Author Topic: Large round floating objects found in the wilderness - what is it?  (Read 169 times)


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Greetings good citizens of PlaneShift.

On my travels, exploring the world outside the safety of Hydlaa city walls, I stumbled upon large round floating, ball alike, objects. So far, I have found two of them, each located in a different area. The first one I saw yesterday was someplace between Denvel village and Ojaveda city. Today, I found another one, just outside Hydlaa East gate, next to the passage buried in stones.

Those large round floating objects left me puzzled as I have no idea what those "ball things" might be. It can not be targeted, there are no NPCs close by to provide some answers or hints, nor no any signs to be found nearby. I have noticed some turquoise-coloured symbols painted or carved on the objects too. Are they magical? What do they mean? Questions, questions ...

Anyway. Please, help me, the curious explorer, find out what those objects are. Surely I am not the only one who has seen it. I have attached two in-game screenshots, just so that it is clear what floating round objects exactly are in question.

Thank you!