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Dev Q&A January 14th 2024
« on: January 21, 2024, 03:38:33 pm »
Talad (Leader/Founder)
Eonwind (Rules)
Tuathanach (Rules)
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet (GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Uadjet: Hello and welcoem to the Developer's Q&A!
Uadjet: This is an OOC meeting where we give updates on what's happening behind the scenes and you all can ask whatever questions come to mind.
>Tutharel waves at Uadjet
>Thosor greets Tutharel.
>Tutharel waves at Gonger
Anysu: oh okay
Uadjet: Now, if you have any questions, please line up at the lectern in front of the stage.
>Anysu salutes Uadjet with respect.
Uadjet: If not, I can give you a brief (for me) update on what's been going on.
>Thosor greets Arireare.
>Anysu salutes Gonger with respect.
>Anysu greets everyone.
Tutharel: Am I fine to make an announcement rather than a question? :)
Gonger: Absolutely.
Uadjet: Sure.
Tutharel: Dunno if I should put this in brackets but here we go. Recently, we opened the r/planeshiftrpg subreddit. It was annouced in the #announcements channel on the Discord.
Tutharel: It has been going smoothly so far. I'm the moderater, hello everyone.
Uadjet: No need for brackets. Everything said in the meetings is OOC.
Tutharel: We are trying to find its place in the community and are looking for content to post there.
Gonger: Right now we posted event summaries of the last three events.
Gonger: A kind of chronicle, useful to catch up.
Tutharel: Currently we are announcing the events as they come up and posting an event recap after each session. If I'm able to make it, I post it, other wise Gonger has stepped up to do them.
Tutharel: Definetly.
>Thosor claps.
Gonger: You could also write a forum post, maybe?
Gonger: With the direct link.
Tutharel: Reddit is a place of humor, for sure, so I've been trying to post memes of Planeshift as well so if anyone has good ideas for that, that would be amazing.
Tutharel: I think I should be able to make a forum post. I will have to check if I have an account. Otherwise, I will need to speak with Talad on that one as i think account creation is still a little borked on that site.
Uadjet: Boeven's cartoons would be a good fit.
Tutharel: If you could DM me a link for those, I'd appreciate it and I can post one or two from time to time to kinda make them last. :)
Tutharel: Or maybe I can reach out to the creator if they want to post them themselves.
Tutharel: That's pretty much all I have for the announcment. Just keep it in mind. Reach out to me or Gonger about it if you have any ideas or simply just post on the subreddit!
Tutharel: Thanks everyone!
Tutharel: I reposted the subreddit link on discord again as well to make it easier to get to.
Uadjet: Good idea.
Uadjet: Arireare?
Gonger: Maybe we can do more on reddit in the future...
Arireare: are there plans for any sort of tria sink, we were trading items in the market earlier and were relising the uselessness of tria
Tutharel: Definetly, Gonger.
Arireare: after stat training i find myself swimming in tria without much to do with it
Arireare: scrouge mcduck swiming pool is at the top of my list :)
Thosor: xfer to rl would be nice.
>Thosor lets out a hearty laugh!
Tutharel laughs
Uadjet: Yeah, we need sinks for tria and pp.
Arireare: Tutharel had an intresting idea in discord, faction donations
Tutharel: I think the quest "The gift of knowledge" could use PP and tria, which would be nice.
Uadjet: Tutharel posted some ideas in the Discord server... Yeah, what Arireare said. :)
Anysu: We did a player auction with tria in game once.
Tutharel: But yea, I can move that to idea to the #ideas chat if y'all think its good.
Tutharel: Well, that's not quite a sink but just a shift in who has the money.
Arireare: that could be good ive amased quite a collection of intresting weapons im not using
Anysu: True
Tutharel: I think player housing or more features of the guildhouses could be great money sinks.
Tutharel: It's really difficult to come up with simple sinks we could utilize.
Anysu: donations to Faction yeah that sounds like an idea
Tutharel: MMO Economies are not easy to balance.
Arireare: id like more clothing options myself and access to the npc staffs i see around
Thosor: expensive upkeep for mounts?
Tutharel: I'm thinking its a community donation. Some of the donations are for you alone but there could be huge pools of tria that the whole community is amassing together to earn fun rewards.
Uadjet: Mounts are already expensive to maintain, and I'd hate to see someone lose their mount because they can't afford the upkeep.
Tutharel: Same....
Arireare: theres also the mystery item trader from Diablo 3 could be an idea, instread of murder you gamble your tria on items you may want
Uadjet: Buying factions points might work, but that only goes so far and players will likely learn that they don't need to do it fairly quickly.
Tutharel: Yea, that could just be a small reward you get for donating to a faction regardless. I mean, you just gave them tria, they probably will prefer you a bit more after that.
Arireare: i find some weapons are a huge pain to farm, poleaxes and Galkards are ones ive had a hard time locating
Anysu: nods about mounts
Gova: Poleaxes are only dropped by maulberlords.
Arireare: yea theres like 4 in the whole world
Tutharel: I like the mystery item idea with the mystery npc.
Thosor: New players could earn tria attending mounts.
Thosor: for others
Tutharel: Maybe he spawns in a different city each week and sells different mystery weapons and armors that you can open, like a chest, and find out what it is. A loot box of a sort.
Arireare: i think thats how the destiny 2 guy works
Tutharel: Definetly that last one. :D
Tutharel: Yup. Pretty much
Arireare: i know id spend a ton on daggers to find more silverweave
Arireare: silverweave used to be the best, i dont think that is the case any more but i digress
Gova: Heh, good point.
Tutharel: You can only buy so many a week as well. So there is a bit of scarcity, mystery, and a huge sink that would drain the economy of money for a time until everyone has what they want or rare items become so inflated its laughable... Its a quick fix rather than a long term solution I think...
Tutharel: *sigh*
Gonger: I think ideas for sinking money will not be the problem. Time on DEV side will be...
Arireare: thats a fair point
Tutharel: That's fair
Tutharel: Y'all are actively seeking devs, correct? Even ones who can only contribute a few times a month?
Anysu: Maybe merchants sell more base craft items. So need not mak some parts from scratch
Arireare: i also like the idea of Player homes, i think the way guild houses work is a door is only a door for one guild, maybe player homes are tied to a single door but a diffrent key leads you to a diffrent player home?
Arireare: i like that idea anysu
Tutharel: Variety shops would be wonderful.
Uadjet: As long as it doesn't make buying those things from players less appealing.
Thosor: ye olde shoppees
Tutharel: NPCs that sell things at random depending on the day and what they were "harvesting" that day.
Arireare: i think anything to support the team is a help Tutharel, like my rugs was a small thing but allowed Talad to focus on other things
Tutharel: Well, I understand the desire to make things RP driven but it'd be nice to drain money out of the economy I guess. I suppose it doesn't matter since RP is the main focus of this game really.
Gonger: Every DEV is welcome.
Anysu: Yeah it could be random Items change each day?
Arireare: to the earlier point simple mechanics some times require complex code
Tutharel: I might apply then. I have a bit of programming and UE4 experience. I could start simple at least, with making quests and such.
Arireare: a basic vendor list might be just a list where as a random list could be coded for each item with probability stats and so forth
Arireare: making it far more complex and time consuming to implemnt
Uadjet: Talad did the work to create special, random events already. Like the map merchants that spawn sometimes on the road.
Tutharel: Maybe there could be Mats merchants as well then.
Uadjet: Well, we could talk about this all day. I thinjk a thread on discord or th eforum will allow for people to add ideas.
Tutharel: Would someone like to summarize this and post it in a thread on Discord?
Uadjet: We do need to focus on the things we can actually do. Things like guildhall upgrades sound great, and I've had thoughts on that myself, but... What upgrades? Who will do the art? There are multipel t ypes of guildhall, so will the upgrades work with them all?
Arireare: we discovered hidden rooms is there a way to modify those so that they can be accessed?
Arireare: or was that a one off for my guild hall
Uadjet: Below the stairs?
Arireare: there was 3 i beleive, 2 in the sides as well
Uadjet: Like that?
Uadjet: Wiat, there's no light in there, is there.
Arireare: oh i was thinking the Oja ones, i have full bright on, the lighting in some places is real bad
Arireare: like the BD area
Arireare: but having proper access to these areas in some way could be awesome rp for clandestine groups
Uadjet: Hmm. It might be easy to add action location teleports.
Uadjet: A certain skill to find, or maybe a certain rank in the guild to automatically know about them.
Arireare: i was thinking about my guild hall, while in oja which makes sense, is there a way to add a door to a place like the sewers?
Uadjet: But yeah, there are a few hidden rooms in teh Oja buildhall. The hidden spaces in this guildhall are just wasted space.
Arireare: in theory a group could tunnel out any old area to make a space for their guild hall
Arireare: my character as you all know now, is a group of rogues, so my focus happens to be there, but the potential is there for any guild that wants to stay more or less hidden, like the Guardians Of Power
Uadjet: Okay, let me give you a quick update before we run out of time.
Uadjet: From teh update page, Talad's been upgrading a lot of textures to make things look a little nicer. Some of the textures were absolutely tiny.
Uadjet: The Hydlaa walls and gates are examples, and the Ojaveda carpets are being worked on now.
Uadjet: The simplified crafting you saw at the event yesterday.
Uadjet: I had nice bunk beds set up, but I trashed them so that players could try making boards. :D
Uadjet: The magic shop has been upgraded, so give that a look when you're in the area.
Uadjet: The /screenshot command now works.
Anysu cheers at simplified crafting
Uadjet: I know some people were waiting for that one.
Uadjet: You can use /screenshot alone, or as "/screenshot nogui" to get rid of the user interface windows.
Gonger: But /help screenshot does not explain the options.
Thosor: I used screenshot a few minutes ago... before taking down all the decorations at Harnquist's.
Arireare: aww :P
>Thosor lets out a hearty laugh!
Thosor: kidding.
Tutharel: They were super cool!
Arireare: ive been decorating all sorts of places
Thosor: They do look nice.
Gonger: I like those decorations. Will they be made permanent?
Uadjet: I've locked them down.
Uadjet: I'm happy to let them stay a while.
Anysu: increase decorations.. maybe increase lag..
Gonger: I did not try to take them down, but upon right-click there was the Take icon.
Thosor: how? when scanning/looking by them?
Uadjet: Was there? I'll have to check. Maybe not all were in the command radius.
Uadjet: So, more fixes to teh Dryken Plane. People still hate it.
Uadjet: That and hte labyrinth.
Anysu nods in understanding
Uadjet: Talad said he might add places where you dorp down and cannot go back to reduce accidental backgracking.
Gonger: I will check both in the latest release... very curious about those changes.
Uadjet: I might go in and add a few markers to point the way.
Arireare: i think thats a good idea, could be something subtle, like gems or torches
Arireare: my daughter got lost for over an hour and a half in the labrynth
Uadjet: Yeah... it's not great.
>Anysu nods at Uadjet.
Uadjet: I'll see what I can get away with.
Uadjet: Oh, the unattackable players thing was fixed.
Uadjet: That was a fairly significant bug.
Tutharel: Definetly. I introduced 4 players during that time and they were all immortal... They were fighting Dlayos glads and such...
Thosor: When is player attack used lately?
Thosor: oh, from the beasts, ok.
Anysu: I am for npc monsters attacking back but not player attacking a player.
>Thosor nods at Anysu.
Uadjet: PvP is only if you accept a duel.
Thosor: although would be good with a friend to maybe improve skills?
Anysu: But can that be turned off.. Too not even get duel offers???
Uadjet: I've also started writing quests again. I'm going to try and get the whole 'set' of Observatory quests done.
Uadjet: I think it could be in Legacy, but I don't see that option here.
Thosor: In time for the RL April Eclipse?
Uadjet: The full set means he intro, two (-sh) quests from each NPC, and one quest involving each NPC but starting elsewhere and not necessarily part of that faction's quests.
Anysu: Hmm well it should be option.
Gonger: There are no more PVP zones, like the Platinum Mine?
Uadjet: Well, I redid one quest with three tasks. Redid the third task, and put the old version into its own quest.
Thosor: Maybe in the taverns...
Uadjet: Not to my knowledge, Gonger.
Uadjet: Taverns cannot be PvP zones. Imagine hte carnage at the start of events!
>Thosor looks around smiling.
Anysu: imagine if ther are NO pvp zones.. and can be hit anywhere and not want to from a player..
Gova: Oh, I tracked down the new Cinnabar and Lumium mine locations.
Tutharel: 0.0 Really!
Gova: I cheated, and watched the streams.
Gova grins.
>Arireare lets out a hearty laugh!
Anysu: Nice Gova!!
Tutharel: I will close my ticket for that then. Where are they?
Thosor: tried finding couchgrass around the Camp Banish where it used to be, couldn't find any.
Tutharel: Any one find Snow Lilies yet?
Arireare: theres quite a few that ive not been able to locate, Uadjet, is that somehting that GMs can place?
Gova: Both Lumium mines are near Raurim. NE of it. And the Cinnabar mines are near Homestead, vaguely in the direction of Amdeneir.
Tutharel: Raurim?
Uadjet: Wonky Tree
Uadjet: The tree with h uts in and around it.
Uadjet: As for plants, I've had trouble finding them myself.
Uadjet: And I couldn't see the hops after teleporting to them.
Uadjet: I'll take a look at plant spawns this week.
Tutharel: oh, okay.
Thosor: especially after crafting a bow yesterday, no string material.
Anysu: Think I did see couchrass near camp banished but it was a ways awy from camp.. farther than before.
Thosor: How to make all names of plants and items show as in Legacy?
Thosor: anyway, enough questions for now, sorry.
Anysu: Maybe a show label/name option that pos that name on screen..
Uadjet: Well, the renames are here to stay, I think.
Anysu: *Pops not pos*
Uadjet: But being able to turn labels on would make some things easier.
>Anysu nods at Uadjet.
Uadjet: The new plants are not spawns, though, but action locations. They wouldn't generate a label.
Thosor: make it cost tria :)
Arireare: lol
Gova: It would be nice if once a mine, fishing spot, or harvesting site was found it would show up on the compendium map, but that would be a lot of work.
Anysu: Good idea Gova
Arireare: maybe the ability to make notes on your own map would be simpler?
>Thosor nods at Arireare.
Arireare: there are tabs for discovered plants and such already
Thosor: any way to print? maybe i'll try a screenshot
Arireare: maybe they just get listed there?
Thosor: tabs?
Uadjet: In the compendium. I'm not sure if locations for those items are planned to be there.
Thosor: i show no discoveries there.
Arireare: same
Gova: No, it's blank.
Anysu: Thought it was suppose to show discoveries?
Gova: I'd like to see the compendium map sections pop up to a larger size when selected, and htat larger map would show places where you successfully harvested/mined/fished something. I think wood can be harvested all over the place, so that owuld be an issue.
Anysu nods at Gova
Uadjet: That would be nice, but complex.
Uadjet: Right now I'm going to try and focus on making NPCs and new quests for all of the new areas.
Uadjet: Help would be welcome!
Uadjet: If were start in the small population centers and work outward - placing monsters, plants, etc - the world will feel a lot less empty.
Arireare: im done with carpet for now, a widly available template for quests could help that
Arireare: im not much of a writer, but i can decorate :)
>Anysu nods at Uadjet.
Arireare: is there updated maps like the ones that were on available?
Anysu: Arireare the carpets look great!
Arireare: thanks :D
Arireare: i dont know the logistics of becoming a low tier GM but allowing some the ability to place permanate items or mobs could facilitate some of the placing of things
Uadjet: I don't know of any map slike that, with NPC and item locations added.
Arireare: having low teir GMs and a map like that could take some load off the few active GMs you have, and the all important roadmap
Uadjet: Locking things down is a GM ability, yes, but not a low level command. I've actually forgotten what level it is.
Thosor: Not too much spoilage though, I hope.
Arireare: or like the flyspray work order system, WO#413 Place Clackers around [Place] WO taken by LVL1GM Thosor completed 1/1/24
Uadjet: I think GM3... You start as GM1 and work your way up. GM3 also has /morph, but sadly that doesn't work right in PSU.
Arireare: its how i manage work flow at my work, WOs placed by supervisors and finished by us
Uadjet: We could do that, but plaicing NPCs like clackers requires Dev access, which means Talad.
Thosor ponders handling angry clackers.
Uadjet: I can place items and lock them down, if the items are spawnable.
Uadjet: Not all are.
Uadjet: But we're over half an hour past the teim the meeting was supposed to end.
Thosor: holiday catch-up
Anysu: Sorry Uadjet! Did you have more!!??
Uadjet: No, I think I've covered everything.
Uadjet: We had some good discussions, which is very helpful!
Uadjet: Oh, righ tnow Talad is working on procedural dungeons.
Arireare: watching it :) i want to explore every single one of them
Uadjet: Those could be spawned for a single event, or somethign more long term.
Arireare: gotta fill that guild hall with spoils of random generated dungeons
Uadjet: We just need lots of trap doors.
Arireare: trap doors that dont crash :P
Anysu: What is a procedural dungeon?
Thosor: maybe we don't want to know :)
Thosor: eeek
Arireare: when you enter its randomised so each time you get something a little diffrent than the last time you were there
Anysu: Oh that sounds interesting
Uadjet: It's a way to generate dungeons that don't need to be crafted room by room. Much, much faster, but it takes a lot of work to set up.
Uadjet: But we're now 40 minutes past the end of the meeting, so lets wrap things up.
Uadjet: Thank you all for coming, and I'll see you all again at the next Q&A in two weeks!
Uadjet: Until then, have fun playing and maybe try and event or two!
Thosor: no furthur questions, Your Honor
Anysu: Thnaks for the updates!!
Thosor: yes, the going is good.
>Anysu salutes Uadjet with respect.
>Anysu salutes Gonger with respect.