Author Topic: Dev Q&A March 26th, 2023  (Read 857 times)


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Dev Q&A March 26th, 2023
« on: March 26, 2023, 05:11:43 pm »
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Aachey:  Hello and Welcome to the Developer's Q&A, when you get a chance to hear what's going on behind the scenes and ask any questions you might have!
>Ghatha claps.
Aachey:  If you have any questions, please line up at the lecterns in front of the stage.
Aachey:  Though "line up" seems an overly ambitious phrase, at the moment.
Aachey:  Perhaps more will show up.
Aachey:  If there are no questions at the moment, I'll start off with what Talad's been doing.
Gonger:  Time change in Europe, I bet some will be here in 42 minutes.
Aachey:  Hmm. I thought the time should be constant in Europe. 10:00 PM, Italy time.
Ghatha:  It will be +1 hour sometime around midnight - Spring/Summer time
Aachey:  Time changes Sunday night?!?!
Gonger:  Time changed last night.
Ghatha:  no, today
Gonger:  At 2AM it jumped forward to 3AM
Ghatha:  I mean...yes, 2 am is like, today for me. Sorry for the confusion.
Aachey:  No problem. :)
Aachey:  I hate DST.
Aachey:  In the U.S. we were always told it was to help the farmers. It's not like it's actually creating more daylight!
Ghatha:  time change should have something to do with energy saving
Aachey:  Rants aside, Talad was working on musical instruments the last time we had a meeting.
Aachey:  Saving energy is a valid goal, but surely we can work it out so that we aren't changing the clocks twice a year.
Ghatha:  True. You have my vote.
Aachey:  Talad has now managed to get all instruments ported into the game.
Gonger:  Also, on the days after the change, there are 30% more car accidents, for example. This messes up the biorhythm of many people..
Aachey:  It's possible to export music from Legacy - and night falls inside the guildhouse - and convert it for use in PSU.
Gonger:  Nightfall indoors...
Ghatha:  Talad did well with the musical instruments.
Aachey:  He really did! The music is one of those things that PS has better than any other game I've played, so it's nice to see it working again.
Aachey:  Okay, I know Talad was excited to have a "sitting" Q&A, but it feels weird.
Ghatha:  Let's blame the time change and move on then.
Aachey:  One thing I noticed, is that I don't think I was getting idle animations playing when I was sitting, but i think Gatha was. Is that what everyone else saw?
Aachey:  Yeah, just like that.
Valbjorna tells you : hello could I get a teleport to the meeting?
Aachey:  Talad was working on stopping the idles from playing while you're sitting, but it appears that may only be the case if you're sitting ON something, and not on the ground.
Ghatha  greets Valbjorna
Aachey:  I'll mention it to Talad.
Aachey:  Let's see if it happens to me if I'm sitting like this.
Valbjorna:  greetings
>Gonger greets Valbjorna.
Gonger:  To me, you are totally unmoving, Aachey.
Ghatha:  Jup, like a marble fine statue.
Aachey:  We've had some issues with server crashes caused by combat. Talad did a lot of work on that, and hopefully it's all sorted now.
Ghatha:  ... and if I am not mistaken, some double loot was mentioned too.
Valbjorna:  A few days ago in the middle of the week.  Thosor and I were killing rats.  The crashes seemed to happen when looting the bodies.
Aachey:  Yes, those NPCs have been buggy for a while.
Ghatha:  Oh, and I will mention the fixed lights. Talad did great with the ingame lights.
Gonger:  We are still struggling with some things.
Aachey:  In Legacy, they'd often pop back up after death, only to immediately die again.
Gonger:  The light system is better but still not good.
Gonger:  We have too many crashes still.
Gonger:  Traps still cause problems, too.
Ghatha:  I lag much less in the city with fixed lights, that is surely a big improvement.
Ghatha:  Traps? Are they already implemented in the game?
Gonger:  Definitely better, but with room for furhter improvement.
Aachey:  Oh, yeah. Only in a few places so far, though.
Aachey:  There's a new dungeon that has a lot of them.
Ghatha:  Ah yey, we were shown the new dungeon two weeks ago, during the Saturday event. That was fun.
Gonger:  Exactly.
Gonger:  I still have to return there, and get myself killed...
Ghatha:  Havent been in there since the event, will going to check it out again.
Aachey:  Traps are fun to do. I did one event years ago where I filled the Laanx Dungeon with traps, run via shortcut. I don't know about the players, but I had a blast!
Aachey:  The swinging mace trap that got Mordaan (iirc) was my favorite.
Ghatha:  Ha! :)
Ghatha:  Seems like a lot of time and love is invested into the game. It would be nice to see a few more new players around.
Aachey:  I've been thinking that a dart trap could be done easily, with appearing/disappearing decals, and a simple particle system. Just a hole (dark section) and a puff of dust. Add a sound effect and it's good to go.
Aachey:  The descending/crushing walls and ceilings would be trickier.
Gonger:  Ghatha, we will do real advertising again once the most critical bugs have been wiped out.
Gonger:  I can tell a bit about the plans of the PR team (Yours Truly).
Aachey:  And we do something about the Dryken Plane...
Ghatha:  Now that is a great news, Gonger.
Valbjorna:  The Dryken Plane reminds me so much of "The Ways" in the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan.
Aachey:  Talad did a stream about Harvesting today, that I wasn't able to watch. It's the only skill that wasn't working yet, as Talad had some reasonable objections to having it work just like Mining or Fishing. Once I manage to watch it, I'll include the info in the next meeting. Unless someone here watched it...
Aachey:  And yeah, if you want to terrify people just add a wind sound effect to the Dryken Plane. Machin Shin would have me racing through faster than those crystals and barriers do.
Valbjorna:  <3
Ghatha:  I have to tell, me as somewhat new player, I do enjoy PlaneShift a lot. Talad and his team are doing excellent work.
Gonger:  AFK for three minutes...
Valbjorna:  I love the series, I have 2 uncles that were in the acknoledgements for book 2 "The Great Hunt" for helping Robert Jordan recover his land after Hurrican Hugo.
Aachey:  Nice!
Ghatha:  Wow Val.
Valbjorna:  Last time i was in Montana a few years ago, one of my uncles gifted the signed copy of "The Great Hunt" to me.  It's one of my prize herlooms.
Ghatha  jealous
Ghatha:  You are very lucky!
Gonger:  Back.
Gonger:  I read the first three WoT books, but then I realized that it would a pretty much endless thing...
Valbjorna:  it ended with book 14.  12 to 14 were completed by Brandon Sanderson using Robert's notes.
Aachey:  So the last thing I wanted to mention is that there are now Nolthrir houses! They don't have interiors yet, but having the outside makes it easier to design the inside.
Gonger:  Maybe in 5 minutes people will arrive for the Meeting...
Gonger:  And those houses look awesome from the outside!
Valbjorna:  are they the houses at HomeStead?
Ghatha:  Ah yes, at the Emerald Lake, right?
Ghatha:  I am yet to find Emerald Lake.
Aachey:  Well, you can follow the river that starts in Amdeneir. There's a road that leads up to the lake. It's pretty big, but sadly not big enough to justify making another ship there. :D
Gonger:  Aachey is refering to the ship he built for one of the events. A true piece of art!
Valbjorna:  nice!
Ghatha:  Thanks for the tip! I was wondering about the right location.
Gonger:  You can admire his balloon on top of the tavern.
Gonger:  And, no, he is no ballooney!
Aachey:  And don't forget that there's a map in the compendium! You can buy pieces from merchants.
Gonger:  Oy wey! In /who there is a character Magnifico Giganticus.
Valbjorna:  I have two such pieces, Hydlaa main and Hydlaa east though I havn't puzzled out how to use them yet.
Ghatha:  Jup, I have 5 map pieces in the compendium. I just completely forgot about it.
Aachey:  Yeah, that name is a bit OOC.
Gonger:  In inventory, drop them on your character.
Valbjorna:  Magnifico Giganticus?  Must be related to Bigus Dickus
Aachey  nods. "Gonger is right. Use them like a potion, and you'll get a message saying they've been added to the compendium."
Ghatha  chuckles at Valbjorna
Gonger:  And his beautiful wife Incontinentia.
Valbjorna:  haha
Gonger:  Let me say a few words about the plans of the PR team.
Gonger:  I am on holiday this week, so I can work on my health (not too stable since my Corona infection) and on some ideas I have.
Gonger:  I will write in the forums, but the rough outlines:
Valbjorna:  sorry to hear Gonger, hope it dosn't turn into long covid.
Gonger:  I think I have a pretty good view on mentions of PlaneShift. On many websites I left small reviews, or corrected misgivings there.
Gonger:  More difficult will be to find websites where PS is not mentioned at all.
Gonger:  And put a small review there, for example.
Gonger:  Drop me a line if you know about such websites.
Gonger:  Then, being trilingual, I would like to do more on German and French websites.
Gonger:  Then, rewrite of the wikipedia articles in  English, German, French. I did minor corrections already.
Gonger:  We need to improve our ranking in google searches.
Gonger:  And the website could be better in certain parts.
Gonger:  I am open to more ideas, and accept help :)
Ghatha:  And you want to do all that by yourself only? That is a full time job!
Gonger:  Well, since I will turn 59 this year, and have finished paying for my appartment, I am seriously considering retirement next year...
Gonger:  Which would give me more time for all this.
Gonger:  But as I said, help will be gladly accepted!
Gonger:  And everybody can help. Point me to websites where PS is not mentioned, or mentioned wrongly.
Gonger:  Spread the news among your friends.
Gonger:  PS has two problems: There are a lot of games that call themselves 1) FREE, and 2) RPG
Gonger:  But they are neither in the PS sense.
Gonger:  PS is FULLY FREE
Gonger:  And we do REAL RP.
Gonger:  So much talk makes thirsty.
Ghatha:  I honestly found PlaneShift by searching for MMO with Mac support. There are no many MMOs out there available for MacBook users.
Gonger shouts:  BOTTOMS UP!
Ghatha:  Cheers!
>Ghatha claps.
Ghatha:  Thanks for the energy and dedication you are willing to invest into PlaneShift Gonger.
Aachey:  Seconded!
Aachey:  And if I could get the /award command to work I'd be giving everyone a mug of ale.
Gonger:  Thanks!
Ghatha  smiles at Aachey
Ghatha:  Thank you Sir!
>Valbjorna thanks Anysu's Small Table!
Aachey:  Any time!
>Valbjorna thanks Aachey!
>Aachey Qantfar dropped a Brown Ale Mug.
Ghatha:  It was nice meeting you all tonight PlaneShifters, but it will be time for me to go. Emerald Lake is calling me.
>Aachey picked up a Brown Ale Mug
Aachey:  We're well past time, so I think we can bring the meeting to a close. Thank you all for coming, and I'll see you at the next meeting in two weeks!
Ghatha:  Hurey!
>Ghatha jumps around excitedly.
>Valbjorna cheers happily at Aachey!
Aachey:  Have fun, everyone!
Ghatha  Noods at everyone as she leaves the building.
Gonger:  See you!