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PlaneShift Unreal Alpha Release 0.7.27
« on: December 04, 2022, 11:49:42 am »

Hi PlaneShifters, we have just released a new version! In the last months we have made the server more and more stable, and we think the game is now ready to be tested by a larger audience. The game is now available to everyone. You can download it for free here. This is a full release, so previous version cannot be updated.

Please note the previous game is still up and running, and it is still the master for all data, accounts included. During this transition period the progress will not be kept in the new game until we will completely migrate from the old game to PSUnreal. If you have an account already for the old game, it will work in the new game with the same password. New accounts need to be created here on our website and will be migrated to the new game regularly, please give it 4-5 hours to be migrated.

Windows, Linux and Mac are available for download.

MD5: a5a24b77135814bc820b87807b528408

MD5: b5d3e6b246346da2d1e9eef9637ac596

MD5: 9991ecaed281e83602197c0bf0accbd8

Here is the list of changes for 0.7.27:
Added Main Plot to Compendium (first iteration). Click on the third gem in the menu bar, then Compendium, then Main Story. Here you will see entries for each of the important chapters of your journey. In particular you can replay the homeworld story if you have an already existing character.
Changed Compendium home to have desaturate/saturate effect.
Added in Settings the possibility to configure the number of visible shortcut icons. This at the moment is listed in number of lines (where one line is 9 icons). So if you select two lines you will have 18 icons at the same time.
Several fixes to the shortcut bar, mainly in the macro editor.
Made /shout limited to 50 meters. This means shout chat is not global anymore.
Fixed missing shields icons
Updated the character description window. Right click on your character, then EYE icon. It's now divided in three sections: Description, this is the public In Character description people see when they click on you. Second is Out of Character Notes, everyone can see it, and you can place here notes to notify other players about your current status or requests... The thrid tab is Character Background, this is derived from the character creation choices you made. It's prepopulated but if you want you can change it. There is an pencil icon to edit it.
Fixed health bar to update properly when casting spells, and in general when not in combat mode.
Fixed PVP Duels.
Fixed character selection screen to show the proper items (only torch is missing)

Added cache for Compendium to reduce the amount of text sent. It is cached locally on the client.
Enabled NPCs to spawn also in dynamically loaded guildhouses.
Fixed Character Selection, Credits screen all homeworld screens for different resolutions. The UI should not be cutoff anymore when using a non standard resolution.
Added Mac/Windows application icon
Added scrollbars to all popup windows in case messages are longer than available space.
Removed SteamVR and some mobile plugins from the project which were unused, but still taking space.
Fixed dermorian male color bug and dermorian female hair bug
Fixed crashes in combat when a player disconnects.
Set menubar size to be bigger as default
Added Diaboli homeworld story illustrations (only Lemur history is missing at this point)
Fixes to Kadael tavern and Harnquist to avoid getting stuck
Fixes to magic shop lights and normals
Several fixes to Amdeneir buildings, streets, lights.
Fixed Amdeneir Vigesimi tower.
Changed material on Amdeneir river and rapids.
Some more terraforming.
Dryken plane changes:
- the light of the Dryken plane is increased, so it's easier to see in distance
- the third shard is now blue, and the portal it opens is also blue
- all timings have been increased to be reacheable without sprinting
Fixed the legs movement of the diaboli male
Improved backdrop in character creation for life choices
Fixed lavacave meshes to avoid getting stuck
Changed lavacave not to be affected by day/night cycle
Fixed geometry at Harnquist to avoid getting stuck
Fixed de-equip of armor on enkidukai and kran (they were getting the base skin color instead of their custom one)

All the bugs are tracked on our Flyspray, where you can register and add your findings.
If you want to support us, become a Patreon. Find other players in our Discord to get access.
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