Author Topic: Dev Q&A December 17th 2023  (Read 337 times)


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Dev Q&A December 17th 2023
« on: January 21, 2024, 03:29:25 pm »
Talad (Leader/Founder)
Eonwind (Rules)
Tuathanach (Rules)
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet (GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Uadjet: Hello, and welcome to the Developer's Q&A!
Uadjet: This is an OOC meeting where we tell you what's going on behind the scenes, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.
Zarre: Hi Uadjet
Uadjet: If you have a question already, please step up to the lecterns in front of the stage.
Uadjet: Hi!
Anysu: Hello
Zarre: Nice to see that Dhergir skin here in PSU too. :)
Uadjet: Yeah, it is!
Uadjet: It's a bit wonky playing one. movement is off, no mantling, etc.
Uadjet: But Talad gave Derghir a homeworld just so that th e game would let me load this character. :)
Uadjet: He also fixed my event character, who ate a bad map section and couldn't be loaded.
Uadjet: That one I found odd.
Zarre: Yay!
Daevaorn: My mum always advised against eating school books or maps. How right she has been!
Thosor: Don't eat yellow maps.
Daevaorn: You never know where such a map has been before.
Zarre: *cought* Yay for the homeworld.
Daevaorn: Just kidding, glad it has been fixed, Uadjet.
Uadjet: Heheh! :)
Zarre:  ^ ^
Uadjet: So I did a bit of a stress test on my new PC yesterday and then earlier today. Four clients at once is doable. I didn't test five.
Uadjet: So I can do multiple characters at events again.
Daevaorn: Nice.
Zarre: great news
Uadjet: I had three yesterday: Maid, cook, and employer.
Thosor: If they don't run off
Gonger: And it was good fun.
>The aura of good health fades away.
Uadjet: Now, behind the scenes Talad has been quite busy.
Uadjet: As usual.
Uadjet: He did some checkign on achievements, including which ones haven't been obtained.
Uadjet: I think I was the first one to start a new guild, on one of the alternate characters on this account, and that one worked.
Uadjet: But if you have time and interest, try to see which achievements you can get.
Uadjet: I don't think the faction ones are working yet.
Thosor: Oh! I missed crashing a guild party?
Daevaorn: They are, Uadjet. I got "Velvet glove in Weavers Tree", when I hit the cap and got deduced points by kethzun
Daevaorn: See the report for the chat transcript
Gova: They aren't. Neither are the mount/familiar ones, or the equip magical items ones other than the first.
Gova: You did? Ah. I'll have to find quests that grant me faction, then. I don't think there are any left.
Daevaorn: Well not sure anymore whether the chat message was pertaining to reaching max rank with a faction or an achievement, now that you said they don't work. %]
Uadjet: Interesting. Wrong faction, but good to see it's working.
Uadjet: I'll have to go through the vid again and see if he checked the mount/familiar ones.
Daevaorn: I have not obtained some exploration ones but that might be due to the fact that the target point/radius has not been touched, (DR, BD)
Uadjet: Maybe it's just only awarded to people who gain a mount or familiar in PSU, and not those who had one before. That seems like it could be solved with a database check.
Gova: The exploring location ones all work. I don't know how small the check radius is.
Gonger: About those achievements... do we have to work through them again from the start? Like collecting x different glyphs?
Gova: I'd swear I saw an NPC in Amdeneir that was the achievement checker. Near the carpenter, I think.
Gova: For glyphs, I just bought some from Levrus.
Daevaorn: I checked my list an can confirm that I got the Weavers Tree Achievement correctly.
Gova: I certainly didn't buy 40 air glyphs. I think it took a reload to get that one.
Uadjet: Maybe buying one triggers a check on the achievement.
Uadjet: If you've been attending the events I've run, you'll easily have 40 glyphs.
Uadjet: Most of Talad's time in the last few weeks has been spent on improving crafting.
Uadjet: That and eating Italian food, I assume.
Uadjet: He's Italian, so it seems a safe assumption.
Anysu: Yeah crafting.
Uadjet: He posted a poll on Discord, asking what people wanted him to work on.l
Uadjet: Crafting won by a good margin, with combat improvements and economy fixes comign second and third.
Uadjet: Not small tasks, of course.
Uadjet: He's fixing crafting books, which don't always display all of the needed information.
Daevaorn: I'd say shortcuts and chat-command support are major issues. Have they been an option in the poll or was that free input?
Daevaorn: (e.g. /target)
>Anysu cheers happily at Uadjet!
Zarre: I've mentioned a couple of times to Talad regarding the need for many more shortcuts.
>Daevaorn nods in agreement with Zarre.
Daevaorn: Working ones would be a start before we address numbers.
>Moving back to valid position in sector (null) sector...
>You feel surrounded by an aura of good health.
>Your Dark Way Resistance is slightly increased.
Zarre: I'm out of shortcuts for a low level alt already. o.0
Daevaorn: What I find more pressing is that targetting is broken when using them.
Gova: Yeah, I had over a hundred, I think. Close to, at least.
Daevaorn: Of course I could also do with at least triple the number we have now.
Zarre: Think I had 250
Uadjet: Targetting when casting spells is an issue that Talad is aware of.
>Daevaorn smiles at Uadjet
Gova: Impressive, Zarrre. Even all of my crafring shortcuts didn't add up to nearly that many.
Uadjet: I'm not sure if Talad wants the /target command, as he rightfully said that new players likely won't want to use chat commands for thing. We older folks don't mind them, but younger players find them a touch... archaic.
Daevaorn: They are essential to effective shortcut programming.
Uadjet: Some might need to be added, though. /target was expecially useful for GM commands as well.
Uadjet: I don't know how much work they would take to add, though.
Uadjet: There's target next whatever, as well as target by name.
Uadjet: I could have used that last one while looking for hops yesterday.
Thosor: too complicated? maybe needs to be simplified like a one-button mouse.
Daevaorn: The whole clicky-clicky is sooo pulling on my nevers.
Zarre: Just checked Gova... the actual # of shortcuts was 152.
Uadjet: I genuinely think hops are invisible.
Daevaorn: Target next is not implemented when I try it. Neither alone nor with /target next player|item|whatever
Daevaorn: Previously simple and frequently repeated tasks like summoning and mounting a Rivnak/Drifter are not possible now.
Zarre: Nevet got to looking for hops out BD rd 1 yet.. just Oja rd 1.
Daevaorn: Not to mention automated moval of items between containers for crafting purposes.
Anysu: I have yet to find many things I used to harvest.
Anysu: All have different names now.
Gova: Yeah, I can't drag the put summon button to my shortcuts.
Daevaorn: Previously it was possible to -type- shortcut commands :-)
Gova: Ah, you can still make a shortcut manually.
Daevaorn: You can't as essential chat commands like target are missing.
Zarre: 12 herbs had their names changed Anysu.Maybe check the PS website for news? I tood a screenshot of the names.
Daevaorn: Actually what was quite cleverly done is that the names where also changed automatically in all player written books.
Gova: Okay. Dont' mount while sitting.
Zarre: And in the quests too
Daevaorn: Not all of them I am afraid Zarre. Not sure why, maybe misspellings.
Zarre: Oh, maybe. Any quest I've found worked.
Daevaorn: Products from herbs have also stuck with their old names. You make Wyn Paste from Blue Orchid Stems now :-D
Zarre: Thought I already mentioned that to him. >.>
Zarre: Never checked it again. xD
Daevaorn: Prolly 0.40 then :-)
Daevaorn: Although I like it, makes herbal so mysterious x)
Zarre: Hey, it was mysterious enough to begin with. ;-)
Daevaorn chuckles.
Gova: I'm looking at the achievement stream, and there are a few that I have that don't have a value indicating tha tsomeone has obtained them. I'm jumping around a bit, so maybe there's a reason.
Daevaorn: But this statement about Talad not wanting to support chat commands anymore really got me worried. It was the one feature that made PS UI/UX smooth and allowed to work with the games complexity.
Daevaorn: And to be frank currently UI/UX is hard to bear.
Uadjet: With crafting, just today Talad got a check working. The game will display required materials, tools, and container and if they are available. It looks pretty nice. :)
Uadjet: Well, I think it's more that he doesn't want it to be required to play the game.
Uadjet: He's not opposed to the option, he just doesn't want it to be the only option.
Uadjet: I'll ask him about /target, given its usefulness.
Arireare: does anyone remember the name of the courier Londris Kolaim is looking for, i had located someone who knew who it was but apprently my character has forgotten and id rather not have a repeate of what happened with Relliom
Daevaorn points two thumbs up.
Daevaorn: Thanks!
Uadjet: Okay, so major progress on crafting and updating textures so far.
Uadjet: The new temple textures are a massive improvement.
Uadjet: I think he said the floor was a 100x100 tile.
Uadjet: It's a bit better now. :)
Uadjet: We're past the hour. Any other questions?
Thosor: No questions, Your Honor
Thosor: The trees in plaza are cool.
Anysu: Is next Dev meet the 31?
Anysu: Which would be new years..
Uadjet: yeah, I don't think there's much of a point holding a meeting then.
Uadjet: The next scheduled meeting is January 14th.
Uadjet: But thank you all for coming, and I'll see you at the next Q&A! Until then, have fun playing!