player. :)
Talad:  other times you want to have specific ones
Ronasi:  Legacy was spot on with personalization. Appreciate any help you can do.
Ronasi:  So true Aachey :-D
Talad:  can probably have a default file macros.sav
Talad:  like today
Talad:  and then a macros_aachey.sav
Talad:  the game can check if that one exists, if not it uses the default
Talad:  should not be too hard to do
Talad:  so if you create a new char, at least you have the base ones
Talad:  Dev meeting in progress!
Aachey:So, if I go in reverse chronological order, just today Talad made it possible for text in the ingame help channel gets posted to its own channel in discord!
Aachey:Which Talad just demonstrated. :)
Ronasi:  I saw that. Awesome idea!
Aachey:I had that copied and ready to go, and when the help tab lit up I pasted it in. :)
Aachey:I think he did that entire process today, which seems amazingly quick to me.
Ronasi:  You and me both
Talad:  yes I did, for one time things were easy
Aachey:See, I worry that you might be jinxing things when you say that...
Talad:  originally I wanted to bi-directional communication
Talad:  so you could type in discord and get the message here in game
Talad:  but that seems to be way more complex
Talad:  as Unreal is not made for that
Aachey:And I worry it might be vulnerable to bots. Just spam, but it would be frustrating.
Talad:  on the other hand I like the way it is now, so you can call outside people to join in game
Talad:  to spam they have to spam in game here (and we can ban) or they have to know the unique key
Talad:  which is very long password like string
Talad:  the current system could report number of players
Aachey:I was thinking of a bot in the discord channel, if communication went both ways.
Talad:  or players joining/leaving
Gonger:This is very good progress for newbie help. But we still should point them towards the Discord channel.
Talad:  or players defeating a big creature
Talad:  "Gonger just defeated One-Claw!"
Talad:  I will think to how else we can use this functionality
>Ronasi smiles at Talad
Thosor:  "there is a sale on rat hides, only ten minutes to buy!'
Ronasi:  So useful ^ ^
Talad:  "an RP events starts in 30 minutes"
Aachey:That could have been very useful in Legacy. We could have put a trigger at the bottom of that well in Amdeneir that people could get into but not back out, letting people knoe that someone was stuck there. We'd hav eto call it the Lassie trigger.
Ronasi:  You rescued me twice from below the city. ^ ^
Aachey:Ahhh, that well was fun.
Aachey:It's still possible to get under Amdeneir, I think, though it probably requires a glitch now.
Ronasi:  I just fell through the street.
Talad:  did you guys change the camera lag setting?
Talad:  zero is pretty brutal
>Talad begins to dance.
Ronasi:  Just changed it slightly
Thosor:  I put it in middle
Aachey:So, from the list of fixes, Talad's fixed teh Nolthrir models. They should look normal now.
Ronasi:  great!
Aachey:Both the Dryken Plane and the Labyrinth section you go to after that have been updated.
Aachey:The Dryken Plane itself should be easier to understand for new players.
Aachey:It might be worth running through the Labyrinth section once, just to see what it's like.
Aachey:Oh! And factions scores were recalculated. I know at least one faction wasn't showing anything. Applied Knowledge?
Talad:  maybe worth hearing Xiosia speak :)
Aachey:Yeah, that's what I was thinking about. All voiced?
Ronasi:  OH.. Xiosia speaks now? :D
Talad:  it is voiced
Ronasi:  cool!
Talad:  you will have to create a new player and go through the labyrinths there
Talad:  About faction scores I need to doublecheck, as I think something still wrong. But I have a way to recalculate the all based on the quests you completed
Talad:  so we can redo it at any time and fix it
Talad:  factions will become more and more important in the future
Aachey:Can factions be checked in quest scripting? They're on the skills window, but I don't know if they can be checked the same way.
Aachey:One quest I'm writing was going to check faction, but I changed it to check completion of various quests instead. It works better now, as specific NPCs can be mentioned.
Talad:  yes, those are supported as prerequisites for the quest, and also as conditions for each quest step
Aachey:Ah, good!
Aachey:The first place I wanted to use that is for a Welcome to the Observatory quest.
Ronasi:  I've noticed as quest rewards, two lines of text saying the same thing for improved faction too.
Thosor:  I must snooze, or my porq will overcookm
Ronasi:  See you another time, Thosor
Thosor:  Thanks for all the work.
>Thosor appears to have fallen asleep!
Aachey:Anyone else have anything to add?
Ronasi:  For example, Zak and a Box +faction with The 13 Wards is listed twice.
Aachey:Hmm. That's worth checking.
Aachey:I'll make a dummy character and see if the faction actually adjusts twice, or if it's a display error.
Gonger:Getting late for me, and I will need all my strength for next weekend's system migration...
Gonger:Thanks for the new release! See you around!
Ronasi:  Good luck with that Gonger. Patience 
Aachey:In that case, I'll do the teleport if you'll all step outside.