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PS Tech Help Guide
« on: April 16, 2006, 05:41:13 pm »
We will be happy to help you with any technical issues, if you need it.  However, before posting please read the general rules and the standard troubleshooting techniques.
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Posting guidelines
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2006, 05:43:05 pm »
All of the policies for posting on the PlaneShift forums apply here as well. Beyond those, we have designated some rules specifically for these boards to help streamline the support process.

  • Please keep all posts on topic. This means technical issues, advice, and discussion of technical issues. Below are examples of what would be considered off-topic in this forum.
     - In-game issues such as character issues, name changes, lost items, in-game harassment and other gameplay-related subjects not technical in nature unless occurring due to a bug. These can be reported to the GM department. Check this page Reporting Abuse.
     - Bug reports can be directed to the BugTracker, but you are highly recommended to search first to avoid making duplicate entries.
     - Game discussions, complaints, or commentary should be posted in the appropriate forum. In most cases this will be the General Discussion board.

  • Posts should be readable and non-offensive to everyone.  Do not post in all caps, use profanity, or use excessive abbreviations.

  • Please do not bump posts. If no one is available to provide an answer in your thread, you can either search for previously discussed and similar issues, wait for someone with an answer to make a post, or contact a dev or moderator directly through PMs if the issue is serious.

  • Post to existing threads for existing issues, and make new threads for new issues.  Don't automatically assume you're getting "the same thing", and don't post a new thread instead of replying to one already on that topic.

  • Do not hijack threads with your new topic. Posting an issue which is similar but distinct from the original topic means that replies must either ignore your post or that of the original poster.

  • Please post with a subject title that provides a clear indication of the problem. "Major problem! Look inside!" does not communicate anything about the issue you are facing.

  • Post once, and wait.  Don't go posting extra threads all over the place.  It won't get things fixed faster.  Be patient!

  • Post all available information.  We're not psychic; we need all the information we can get to help you.  Example post:

    Operating System:  Windows XP SP2
    Processor:  Intel P4 2.66 Ghz
    Graphics Card:  ATI Radeon Mobility 7500
    System Memory:  1 GB
    Video Memory:  16 MB

    I just downloaded the game, and ran the updater.  The game <insert problem here>.  I tried <whatever you did>, and <whatever results you got>.  Please help me.  Thanks.

    Please note that if you graphics card has "shared" memory, you must state so.  The "shared" RAM is very slow, and takes away from the main system.  This setup is generally on the bad, cheap, onboard cards; the good cheap onboard cards don't even do that.

  • This is a two-way process.  If someone asks for more information, give it to them.  We are eager to help you, but please understand that not all problems can be magically fixed; you may have to wait, so be patient.  (We don't live on the forums; you may not get an instantaneous reply to everything.)

    If you somehow solve your problem, great, but please tell us how you did it.  We need to know what you did, so we can help others in the future.
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How to start
« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2006, 05:52:27 pm »
  • Download and install the game.  Yes, there are people that show up here and think they can magically just play telepathically or something... 

    Check the system requirements and if you meet them, goto the download page and get the installer file specific to your OS.  (about 1/4 GB)  If you choose to download via BitTorrent, you'll need to use a BitTorrent client to do so.  If you choose to download from one of the mirrors a download manager is recommended, but not required.  Run the file after it fully downloads, and it will install the game.  Run the updater directly afterwards, like it recommends.  If you're behind a firewall, router, or proxy read down on how to set things up correctly.  Create a new game account at the registration page and that should be it.

  • Search first.  Use the function of these forums before posting any new threads.  Your problem probably isn't new.  Also, please note that there are six tech help forums.  Please look in the one applicable to your problem.  (If you have a MAC, ask in the MAC forums, etc.)
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Standard troubleshooting
« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2006, 05:55:56 pm »
  • Run the updater
  • Update your graphics card's drivers
  • Try switching to windowed/fullscreen mode
  • Turn on/off the vertex buffer
  • Disable/enable sound
  • Try changing GUI skins
  • If all else fails, try reinstalling the game
(4-7 are done via the setup program)

To update your drivers, goto your graphics card company's website and download them from there.  Do not use the drivers that came with Windows.  They're garbage.

If you do resort to reinstalling, first uninstall the old one remembering to back up any logs, screenshots, quest notes in the data folder, and options in data/options you may want.

We have made Troubleshooting guides for all OSes:




So, you got an "access violation" at some big number, good for you.  Collect them all and maybe you'll win a prize.  :)  Search the forum for that number, and see if you can find something.  However, more often than not, the number is useless.  Ask us for help, and we'll try to find out what's doing it.
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Trouble with Verification Emails?
« Reply #4 on: July 07, 2006, 08:52:39 pm »
Remember that to log into the game client, you must register an account. If you are not receiving the account verification emails, here are a few possible reasons:

  • You have not waited long enough - the email may take between a few seconds and 24 hours to arrive.
  • Your email provider filtered it into your Spam / Junk Mail folders - be sure to check these.
  • Your emal provider simply does not work for this registration - please try using another email address. There are many free providers that require less than a minute of your time to sign up.

There may also be a problem with the server that refuses new registrations - this may happen when Laanx is down for a few days. Be sure to check the server status along with all the above.

If you are having problems with the actual verification link in the email, try doing a manual copy and paste of the URL into your browser window, instead of clicking on it. Very often clicking on the link only copies part of the URL into the browser and the actual verification code gets left off. Thus if you are receiving a "This account has not been verified" or similar messages, try resending the verification email and copy&paste the URL.
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