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Feature Request8029NoQuestsMediumUnconfirmedStalfosMining/Harvesting Dailys need update08.06.2024 Task Description

Ore and Ore and Ore and Kaiman Jilatt Needs Plant Supplies could use an update regarding Cinnabar and Saffron.

Since they have both moved, they are a lot harder to find, and requests for these should be for higher harvesting/mining skill now, or better yet, removed. Since Cinnabar is even harder to find than Lumium now, even with specific instructions from Uadjet I cannot find it, no clue where Saffron has moved to.

Also, please re-add the ability to drop repeatable quests.

Bug Report8028NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedStalfosNew Dungeon Portal teleports me outside map29.05.202431 Task Description

After a long delay falling outside the map, I am teleported to Levrus or left permanently falling outside the map till I /die.

Bug Report8027NoBugtrackerHighUnconfirmedThosorLoss of mouse in combat13.05.202411 Task Description

Coming soon…

Bug Report8026NoBugtrackerHighUnconfirmedThosorLoss of mouse control during combat13.05.2024 Task Description

When shooting at live target, tab, get red reticle, seems fine. When target dies, or you miss, you get split white circle.

   You cannot click anywhere on screen, quit or chat. If you are windowed, or alt/tab to another window, you can X out the window. This was proven during the 240511 event with other players, me on Linux, another user on Mac.

I have had this problem since PSU, thought it was me, and previously on another Windows machine.

   Could not reproduce on dummies in arena, It did happen on dummies in event.
   This is new draft, will complete soon.
Bug Report8025NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedUadjetOrder of the Keen Edge faction not correctly imported11.05.2024 Task Description

Players who have done the Order of the Keen Edge quests do not seem to have their faction points calculated correctly. Players who have done the quests seem to have their faction listed as 0 (Ignored). I checked the quests, and no faction points are awarded by the quests, even though my logs show that faction points were given. Currently, the quests only give faction_level.

Bug Report8024NoQuestsLowReady to testUadjetConclave of Glyphs faction not appearing12.05.20241 Task Description

The Conclave of Glyphs faction does not seem to have been set properly when characters were imported from Legacy. In all characters I’ve checked, the faction is not even shown as discovered. I suspect the import script may have added the faction points to the wrong faction, most likely to Conclave of the Glyphs (the “the” isn’t needed).

Further, I noticed that while a few quests in the Conclave of Glyphs category assigned faction to the faction of that name, most gave the faction points to Conclave of the Glyphs. Specifically, the quests that are giving faction points to the wrong faction are:

Kimlorm Needs a New Prayer Book
Murago Puntjal’s Quick Favour
A Message for Dsar Sarraghi
Little White Lies
A Mysterious Disease
Grimal’s Tribute to Talad
A Dwarf’s Wish

The quest Something’s Brewing is placed in the Conclave of the Glyphs category, but gives faction points to Merchant Syndicates, which has the slight issue of not existing.

Bug Report8023NoGraphical GlitchLowUnconfirmedJokoKlyros male back transparent when riding11.05.2024 Task Description

When riding on a Rivnak the left back of male Klyros model becomes transparent.

Bug Report8022NoItems CharacteristicsLowReady to testJokoDisplay Error quality shown by mouse over is one lower ...12.05.2024 Task Description

The quality of items shown during mouse over is one lower then the actual quality shown in info box after right click.

Bug Report8021NoMiscLowReady to testtrensolharvesting couchgrass impossible to harvest near gugron...12.05.20243 Task Description

couchgrass seems to be in the wrong place near gugrontid and oja areas, and are unable to be harvested.

may be due to rendering issues with distro and graphics card. In some cases when using different cards/drivers and compositors such as wayland and xwindows, sometimes render can be slightly off but the current position of the couchgrass seems to be way off.

Feature Request8020NoCraftingVery LowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelHarvest/Fishing "cannot fish/harvest from the same plac...04.05.2024 Task Description

If you are in a location that has both fishing and harvesting available, if you successfully harvest an item and do not move, but switch to fishing you get a warning saying “You cannot fish in the same place twice” even though you have not fished at this location.

If you successfully catch a fish and do not move, but switch to harvesting you get a warning saying “You cannot harvest in the same place twice” even though you have not harvested at this location.

This is probably true of mining if there are area overlaps, but I have no idea if this actually exists anywhere.

example location for fishing/harvesting: /pos 109482 -757679 20767

Bug Report8014NoQuestsLowCould not VerifyUadjetRight on the Mine doesn't take quest items09.03.20241 Task Description

The quest Right on the Mine uses a quest item named Hamel Provision and at one point it’s supposed to be given to Gardr. Currently that does not happen. The quest will progress, but the quest item remains stuck in the inventory. It can be placed into storage, but otherwise there’s no way to get rid of it.

Feature Request8013NoCombatLowFixed pending releaseTrippedOnReality/EnarelAdd Loot window to "E" key when standing in range of a ...24.03.20241 Task Description

Sometimes targeting certain npcs after they’ve died can be trick/frustrating (particularly rogues/cutthroats etc after die animation). It would be nice if you’re in range of a dead npc and you press the “E” key, that it would either open the loot window automatically (instead of opening the dialogue window or doing nothing, depending on npc type) or open the context menu with the loot option (which already exists, it’s just on right click only which is slightly annoying because I frequently lose target on the dead npc when right clicking or navigating to the NPC’s body if I’m farther away).

Bug Report8011NoGraphical GlitchVery LowReady to testTrippedOnReality/EnarelAmdeneir gaps in map04.05.20245 Task Description

There are gaps along the road or at the base of buildings at these locations in Amdeneir:

Amdeneir -348976 -595451 18804

Amdeneir -347532 -596049 18814

Amdeneir -346446 -593819 18821

Amdeneir -346293 -592665 18807

Bug Report8009NoCrafting TransformationsMediumUnconfirmedMalunga Leeboo"Prepare" button does not appear for an existing combin...04.05.2024 Task Description

Once you creating alchemy components which assume various combinations, like Air Essence (cerating Frost Arangma Essence Mix OR rectifying Mix of corroded Riverling Bones) AND you have a “Riverling” set of ingredients in your inventory, the “Check Prerequisites” button displays “Frost Arangma Essence Mix: Missing 1” and “Prepare” button does not appear. Because it is listed first and no further check is happening.
My suggestion is to add checkboxes or radio-buttons to recipes like these in order to help “Check Prerequisites” button detect existing set correctly.

Bug Report8003NoBugtrackerHighReady to testTutharelArmor/tools never decreases in quality no matter how mu...12.05.20241 Task Description

A while ago I spent some time fighting some enemies, like ~20 hours worth of it over a week or two, and my armor has never decreased in quality. I think this is awful for the item economy. There is never any need to create new and exciting armors since once you have the set you want, you will never need to replace it. Almost every other item you use decreases in quality. I suppose tools could also be lumped into this as they also never decrease in quality no matter how much I mine, harvest, craft, etc.

Bug Report8002NoCraftingMediumReady to testDaevaornAuto-prepare picking impossible container11.01.2024 Task Description

While preparing Terevan Berry Wine Saauce (as part of Octarch’s Delight) The “Prepare” button picks either mortar and pestle as the container to be used or the wooden bowl, depending on where my character is standing (in Reffitia’s Kitchen).

Both are too small to hold all items that are needed to combine “Unmixed Terevan Berry Wine Sauce”. Maybe container size should be a criterion more than distance.

Bug Report8001NoNPCLowUnconfirmedDaevaornMy drifter is a heavy alcoholic11.03.20241 Task Description

My drifter just ate a stack of Terevan Wine Bottles that I planned to temporarily put on the ground in order to mount.

This seems inappropriate (not to mention a costly habit)!

Feature Request7999NoCraftingLowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelAllow placing multiple items in a container with availa...16.01.20241 Task Description

For crafting where the container automatically starts working when an item is placed in it (stock casting tank, forges, furnace, skillets etc), allow the “prepare” button to place multiple items in at once either through selecting a quantity at the prepare stage as a stack and/or adding a “fill container” option for things to be placed until all the container slots are full/the player runs out of the required materials.

ex. When casting stocks, after clicking prepare, it moves the first set of sludges into the stock casting container, but then if I click prepare again while the item is still in the container, it won’t let me place another item until it’s removed even though I can move another stack of sludges in manually. it would be nice to be able to automate that as it will remove a lot of clicks and reduce the time needed to process materials.

Bug Report7996NoCrafting TransformationsLowUnconfirmedDaevaornMixing "Terevan Wine Sauce" and "Mixed Pungent Tuber Ma...14.01.20242 Task Description

For a while I have been trying and failed ot make Octarch’s delight and Lionfish Souflee.

In both cases the mixing in a wooden bowl didn’t work.

The new crafting interface now shows that there is baking skill required in both cases which doesn’t make sense given the tool set or the recipe book involved

Bug Report7995NoCraftingLowUnconfirmedDaevaornNew crafting: Two stacks stay separate when added to co...07.01.2024 Task Description

The version affected is 0.7.40, unavailable as an option in the FlySpray configuration.

If you have the right amount of raw materials for a crafting process, but they are not in the same stack (for example because you almost used up one stack with other crafting before and you have another full one) the right amount of items gets transferred into the container, but in two separate stacks, the crafting process accordingly fails with the message that there isn’t the right amount of items and ultimately if you don’t notice the message you are wasting the correctly attributed raw material.

Bug Report7993NoQuestsMediumReady to testDaevaornDialog option broken in "Repentance" / Keen Edge chain ...11.03.20241 Task Description

The quest option advised by Sharven (”[…] HE has decided […]”) is correctly presented by the interaction menu,

but on selection it is not recognised by Roniston (”[…] You could ask me to tell you about something, perhaps?”)

Quest progression is thereby blocked the Keen Edge chain broken again (after yesterday’s fix of “Slimy Doubt”).

Bug Report7992NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedTutharelMax stamina decreases when I run around the map02.01.2024 Task Description

when I run around the world, my max stamina decreases as the same rate as my actual stamina. It really isn’t a crazy issue as everything works normally but when looking at my stamina as it decreases, it seems to be full the entire time until it finally just disappears and I’m suddenly unable to move.

When crafting, the stamina bar works as intended with the max stamina never changing and only my actual stamina decreasing.

Bug Report7991NoQuestsMediumUnconfirmedTutharelwhen completing a quest with a "choose your reward" sec...05.01.20241 Task Description

when completing a quest with a “choose your reward” section at the end, if you don’t select a reward before clicking “Select a reward” it doesn’t stop you before continuing or give you a default reward, it just completes without giving you any of the possible rewards.

When a friend completed the “Levrus Rat Eyes” quest, she forgot to select a reward before clicking “Select a reward” and received none of the options given.

Bug Report7990NoInventory/ItemsLowNewDaevaornMissing/Wrongly displayed CHR buff on Shiny-enchanted j...05.01.20241 Task Description

The item description of a “Shiny Major Gold Diamond Necklace” states that the item has a (base-?) buff of +3 CHR.

It hasn’t when equipped.

Either the description of the buff effects need a fix.

Bug Report7989NoCrafting TransformationsMediumUnconfirmedDaevaornExtremely unrealistic drop in crafting quality (Jewelry...02.01.2024 Task Description


- a skill level of 218 (i.e. 186 natively)7
- an unpolished speciment of Q300 to work on

I created a final result for an enchanted gold necklace of Q126

This is an extremly unrealistic random outcome.

Bug Report7988NoBugtrackerLowReady to testArireareLori's Little Delivery missing information08.01.20241 Task Description

in the quest Lori’s Little Delivery you are sent to the plaza to get a number on the fountain, there is nothing on the fountain to inspect to get the number for Lori

Bug Report7987NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedArireareAn Eager Claker Quest teleports to dryken plane06.01.20241 Task Description

after speaking with Sysial you are teleported to the dryken plane instead of the proper location

Bug Report7986NoQuestsMediumUnconfirmedUadjetQuest Timers are invisible, leading to confusion01.01.2024 Task Description

In some quests there is a delay before you can talk to an NPC again. One example of this is Its Gone Bad. In Legacy the players got a message like “You have to wait for 10 minutes before you can continue this quest.” so that they knew what was going on, but in PSU they don’t get the message.

Admittedly, the message is very OOC, but without it there’s no way for a player to know why they cannot proceed with the quest. If the messages cannot be restored, maybe a line of dialog from an NPC saying that they’ll have more to say later?

Bug Report7985NoBugtrackerMediumUnconfirmedTutharelSome people are reporting that, after a server crash, t...01.01.202411 Task Description

After a server crash, if you don’t restart your game, your log will no longer be updated with what happens in game. This has been noticed by Gonger, Migg, and a few others.

Bug Report7979NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDaevaornTuathanachGugrontid forge missing interaction buttons31.12.20231 Task Description

The forge at Gardr’s smithy does not offer the usual interaction button when opening the container window. There are simply no buttons.

Bug Report7978NoUser InterfaceHighUnconfirmedDaevaornPort /unstick as a means to solve critical bugs on play...24.12.20231 Task Description

It has happened to me a dozen times over since joining UR after it has replaced legacy, I relogged inside a guildhouse/law map and I am eternally falling for having spawned slightly beneath floor level.

In several instances I had to wait hours for a /tp back to the map, and so it is happening again today.

Please make a quick fix of this enabling players to teleport themselves back to the map in such a case. It’s a real downer to have to wait for a long time in such a case, particularly given the fact that you probably have to stay online for a GM to /tp and fix this. Huge waste of energy with the constant 3D animation.

This could also be of help if players are trapped in map geometry, inescapable pits, rifts and so on.

Bug Report7977NoNPCLowReady to testDaevaornOnyx Dagger members in the Hydlaa Sewers' column hall n...18.03.20241 Task Description

The four Onyx Dagger members who share the hall with two Grendols do not respawn once killed.

Bug Report7976NoMagic SystemLowUnconfirmedDaevaornNPC structures cannot be attacked magically.01.01.20241 Task Description

(16:59:00) [chat] >You cannot cast Fist of the Volcano on Eagle Gobble Hut. You can only cast it on living enemies.

If you can destroy the hut, it should also be possible to apply destructive magic. A living body should be the greater obstacle for magic to overcome when compared to inanimate objects.

Bug Report7975NoCraftingMediumCould not VerifyStalfosRepair Weapons not working as it used to.11.03.20241 Task Description

I had heard that over a skill threshold, repairing weapons/armour does not reduce maximum quality.
Yet I repaired a weapon with 201 skill (with jewellery) and dropped from max quality of 200 to 199.

Maybe the Jewellery isn’t working properly, as without it, I would be under the threshold I had heard about.

Also Bones attribute was not removed, the whole reason I repaired it at 197/200.

Maybe this is as intended, but if Bones cannot be removed, then getting a Masterwork Bones Platinum Sword from your first and only run through of the Keen Edge quests (currently not completable) is xtremely bad luck after the time it takes to get 100 in sword (even more in UE).

Bug Report7974NoQuestsMediumUnconfirmedDaevaornRepeatable quest awarding faction points for the wrong ...16.12.20231 Task Description

Sat 02-Dec-2023

(17:38:51) [chat] Daevaorn: Here is the armour that you asked for. Plate mail pants and chain mail pants.
(17:38:51) [chat] >You gained 13600 experience points and 68 progression points!
(17:38:51) [chat] >You received 51 circle, 4 octa, 0 hexa and 8 tria.
(17:38:51) [chat] >Your Armor Making skill has increased by 1 point!
(17:38:51) [chat] >Your faction with Weavers Tree has worsened. (17:38:51) [chat] >You unlocked a new achievement: Achieve Velvet Glove in Weavers Tree
(17:38:51) [chat] >Quest Completed!
(17:38:51) [chat] >You have completed the A Measure of Protection quest!
(17:38:51) [chat] Kethzun Guthazik: You’re done already?
(17:38:51) [chat] >Trade complete

At first I was wondering about points being deducted until I got the information that this is regular procedure when hitting the cap value.

However I was surprised to see that
- a smith awards faction points for the Weavers’ Tree
- there are faction points awarded at all for one of the skill quests that can be done (at least theoretically) up to

Feature Request7973NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedMalunga LeebooLet's add a drop confirmation dialog.15.12.20231 Task Description

After dropping several valuable items through world geometry without a chance to get it back I’ve got an idea to add a confirmation dialog for drop action.

Bug Report7971NoCraftingVery LowUnconfirmedStalfosEnchanting q300 gives no practice08.12.2023 Task Description

Certainly happens with Sapphires, making q300 Enchanted Sapphires gives no practice in a way.

Bug Report7970NoTraining & SkillsMediumUnconfirmedStalfosShield Handling untrainable08.12.2023 Task Description

Since you can now only wield Shields left-handed due to what I mentioned in bug 7867, only the right hand trains one handed weapons, and two handed weapons give half the training in either hand.

Bug Report7969NoCrashesMediumUnconfirmedStalfosServer Crash possible after training stat07.12.2023 Task Description

If you take a rare looted item out of a bag, try to equip it, but can’t because of Stat requirements, then train a stat, drop the bag and pick it up again, the item disappears.

Then if you try to store it there are 2 copies, and the server crashes if you store them. Item lost after restart.

Crash and item loss can be avoided if you relog before storing.

Bug Report7968NoBugtrackerLowCould not VerifyThosorcan't get rid of white combat reticle, can mouse look a...01.01.2024 Task Description

no task description

Bug Report7967NoBugtrackerLowCould not VerifyThosorlose ability to click anywhere during combat01.01.20241 Task Description

When shooting rogue with bow and arrow, suddenly rogue is dead, although standing and his health still 50%.
Right click after tabbing out of combat to loot. loot icons and others show up, but then nothing is clickable.
KB works, can call inventory, etc. Pointer shows and moves. no ability to click anywhere.

Bug Report7962NoCharacters AnimationVery LowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelFemale Stonehammer Fishing Animation and Fishing pole m...05.12.20232 Task Description

The fishing animation for the female stonehammer reels in the rod with the right hand, but the reel on the rod is for reeling with the left hand. This may affect other character models as well.

Bug Report7961NoCharacters AnimationVery LowUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelDeath Animations Play Inconsistently 04.12.2023 Task Description

Death animations play inconsistently for several NPCs. ex. Rogues in Oja and Cutthroats on Ojaroad, forest aragama on the road between the magic shop and Hydlaa.

Sometimes the animations will play, but most of the time they do not.

Bug Report7957NoCharacter CreationLowCould not VerifyDaevaornSome player characters do not display the standard summ...12.03.20246 Task Description

When inspecting player characters (via right-click and eye-icon) the paragraph at the end of the description tab that comes with the standard stats and weapons/mnagic skills estimate is missing for SOME characters.

An example being “Duergar Melayk”.

Bug Report7956NoModels and MapsMediumUnconfirmedDaevaornAmdeneir needs scaling up by 20-30%02.12.2023 Task Description

It might make sense that an Ynnwn has to crouch in order to get through a Klyros built door, but when Klyros are struggling to pass many doors in their own city, that doesn’t make any sense.

Many doors are too narrow for my Klyros character to pass through. Same holds for some of the decoration, like the kiosks in the market hall with an awning that is too low to look at the wares on the table.

I think 20-30% larger scale would be sufficient to remedy the major trouble spots.

Bug Report7954NoCraftingMediumUnconfirmedTrippedOnReality/EnarelWorking with Stock and Working with Rare Stock Books Mi...04.12.20231 Task Description

Working with Stock and Working with Rare Stock books are missing the recipes for heating ingots/stocks in the forge in 0.7.39.

Bug Report7950NoQuestsLowNewTaladQuest phrases to remove at certain steps30.11.20231 Task Description

As reported by Stalfos

“Something’s Brewing” If you accept Narwin’s drink ““Thought you’ nev’ offer!…” the other option doesn’t disappear: “How many times must I tell you,…” you can’t get the kegs until you click it. Later Jarda also has both options available, the drunken and sober speech options.

“Kimlorm Needs a New Prayer Book”, “Kimlorm sent me” remains an option after you have clicked it.

Bug Report7948NoModels and MapsMediumUnconfirmedStalfosRitual of Remembrance does not allow House of Power acc...28.11.2023 Task Description

You are supposed to be able to go see Niala, but the door does not work if you haven’t already got house of power access.

Bug Report7945NoBugtrackerLowReady to testDaevaornHard to leave the winch, portal too small to find12.03.20242 Task Description

If inside the Winch quarter in Hydlaa it is difficult to leave towards Plaza.

The right-clickable portal area on the gate encompasses only a small part of the door around knee height. This used to be as big as the entire door and should be again.

Bug Report7941NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedDaevaornPlacing item onto stone block with basin in "guildlaw" ...14.11.2023 Task Description

I have been trying to place decoration and a book onto the stone block in the entrance area of the guildlaw map (our guildhouse instance of it)
A weapon as well as the book have disappeared inside the map geometry instead of on the surface.

Without command line support for targetting comparable to what we used to have in legacy (/target next item) I don’t see any way of retrieving an item lost this way.

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