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Dev Q&A April 28th 2024
« on: May 18, 2024, 05:06:50 am »
Talad (Leader/Founder)
Eonwind (Rules)
Tuathanach (Rules)
Zunna (Rules/Settings)
Mordaan (Settings)
Venalan (Settings Lead)
Uadjet (GM Lead)
Emaline (GM Team)
Zweitholou (Art)
Gonger (PR)

Uadjet:  Developer Q&A starting now at the courthouse in East Hydlaa! All are welcome! Come and hear about the development of the game and ask any questions you might have. If you need a teleport, just ask in Global or send me a /tell
Uadjet:  You have a question?
Uadjet:  In that case, I'll give a little update on what's been going on.
Uadjet:  As I'm sure everyone has noticed, we've had an update.
Uadjet:  Mostly it was an art update.
Uadjet:  Talad's been using AI upscaling to improve textures.
Uadjet:  He's mostly been doing Amdeneir, but you all noticed the new art in kada's yesterday.
Tucas:  will have a look
Uadjet:  The AI upscaling has been going really well, and it's much faster than trying to redo textures manually.
Uadjet:  The tavern in Amdeneir (The Parting Ways Tavern) has been redone as well, trying to make it a little less cramped.
Uadjet:  We can't really make it bigger, unfortunately, because there's that whole 'the rest of the city' in the way, but it can at least be given more head room and a larger basement.
Tucas:  Is Brado in Ojaveda not talking anymore with sound?
Uadjet:  NPC audio should not have been removed.
Uadjet:  In fact, Talad is looking to add voicing for NPCs.
Uadjet:  I'm not really able to recall which NPCs had voicing, though. I know Levrus did, Brado did too?
Anysu:  I didn't think any npc had voice?
Tucas:  Brado was the only NPC who was talking in legacy
Tucas:  all to give him his voice back is to have his sound file
Uadjet:  Do you recall which quest was voiced?
Tucas:  all his quest ... get him mugs and kill rats
Gonger:  Brado was fully voiced, IIRC.
Uadjet:  Hmmm.
Tucas:  yes was
Uadjet:  Okay, I'm not seeing anything in the quest file about voicing, but that just means it must be stored elsewhere.
Tucas:  This project can give any npc a voice a can speak leagcy
Tucas:  all i need is the audio files
Uadjet:  I did see you ask about voices in Discord.
Tucas:  yes sir
Uadjet:  I got distracted because one folder was called "Sammich".
Tucas:  would like to find these NPCs but also do ot know what sammich is
Uadjet:  Uhh, at least one is Crusty the Clown from the Simpsons.
Uadjet:  Pretty sure we can't use that.
Uadjet:  Yeah, the merchant voice files I checked are audio from TV shows.
Uadjet:  I'll ask Talad about missing NPC audio files.
Tucas:  so they were never used for a NPC ?
Uadjet:  Not the ones I checked, no.
Uadjet:  I didn't try them all.
Uadjet:  I found a quest with voice files.
Uadjet:  Levrus Coal Lumps.
Anysu:  Where he sings?
Uadjet:  Sadly, no.
Anysu:  Yet he speaks it?
Uadjet:  It is in the quest file. "Levrus Dahrenn: Ahem. Never mind, then. At least buy something!(/voice/Levrus Coal Lumps/Levrus Coal Lumps2.spx)"
Gonger:  PlaneShift - The Musical.
Anysu:  lol
Uadjet:  And Brado Wants a Clean Tavern has that as well.
Gonger starts to sing: "I am a Dwarf and I'm digging a hole!"
Anysu sings "I am fenki hear me roar!" OR "In the circle of life."
Uadjet:  So if the voicing works, those two quests should have it.
Uadjet:  There's a note in the Brado quest about removing the voicing, but it's still in there.
Tucas:  where is the new archive?
Uadjet:  That I  don't know.
Uadjet:  I have access to Dev console - no disasters yet, I'm pleased to say - but I know nothing about the various source files.
Anysu sings "beer, beer, glorious beer!"
Uadjet:  As mentioned yesterday, there are now city maps in game.
Tucas:  how can i activate them ?
Anysu:  Can you say what cities can find them?
Uadjet:  You'll be able to get them from a merchant or quest, and then you 'use' them like you would a overview map piece or potion. Once consumed, they're added to the compendium.
Gova:  I've found two Amdeneir map pieces, though not the upper city one. And I had Hydlaa Plaza and East maps in storage, which added those maps to my compendium.
Uadjet:  They aren't all available yet, but keep your eyes open for them.
Anysu nods
Uadjet:  And once you have them, you can add markers to them.
Uadjet:  Some NPCs add themselves to the maps as little pins when you talk to them.
Uadjet:  Harnquist, for example.
Anysu:  The one I got the other day, I could not figure how to mark it.
Uadjet:  Merchants and Trainers, is what the release notes say.
Thosor:  stored locally on your present computer I presume?
Anysu:  So need to talk to npcs to get a mark on map.
Uadjet:  I think NPC pins are stored on the server.
Uadjet:  Custom pins are stored locally.
Thosor:  but your own are local?
Uadjet:  I don't have a map on this character, but as I recall there's a 'add pin" or similar button just below the map.
Uadjet:  The local city map.
Uadjet:  Click on that, and then on the map. A little window pops up, allowing you to add a name and description to that pin.
Uadjet:  You can also remove pins by right-clicking on them and choosing the delete option.
Uadjet:  So this should be useful for those who haven't memorized the location of every NPC in the game.
Uadjet:  Especially new players trying to find the NPC who had given them a quest.
Thosor:  speaking of local configs...  is there a way to not have to click the settings/interface/time stamps button?
Thosor:  I think if I don't set it, I don't get logging.
Uadjet:  Ah, that setting isn't remembered?
Thosor:  besides, I want the time stamps.
Anysu:  lol. I just found that button...hidden by my computer tool bar..
Uadjet:  I know the shortcut rows choice isn't remembered.
Thosor:  On native linux now. AMD 7040
Uadjet:  I don't see a bug report about the shortcut rows setting not being remembered, oddly.
Uadjet:  I'll add one. Is the time stamp setting simply not remembered?
Thosor:  I did not check if time stamp problem is posted, I'll do it soon.
Thosor:  yes, is 'off' at each relog or start.
Uadjet:  Okay, I'll include that too. I wonder if more settings on that page aren't remembered.
Thosor:  so you have to go to settings, interface, then scroll down, then click it.
Thosor:  frame rate does not stick either.
Uadjet:  Okay. That'll go into the same bug report.
Thosor:  kind of have to jump those little hoops if server goes down or when returning to game.
Uadjet:  Procedural dungeons have been updated. More monster types, depending on difficulty and apparently depth as well.
Uadjet:  A new room type has been added.
Uadjet:  Pets have been updated, but in a behind-the-scenes kind of way. You won't see a difference now, but it's in preparation for pet evolution.
Uadjet:  Mounts won't evelve, but things like Yulbars and Groffels will. And maybe one day Baggas too!
Thosor:  Make them less hungry :)
Uadjet:  What, you don't like feeding them all the time?
Thosor:  well they start sticking me with the horns.
Anysu:  Also thought pets were suppose to do things...haven't figured that out or if they even do..
Tucas:  i am holy when i mount them
Thosor:  kind of painful with saddle slapping you too.
Thosor:  That's why I rest on cool anvils.
Uadjet:  Okay, so that's the update. Oh, and the Laanx Dungeon had texture updates as well.
Gonger:  What about flying and pterosaurs...?
Uadjet:  Do you mean pterosaur mounts? I haven't heard anything new about that.
Uadjet:  I think the whole (no contraints to player movement" thing is the main issue.
Thosor:  no damage when falling while mounted?
Uadjet:  The no fall damage thing is because when you're mounted you're kinda an NPC. Sorta.
Uadjet:  It can cause issues when trying to target someone.
Thosor:  if a beast attacks while mounted, do we get damage? haven't tried.
Uadjet:  I haven't either, but combat while mounted isn't possible anymore. Spellcasting isn't possible at all.
Anysu:  Didn't know that.
Thosor:  oh, good to know
Gova:  "You cannot concentrate on the spell while mounted".
Thosor:  when mounted the rider assumes the pets name.
Gova:  I can target myself or my mount.
Anysu:  Hmmm well that ibe unhelpful if you can be attacked while on a mount. And you had to dismount to attack.
Uadjet:  So can I.
Uadjet:  I'll test the combat while mounted thing, and report back next meeting.
Uadjet:  We're well past the hour, so I think we can bring the meeting to a close.
Uadjet:  thank you all for coming, and I'll see you again at the next meeting in two weeks.
Anysu:  Thanks for the update
Gonger:  Thank you for the updates.
Gonger:  Do not forget to leave the room before quitting.
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