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Bug Report7849NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedThutharelForest Arangmas, and some other monsters, don't attack ...28.05.2023 Task Description

When I fight Forest Arangmas they don’t attack back. Sometimes they do but most of the time they just sit there.

Bug Report7848NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDamolaChat log stops after loss of connection to server27.05.2023 Task Description

After a loss of connection to the server, the client stops logging chat.

Bug Report7847NoUser InterfaceMediumUnconfirmedGongerHelp channel and /advisor command are not working27.05.2023 Task Description

I put these two in one task since they are so closely connected.
On Help channel, nobody (including oneself) sees the messages typed.
The /advisor command is not yet implemented (message: “This command is recognized, but not ported yet”).

The Help channel is especially important for newbies…

Bug Report7846NoModels and MapsLowNewTaladTaladYou can get stuck at this location in the map24.05.2023 Task Description

/teleport me map hydlaa_plaza -635522 -395506 7183

Bug Report7845NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedRykiaHerbal plant with new name is not changed in the spell ...21.05.2023 Task Description

When you drink a Blue Orchid Tea, it is identified as Wyn Tea in the spell effects window.

Bug Report7844NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDamola/me in group chat goes to main tab20.05.2023 Task Description

As subject says: /me in group chat goes to main tab. In Crystalspace based PS it went to group tab.

Bug Report7843NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedGongerStore screen: Purified feature not showing for glyphs14.05.2023 Task Description

In the Glyphs tab of the Store screen of Legacy, glyphs were shown as purified or not. This is not the case in PSU.

Bug Report7842NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedGongerBad results for Platinum mining10.05.2023 Task Description

Platinum Mining is pretty much how it was in Legacy - at Mining 200, I succeed less than 40% of the time, and Q is between 80 and 115 only. With optimal mining gear this will not go above Q 130 or Q 140. It was planned to be made in such a way that there is at least a chance to get Q 200 for Platinum.
The success % is less disturbing - some things SHOULD be more difficult than others!

Bug Report7841NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDamolacandle does not emit light07.05.2023 Task Description

This is with PSUnreal 0.7.35.

Candles do not seem to emit any light. This has hindered a cozy atmosphere inside the Stonehead Tavern during the night a bit. We used torches as instead.

Bug Report7840NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDamolaglobal chat not marked specially in chat log07.05.2023 Task Description

This is with PSUnreal 0.7.35!

Yay for the new Global chat!

I prefer to have all chats in one big chat log. However global chat is not marked as global inside the log file. Like this:

(some time) [chat] Damola: This is global chat!

Would be nice to have “[global]” or some other marker like this in there.

Same goes for NPC chatter and so on. Currently all messages are marked with “[chat]” which is not all that helpful for searching around in the file.

Bug Report7839NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedUadjetQuest "Help With Deciphering a Message" bugged, manuall...07.05.2023 Task Description

In the quest “Help with deciphering a message” players are required to manually enter the decrypted message, but I’ve been unable to find a combination of completed steps that will allow players to enter the answer. In the quest, the player has to give the full message, and in the next step the last half of the message must be repeated. Neither portion works, currently.

Bug Report7838NoQuestsMediumUnconfirmedUadjetThe Arrivals quest cannot be completed07.05.2023 Task Description

The quest has a number of triggers that must be completed in order to progress that do not appear to be working in Unreal. The three I’ve found are:

1) Proximity to the rock with the action location that moves players into the cave,

2) Use of a cog/mechanism, moving one of the rocks, and

3) Solving the door puzzle and entering the small room.

I’m not sure if these are supposed to complete steps that are not sequential with the immediately previous steps, or if they are meant to set variables, but either way they don’t seem to be doing the job. Talking to Raithen gives no sign that you’ve completed any of these tasks, even if you’ve done them all.

I can get players past this by setting a later step manually, but given the (suspected) use of variables or non-sequential steps, it seems likely I’ll just mess things up for them.

Bug Report7837NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedUadjetTypo in Kaiman Jilatt Needs Plants Supplies07.05.2023 Task Description

There is a line in the quest that reads like this:

“Priest Xant-Areth asked me some…”

It would read better as:

“Priest Xant-Areth asked me for some…”

Thanks to Koraza for spotting this. :)

Bug Report7836NoQuestsMediumUnconfirmedUadjetHioona not understanding quest dialogue in Hiacheius Lo...07.05.2023 Task Description

The quest Hiacheius Lost a Valuable Book comes to a stop when the player gets to Hioona, as she doesn’t respond to the prompted dialog. Completing steps manually via /quest brings up the correct dialog option for each step, but Hioona never understands them. I can get players past this by setting step 41 as complete and sending them to the next NPC, but they can’t get the dialog in game unless I copy and paste it to them.

Bug Report7835NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedtrensolQuest A Sapling of Xiosia05.05.2023 Task Description

The preset quest text when speaking to Kora is not understood by the NPC. Unless I am missing something, the quest seems to be broke at this point

Bug Report7834NoBugtrackerLowFixed pending releaseGongerFocus loss on Whisper05.05.2023 Task Description

In Whisper tab: Every time I send a message to someone, I lose focus, and have to click the chat: field again.

Bug Report7833NoMiscLowUnconfirmedShawn Bottomleyscreenshot issues07.05.20231 Task Description

I notice /screenshot command doesn’t work, not to sure if it just me or not, figure may as well have it looked at just in case.

Bug Report7832NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedShawn Bottomleyobjects defying gravity01.05.2023 Task Description

notice a floating object like the Derghir Signpost the pos is ojaroad1 340149.69 -335489.78 8971.25

Bug Report7830NoGUILowNewKiFunStuSHot keys for shortcut sets 2 and 3 not working as inten...04.05.20231 Task Description

Make a short cut for Shortcut set 2 or 3 and set a custom key bind

the custom keybinding is not working

Bug Report7829NoCraftingLowNewMohonin DitinBoth the Enchanting books are same21.04.20231 Task Description

That is Both the Books, ‘Enchanting Gems of power’ and ‘Enchanting Gems of Spirit’ are absolutely same in its contents. It has Azure, Red And dark way Enchanting Gems with glyphs in it. And that too for all Gems, Ruby, emerald, Sapphire and Diamond, in both the books. Very important Bug. Please see to it with first priority.

Bug Report7828NoQuestsHighUnconfirmedchroniclerHarnqust's Regular Advertising cry is replacing quest d...15.04.2023 Task Description

Issue: Harnquist regularly calls “Blades, shields, repair kits! Get them here!”. If you are collecting a quest from Harnquist, his regular cry can replace a page of his dialog providing the quest information and there’s no way to get back to the page of dialog that was replaced.

His regular cry should be supressed whenever a player is talking to him, so the player can read all the information he is providing.

Feature Request7827NoUser InterfaceLowUnconfirmedGongerNo name highlighting in Chat09.04.2023 Task Description

In Legacy your name is highlighted in red when mentioned in Chat. This is not the case in PSU

Feature Request7826NoCharactersLowUnconfirmedGongerNo colour highlighting of floating names09.04.2023 Task Description

In Legacy the floating names have different colours depending on Group or Guild, for example.
This is not the case in PSU.

Bug Report7825NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseKiFunStuSgiant balloon on map05.05.20231 Task Description

there is a giant balloon at

ojaroad1 256456.73 -301412.76 10618.80

Bug Report7824NoModels and MapsLowNewKiFunStuSNPC in the wall06.04.2023 Task Description

bdoorsout 98297.60 -753749.51 22772.97

I think its a thunder clakcer

Bug Report7823NoEffectsLowNewKiFunStuSWater sounds being triggered where there is no water06.04.20234 Task Description

Walking bewtween

bdoorsout 105031.05 -749570.19 18103.3
bdoorsout 103880.74 -747535.50 17163.17

causes water sounds, does not always trigger,

1:50:30 on the stream is hopefully the right time

example caught on video Will update with a new time stamp after stream has finished if I hopefully rememeber

Bug Report7821NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseBohemiaHole in the ground 10.04.2023 Task Description

Evening, PlaneShifters!

Tonight, at the Bronze Doors area, I found a large hole in the land you can fall through and die.

The position is: bdoorsout 147935.38-743643.31 12953.81, instance: 0

See the pictures in the link for reference.

Thank you!

Bug Report7818NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedMohonin DitinPile of dust cannot be kept in furnace16.04.20232 Task Description

The pile of dust that gets crafted sometimes for reasons we all know, this pile of dust cannot be disposed of by putting it in Furnace. Some of us experienced players want to keep the place clean and so whenever we find pile of dust, we put it in Furnace, it eventually vanishes by putting it in furnace and forgetting about it. Now there is no choice but to sell it off to NPC for 0 tria. This is not the main problem, but the problem is to find a NPC nearby who buys ‘Pile of Dust’. So either make a NPC available near Crafting Station to sell of the dust or make furnace to take in the dust and burn it down vanishing it.

Bug Report7817NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedBohemiaBroken quest "Kaiman Jilatt Needs Plants Supplies"21.03.2023 Task Description

Happy Tuesday, PlaneShift!

During my adventuring, I received a quest “Kaiman Jilatt Needs Plants Supplies” from an NPC named Kaiman Jilatt, who is located in Hydlaa Plaza. I was asked to find and deliver plant supplies to an NPC named Leann Grudaire to proceed with that quest.

Mind you, this is a repetitive quest where you are to deliver plants to a few different NPC all over the place, each time to a different NPC. This time, he sent me to find Leann Grudaire.

So I went on and found NPC Leann Grudaire, who is located in Amdeneir Tavern, on the very top floor. When speaking to her, mentioning “Kaiman Jilatt Needs Plants Supplies” quest text to her, unfortunately, she behaves as if there is no quest regarding Kaiman Jilatt plans at all. The reply I get from her is “There is nothing I need at the moment.” Thanks for asking. I am thus unable to proceed and eventually finish this quest.

Perhaps, this quest is broken for now?

Besides, Leann Grundaire NPC seems to have another quest to offer “Beer Tasting Event” but when clicking on the quest-related text “You brew ales and beers I see, and smell.” - nothing happens, I get only a blank stare. It feels that this “Beer Tasting Event” quest is broken too.

See the in-game screenshot attached.

Thank you!

Bug Report7816NoTraining & SkillsLowUnconfirmedBohemiaLockpicking particular door levels up a swimming skill.21.03.2023 Task Description

Happy Tuesday PlaneShift.

In the city of Amdeneir, there is a building with the tag “Hall of Learning” with locked entrance doors. Lock-picking those particular doors is simple, and funny enough, a successful lock-picking attempt gives you progress points in swimming, instead of lock-picking skill. I managed to get my swimming skill up to level 3 with just a few quick clicks.

See the the in-game screenshot for reference.

Thank you.

Feature Request7814NoUser InterfaceLowUnconfirmedRykiaRequesting where we type in the chat window scales with...07.05.202321 Task Description

Requesting where we type in the chat window scales with the rest of the window.

We can select a larger font, but where we type in the chat window does not change, only the rest of the chat window.

Note: There is a huge difference between font size 4 and 5. Suggest to have something in between if at all possible.

Bug Report7813NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedBohemiaBroken quest "A Sapling of Xiosia"15.03.2023 Task Description

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

During my adventuring, I received a quest “A Sapling of Xiosia” from an NPC named Belcor Krakko - the innkeeper at the Gugrontid tavern. I was asked to find an NPC named Kora Windstone to proceed with that quest.

So I went on and found NPC Kora Windstone, but when mentioning “A Sapling of Xiosia” quest text to her, unfortunately, she did not recognise what I was saying to her and acted as if I would be speaking gibberish to her. I get “I don’t quite get what you mean” and “Can you rephrase that, please?” answers instead. I am thus unable to proceed and eventually finish this quest.

Perhaps, this quest is broken for now? Kora is located at “bdroad2 177034.15 -541130.79 12566.98, instance: 0.

See the in-game screenshots attached.

Thank you!

Bug Report7812NoModels and MapsLowCould not VerifyKiFunStuSwestern pass, items all piled together20.03.20231 Task Description

hydlaa_plaza 176931.78 -332442.16 12818.49

Bug Report7811NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDamolacharacter stands up from sitting for idle animation07.05.202331 Task Description

I sat Damola down on a char in Kada El. I held “Z” key for that, cause tapping did not work for the char I was aiming at.

Damola sat down. However she stood up every now and then, I think it was for idle animation.

Feature Request7810NoGuilds/GroupsLowNewHaviland TenouriTarget user from group list11.03.20231 Task Description

It would be nice if I could target a player with clicking his name in the group list

Bug Report7809NoCombatLowFixed pending releaseMohonin DitinLoot window do not close when loot taken05.05.2023 Task Description

Taking loot is as it is difficult when there are more targets surrounding you because you have to toggle between combat mode and normal mode to take loot. At this situation, when we take the loot and quickly toggle to combat to next target, the loot window still remains, disturbing the Crosshair to point to next target. Or even otherwise its annoying to close it manually. In legacy, when we take the loot, manually, that is right click and selecting loot, the loot window closes automatically when loot is taken manually. Here, for the shortcut hotkey problem, can’t take the loot with a shortcut hotkey, so it has to be done manually and if the window do not close automatically, it is disturbing.

Bug Report7808NoModels and MapsLowUnconfirmedJokoKran are too big to enter some places08.03.2023 Task Description

Kran are too big to enter some places - kra can’t enter Menitas tent or the dark rogue hideout. Double alt to roll through is a workaround but it is still annoying

Bug Report7807NoQuestsCriticalUnconfirmedJokoStarting Menitas Puzzle Quest crashes the server08.03.2023 Task Description

Talking to Menita and confirming the quest with “I will try” crashes the server.

Bug Report7806NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedUadjetProblems with /morph07.03.2023 Task Description

I’ve been doing some testing with the /morph command, and have not yet found a way to get it to work properly. I used my event character and every time I tried to morph into another race gender I had issues with the default Enkidukai texture remaining on the head. There were also other issues, like klyros wings being missing, and the fact that after the tests my enkidukai character now seem to have lemur textures on her hands permanently.

These are the results I got starting with a female enkidukai character, closing the game and loading fresh after each morph:

Dermorian M - Wrong texture, no back of head. Changing hair trait doesn’t help.
Dermorian F - Wrong texture, no back of head. Changing hair trait doesn’t help.
Diaboli M - Wrong texture, no back of head. Changing hair trait doesn’t help. Setting trait first doesn’t help.
Diaboli F - Wrong texture, no back of head. Changing hair trait doesn’t help.
Enkidukai M - Bad face texture, even from female enki
Enkidukai F -
Klyros M - Entirely wrong texture, no wings, back missing
Klyros F - Nothing visible. Helmet and held items show on ground
Kran N - Wrong texture except for hands, oddly.
Lemur M - Wrong texture except hands, no hair. Hand texture remains after relog
Lemur F - Wrong texture except hands, no hair. Hand texture remains after relog
Nolthrir M - Wrong texture except for hands. No top/back of head
Nolthrir F - Wrong texture except for hands. No top/back of head
Stonehammer M - Wrong texture except for hands. No top/back of head or beard section of face.
Stonehammer F - Wrong texture except for hands. No top/back of head
Ylian M - Wrong texture except for hands. No top/back of head
Ylian F - Wrong texture except for hands. No top/back of head

I few quick tests with a female dermorian character were better, but the head texture was always wrong.

Bug Report7805NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedMohonin DitinRe-assign of same spell same key bugged07.03.20231 Task Description

When i try to first delete/clear the shortcut slot and save it by clicking the pencil icon and after that re-assign the same spell with the same hotkey, the system message is “This key is already assigned”. So the key assigned is not getting deleted/cleared from cache or any other memory or is it a bug. Please check.

Bug Report7804NoInventory/ItemsLowUnconfirmedferretyliacum map piece at eagle bronze doors is missing. 06.03.2023 Task Description

having looked for a map piece in eagle bronze doors, it is clear that the map piece is missing. the last time it was there is was in the hands of the dwarf taimian yangnk.i have failed to find it on anyone there

Bug Report7803NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseferretemerald river has no bank 17.03.20231 Task Description

another part of emerald river is bankless, big broken area at amdeneir -365456.94 -586389.62 12278.60

Bug Report7802NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedGongerEvents screen not working correctly05.03.2023 Task Description

Even when an event is officially completed it still shows as Uncompleted.
A new event does not appear at all while the previous event is still showing.

Bug Report7801NoModels and MapsLowFixed pending releaseferretbig hole with no exit17.03.2023 Task Description

just found a hole in large west -765837.91 -302942.80 5896.95

thwe hole has others round it and none can be exited, but they all seem to feed the biggest in the middle. may be a good idea to either do something here or put warning signs in stonehammer language about them :D

Bug Report7800NoGUILowUnconfirmedAnders ReggestadMana show 0 in stats window after update to Task Description

Mana dosn’t show in the stats window.

Bug Report7799NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDermathilSettings button on login screen does nothing05.03.202311 Task Description

When you launch the game, you come to a screen where you can input your account address and password. At the bottom of the same screen, you have buttons labeled Quit, Settings, Credits and Login. Clicking on Settings should bring up a settings menu to adjust the game and yet does nothing.

Bug Report7798NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedDamolaClient startup takes a minute or even more05.03.202331 Task Description

Client opens window almost immediately. It also catches the mouse pointer.

But then it takes about a minute before it displays my account details and the available servers and before I can log in. This is irritating cause at first it appears as if the game locked up the Linux desktop I am using. This is on ThinkPad T14 AMD Gen 1 with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U with onboard Radeon Graphics, Renoir, Vega 7 I believe and 32 GiB of RAM.

This did not happen with 0.7.30.

Before it freezes I have this console output:

[2023.03.04-15.59.36:092][ 0]LogViewport: Scene viewport resized to 1920×1039, mode Windowed.
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:093][ 0]LogRHI: Display: ShaderPipelineCache: Paused Batching. 1
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:093][ 0]LogRHI: Display: ShaderPipelineCache: Resumed Batching. 0
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:093][ 0]LogRHI: Display: ShaderPipelineCache: Batching Resumed.
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:094][ 0]LogInit: Display: Engine is initialized. Leaving FEngineLoop::Init()
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:094][ 0]LogLoad: (Engine Initialization) Total time: 2.11 seconds
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:108][ 0]LogRHI: FShaderPipelineCache::BeginNextPrecompileCacheTask() - Finished, no jobs remaining.
[2023.03.04-15.59.36:109][ 0]LogContentStreaming: Texture pool size now 400 MB [2023.03.04-15.59.36:163][ 0]LogVulkanRHI: Creating new VK swapchain with 0, 44, 0, num images 3

After it shows account details and server list and does respond to user input again I have the following console output:

[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: invalid HTTP response code received. URL:, HTTP code: 0, content length: 0, actual payload size: 0
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: request failed, libcurl error: 28 (Timeout was reached)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: libcurl info message cache 0 ( Trying…)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: libcurl info message cache 1 (After 59995ms connect time, move on!)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: libcurl info message cache 2 (connect to port 8192 failed: Connection timed out)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: libcurl info message cache 3 (Connection timeout after 60002 ms)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogHttp: Warning: 0x7f9214544e10: libcurl info message cache 4 (Closing connection 0)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:116][990]LogTemp: UPatchesDownloader OnReady index:0
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:120][990]LogScript: Warning: Script Msg: Attempted to access index 0 from array ‘CallFunc_GetAllActorsOfClass_OutActors’ of length 0 in ‘/Game/UI/main_menu/Settings.Settings_C:ExecuteUbergraph_Settings’!
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:121][990]LogInit: Loading Cursor ‘../../../PSUnreal/Content/UI/cursors/hw/pscursor_24.png’.
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:121][990]LogViewport: Display: Viewport MouseLockMode Changed, LockOnCapture → DoNotLock
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:121][990]LogViewport: Display: Viewport MouseCaptureMode Changed, CapturePermanently_IncludingInitialMouseDown → NoCapture
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:122][990]LogTemp: timer handle:1040187394 index:0
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:123][990]LogTemp: timer handle:1056964611 index:1
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:124][990]LogSlate: Took 0.000083 seconds to synchronously load lazily loaded font ‘../../../Engine/Content/EngineFonts/Faces/RobotoBold.ufont’ (160K)
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:181][992]LogTemp: OnReady index:0
[2023.03.04-16.00.36:716][ 10]LogSerialization: Display: IgnoreInlineDataReloadEnsures: ‘false’ [2023.03.04-16.00.37:366][ 30]LogTaskGraph: Warning: Task graph took 29.73ms for RT to recieve broadcast.
[2023.03.04-16.00.37:367][ 30]LogTaskGraph: Warning: Task graph took 30.01ms for RT to recieve broadcast and do processing.
[2023.03.04-16.00.41:159][163]LogTemp: OnReady index:0
[2023.03.04-16.00.46:167][332]LogTemp: OnReady index:0
[2023.03.04-16.00.51:209][488]LogTemp: OnReady index:0

Also unfortunately fps is much lower than with previous Unreal 4 based PlaneShift client. I reported in forum about it.

Bug Report7797NoCombatLowUnconfirmedGongerIn "upper" Hydlaa you get kill messages from the Sewers02.03.2023 Task Description

I was near the Smithy when I received messages like the following:
(22:15:02) [chat] >Fordanot Helsun has been killed by X Y!
(22:15:38) [chat] >Diseased Rat has been killed by X Y!

Bug Report7796NoBugtrackerLowUnconfirmedRykiaHelms on Ylian females appear too low on character07.05.20231 Task Description

All helms on Ylian females appear too low on character.

Note: Magic robes and most other armor are not yet available in Unreal for female Ylians.

Bug Report7795NoQuestsLowUnconfirmedBohemiaCrafting item is not available to be used while being r...21.03.202331 Task Description


during my in-game questing, I got a quest “Learning to Cook” which I picked up in the Arena, from quest giver NPC named Archilaya.

Archilaya gave me a recipe to make, but the close-by cooking preparation crafting table can not be used - giving an error “You are not in range to use psItemActor_2147476191 - even when standing right next to it.
The player is then forced to run all over to Hydlaa’s tavern to use the cooking preparation crafting table there, to proceed with the quest.

As there are other cooking/baking quests in the arena, related to this preparation crafting table, it is quite annoying to not be able to use it.

See the attached picture in the link.

Thank you!

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