Author Topic: You Might Be An Oldbie If...  (Read 21780 times)


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #345 on: May 17, 2016, 12:02:08 am »
Hahaha. I remember doing this. Back when I played a lot, the community was so tight knit that everyone was practically able to guess who was who's alts, simply based off of RP style. xD [Are you so and so? Hah! Knew it!]

Wouldn't the community be more tight-knit now that, y'know, there's only 12 people?

Or 4 people plus alts.

I think I still have a copy of the Adventures of  Toenail or whatever it was called. Does this make me an oldbie?


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #346 on: May 17, 2016, 02:25:57 am »
Not yet. But a veteran, certainly. ;)

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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #347 on: May 17, 2016, 02:50:00 am »
I remember those books, I wonder if I still have my copies. I shall check.


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #348 on: May 17, 2016, 12:54:12 pm »
Over 100 copies sold!

In Hydlaa that's basically certified triple-platinum, right?

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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #349 on: May 17, 2016, 08:10:59 pm »
I have those books somewhere XD

Monala arches a brow. "Wait, so eatin' is like..." she shakes her head. "Er, nevermind."
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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #350 on: May 19, 2016, 08:48:11 am »
When the original CB delivery to the temple quest was bugged and you get macro spam to get an inventory full of items which you could then sell on Harnquist and got these claymores you always dreamed of?
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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #351 on: June 01, 2016, 05:59:47 am »
I am unsure whether being a midbie should require at least one ragequit. Or is that only obligatory for oldbie status?

Most certainly yes, question is that does it matter how much one has played before ragequit and how long you have to stay away since ragequit.

On a sidenote, should midbies have their own thread since newbies and oldbies have one allready?


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #352 on: June 01, 2016, 08:42:49 am »
Nah, we (midbies) don't have rights to say anything whatsoever. Please continue, I remember my grandma was used to talk of good ol' days.  :P


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #353 on: June 01, 2016, 05:50:17 pm »
I am unsure whether being a midbie should require at least one ragequit. Or is that only obligatory for oldbie status?

Most certainly yes, question is that does it matter how much one has played before ragequit and how long you have to stay away since ragequit.

On a sidenote, should midbies have their own thread since newbies and oldbies have one allready?

No. Midbies are not special snowflakes like newbies and are not entitled to their own thread. They don't get hand holding and coddling for lacking knowledge or their asses kissed for being here first and in many cases, being crappy players... but I won't go there..

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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #354 on: November 07, 2016, 07:58:15 pm »

" « on: May 30, 2008, 12:05:39 PM » "

hello everyone.  hope you are well.  just stopping by to do a little reminiscing and to grab a screenshot of my old menki character for something.  carry on.

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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #355 on: April 10, 2018, 09:32:42 pm »
Oh how swiftly the river of time flows.  I miss my friends whom taught me much about RP in Planeshift.
Myself, even Alhana in some form, grieves the absence and loss of contact.  So many years of silence.
You know whom you are.  Show yourself, awaken that which has been dormant all these years.


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #356 on: May 01, 2018, 02:01:43 pm »
These are excerpts from Rigwyn's descent into darkness. Was only going to share the one where he leaked in the fountain but it's pretty entertaining how his character defied our expectations. These are from the first year that I played to a few years ago.

(23:40:40) Rigwyn looks at Sarras and grins,'I wanna see you get smashed eh ?>"
(23:40:44) Rigwyn smiles
(23:41:10) Stashka says: I completley agree with Rigwyn.
(23:41:39) Stashka says: You should listen to him, hes smart and gives out free stuff.
(23:41:41) Sarras shakes her head at Rigwyn. "No."
(23:41:53) Stashka says: Awwww...comeon...why not?
(23:42:05) Mordaan takes a close look at Rigwyn and shrugs
(23:42:09) Rigwyn makes puppy groffel eyes at Sarras, "Please ? "
(23:42:40) Morila says: Rigwyn... are you crazy?
(23:42:47) Sarras's face turns cold. "Do I know you, Diaboli?"
(23:43:07) Rigwyn hods out a mug to Sarras, "Not yet... Here .. drink"
(23:43:16) Stashka decides Rigwyn is his new hero
(23:43:29) >Rigwyn gave Sarras a Red Liquor Mug.
(23:43:35) Stashka says: Can I have another too Rigwyn?
(23:43:42) >Dannae Reinor greets everyone.
(23:43:43) Rigwyn says: [ giving liquor to someone your age is just so wrong XD ]
(23:43:46) Stashka says: HI Dannae!
(23:43:54) Sarras takes the mug but refuses to drink.
(23:44:05) Dannae says: hi
(23:44:11) Stashka says: Cant I have some?
(23:44:15) Stashka says: Please?
(23:44:15) Sarras says: Dannae, they're trying to get me drunk!
(23:44:23) Stashka says: No we aren't!
(23:44:35) Stashka says: Were just trying to get her drinking!
(23:44:48) Sarras says: This is harassment!
(23:44:51) Rigwyn raises his mug and sips.. then coughs at spits to the right upon hearing Sarras's accusation.
(23:44:54) Morila says: Rigwyn?!

(00:18:09) Llyn tries to pull Dannae under the water by her ankles.
(00:18:39) Sillamon lays back down into the water .. wiggling his toes
(00:19:01) >Sillamon Sallow takes a seat.
(00:19:23) Dannae allows herself to be pulled under concentrating on the soothing feel of water all around
(00:19:41) Alliva says: hmmm i should prolly dry of my fur will start to smell if i dont
(00:20:01) Alliva stands up
(00:20:06) >Alliva Aiyeve stands up.
(00:20:17) Dannae says: [the bubbles are from my gills... I swear]
(00:20:28) Rigwyn begins to urinate into the fountain
(00:20:42) Mellas says: [XD]
(00:20:46) Sarras shouts: AHHHH!
(00:20:47) Alliva concentratesa a little and steam can be seen comeing from allivas body
(00:20:50) >Siranov Jaylor stands up.
(00:20:53) Rigwyn laughs evily and runs off
(00:21:02) Sarras jumps 8 feet away from the fountain.
(00:21:11) >Siranov Jaylor takes a seat by Rigwyn Setson.
(00:21:12) >Siranov Jaylor stands up.
(00:21:19) Elady stands up and gets out of the water.
(00:21:24) >Elady Wanz stands up.
(00:21:27) [Tell] You tell Rigwyn: [lmao, that's the evillest thing i've ever seen you do! xp]
(00:21:35) >Dannae Reinor stands up.
(00:21:39) Sillamon continues to slosh around in the water.
(00:21:47) Mellas makes a face gets up to step back
(00:21:50) >Mellas Fenixxes stands up.
(00:21:58) Alliva says: sillamon get out someones just done the toilet in it
(00:21:58) Elady shakes her hair getting water on those near her.
(00:22:08) Mellas says: [brb]
(00:22:10) Dannae goes to Sillamon, "It's time to get out sir, can I give you a hand?"
(00:22:28) [Tell] Rigwyn tells you: [ i was laughing so hard i couldnt type ]
(00:22:37) Sarras says: Dannae, quick, before it gets you! Leave the old man behind! Oh, and grab my boots please, thanks!"
(00:22:40) Alliva grins slightly as the steam begins to disapear " almost done "
(00:22:54) Sillamon sands up
(00:23:06) Sillamon says: Oh ? what ?
(00:23:13) Sarras says: [llyn rigwyn just pissed in there]
(00:23:18) Dannae gives Sarras a dissaproving look
(00:23:23) Sillamon says: [ LOL !!! ]
(00:23:28) >Sillamon Sallow stands up.
(00:23:37) Sillamon says: [ laughing so hard i cant type ]
(00:23:41) Dannae says: Time to get out sir
(00:24:05) Alliva stops and cheacks his fur all dry
(00:24:08) Sillamon says: "What are we .. 6 cycles old ? Did someone really ? "

(23:54:46) Jotrix's right hand shoots to Stashka's face in a spasm.
(23:55:18) Rigwyn shouts: "Give me it!"
(00:02:06) Rigwyn says: "Just help me up, my friend... I promise.. that's all I ask you."
(00:03:11) Stashka pushes himself up from the ground very slowly, pausing on all fours "Ok, here's how were goin to do it. Just grab onto my back with your good hand if you can, and I'll try and crawl us both over there.
(00:06:31) Rigwyn nods slowly, then hefts himself up onto his good leg. With a painful hop, he places the glyph into his own mouth, reaches for Stashka's back with his good hand on Stashka's neck. As he does, he utters the words to a spell.
(00:07:11) Rigwyn says: [ you decide if the spell works or not. He is going to try to drain you in order to heal his own wounds - weakness spell ]
(00:07:54) Stashka gasps as the energy starts sapping from his body, and he falls heavily to the floor again "Riggy....the helll.....
(00:08:31) Jotrix shouts: ILL SING ME A TREBLE
(00:09:35) Stashka turns his head weakly to look up at Rigwyn in surprise and pain as he feels his life draining away
(00:09:49) Jotrix shouts: AH'VE GOT ME A FINE CUP O ALEEEE
(00:10:15) Rigwyn falls on top of Stashka, panting and groaning as a thick, foul cloud surrounds them. It smells of burnt wood and rotten flesh. As is builds, Rigwyn's would start to heal and close.
(00:10:33) Rigwyn says: [ * Rigwyn's wounds start to heal and close ]
(00:10:38) Jotrix shouts: DAKKKRUUUUUU
(00:10:45) Jotrix shouts: JOTRIX IS HERE
(00:10:58) Jotrix shouts: Jotrix cackles madly throughout the citadel!
(00:11:09) Stashka gasps and moans, pushing weakly at Rigwyn as his own body takes on the pain
(00:11:12) Jotrix shouts: Ha ha ha ha! Where be findin' tha diaboleh?
(00:11:21) Jotrix shouts: AH'm GONNA RING HIS FOCKIN NECK!
(00:11:26) Stashka says: {will he literally get the same injury?
(00:11:28) Jotrix shouts: Ooh, pretty archway.
(00:11:39) Rigwyn says: [ no - just weakened... sapped ]
(00:11:43) Stashka says: {ok
(00:11:58) Jotrix shouts: ... There once was a man who lived by a laaaaaaaakkkee (vabratto)
(00:12:20) Jotrix shouts: The Dermorian's blood will taste sweetly
(00:12:49) Jotrix shouts: I will cut allll your throats! Hee hee!
(00:12:53) Rigwyn begins to cough and gag on his own phlegm as the dark cloud eases and the last of his wounds are reduced to deep cuts and half encrusted scabs. Not wanting to kill, he lifts himself off Stashka and steps away.
(00:13:20) Jotrix shouts: HEE HEE HEE HEE!
(00:13:25) Stashka lies on the ground, nearing uncounsciousness, still staring up at Rigwyn in shock
(00:13:51) Jotrix shouts: Jotrix cackles madly throughout the Citadel.
(00:14:32) Jotrix shouts: Where be the ancient scroll, tell tale of the undying light of darkness? Jotrix knows not!
(00:14:50) Rigwyn spits a thick, bloody wad of snot onto the book shelf, then wipes his mouth in his sleeve. Looking down at the elf, he reaches down and attempts to lift him off the ground. "I can hear that stump of a man in the distance. Lets get out of here!"
(00:14:50) Jotrix shouts: Only the Gods know, but what do they reaaallly know?
(00:15:05) Jotrix shouts: Hee, hee hee!
(00:15:16) Jotrix hacks away at the bookcase.

(01:16:38) Sarras holds her longsword in both hands, the tip hovering between her and Rigwyn's form. She takes the first step down the flight of stairs and into the darkness.
(01:17:21) Dannae holds her breath stifling a new urge to call Sarras back
(01:18:16) Rigwyn holds Evirea's cool, scaly neck once more, savoring the moment, watching, taking in the intensity of it all. Feeling a pulse in her throat, he tightens his grip, pressing her flesh beneath his finger tips as a smile stretches across his face. Unaware of Sarras, he hisses loudly, "And this is what its like when mother takes the last of your breath away. Mommy loves you, Evirea. Mommy loves you this much!"
(01:20:26) Evirea's claws fly up in futility to Rigwyn's forearms, and her eyes roll dangerously in her head as the diaboli presses down upon her windpipe. Her breath begins to wheeze out, desperate attempts to bring air into her starved lungs, as the man savors in strangling her to death.
(01:20:49) Sarras suddenly steps down and thrusts her sword between them. The blade shoots in line with Rigwyn's neck, but only with enough force to graze his skin lightly.
(01:22:17) Dannae brings a hand to her lips hushing the sudden gasp on seeing Sarras thrust the sword
(01:22:50) Rigwyn looks at Sarras as if terrified, but still holding Evirea's neck. With a quick smiles he shouts, "And now you will know what its like when daddy watched mommy kill the kid! Stop me daddy! " Suddenly, his eyes widen, and his arms flex as fingers dig into Evirea's neck with full force.
(01:24:41) Evirea's throat cannot withstand the pressure from Rigwyn's fingers, well-positioned as they are. There is a popping sound, as her windpipe is crushed beneath the man's hands. She ceases in her convulsions, red capillaries seen at the base of her eyes as her head falls limply back, last breaths whistling out from a decimated throat.
(01:25:34) Sarras looks rather crazed. Her hair is damp from the humidity of the sewers, and her eyes are wide like the madmen who wander it. Rigwyn's shouting startles her, and she withdraws the blade, now rearing back and lunging at his head with her boot.
(01:27:19) Rigwyn's head is knocked back with a sudden crack. Losing balance, he falls over - letting go of Evirea's limp neck in the process. Feeling dazed from the blow, he strains to focus his gaze on Sarras.
(01:28:35) Sarras nearly topples over herself, but she regains balance and points her blade at Rigwyn's torso. "Why did you kill her?!"
(01:31:15) Rigwyn steps back as he gets up, his arms stretched out to the sides like a cross. Gazing at Sarras through his filthy, yellow eyes he tits his head and chimes, "It came from deep down inside. The ME inside me just did it, and I did not object. Perhaps you would like to see what I showed her, elf?"

(02:13:52) Aleeane can't scream, but starts thrashing around. It might be writhing in pain, but she looks like she may be trying to use the last of her strenght to hit Rigwyn in the face. She would not be able to land any effective blows - probably the worst she'd do is get some of her own blood in his face.
(02:15:43) Sarras stalks near the [whatever the heck is happening]. Shocked, she staggers back a few feet. Her sword is instinctively drawn, in the blink of an eye, and her feet switch into a fighting stance.
(02:15:44) Rigwyn throws a fist full of gore at the fountain - splattering it all over the stone block and ground. Reachin up once more, he splays his talons as Aleeane's fists meet his face and chest, and begins to thrust his claws towards her heart.
(02:18:02) Aleeane is probably in the few seconds before death at this point. Her entire body convulses and she reaches for a dagger, but it goes clattering to the ground as she slumps over, going limp.
(02:19:56) Rigwyn thrusts his powerful claw into Aleeane's chest, then leans in and forcefully shoves his taloned hand in deeper. Eyes widening, his forearm bulges as he squeezes her heart.
(02:22:50) Rigwyn rises to his feet as Aleeane's bloody heart vanishes from his hand. Her body too vanishes. Turning to face Sarras, he splays his huge, klyros-like wings as his eyes burn like fire. Engulfed in foul, black smoke, he raises his claw to his own throat..
(02:24:05) Sarras's blade lowers slightly as she hesitates, overcome by both awe and confusion.
(02:24:22) Rigwyn lets out a warped, toothy grin as his talon sinks into his own throat. With a violent jerk, he tears a huge gash in his throat, splattering and spraying blood as it opens.
(02:25:20) Sarras lets her blade's point hit the ground. "...Oh."
(02:27:05) Rigwyn suddenly falls to his knees and transforms back into a diaboli as his spell wears off. Bleeding profusely and wailing in pain, he falls forward and lands on his face. A pool of blood builds around and beneath him. character was a goof.
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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #357 on: May 03, 2018, 05:42:26 pm »
So, now that many years have gone by. What are the current definitions of oldbie, vs midbie, vs newbie?

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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #358 on: May 03, 2018, 08:58:11 pm »
You don't want to know.


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Re: You Might Be An Oldbie If...
« Reply #359 on: May 11, 2018, 11:17:31 pm »
Oldbies just bestow the title upon a worthy player non yet inducted in the ranks once they have reached a certain level of crankiness or dustiness.  ;D